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Hey, I am Akshay here. I have a well-built body. In case you are wondering about how I look I kind of look like Milind Soman. I have been a regular visitor of this site from past years and you will find good content here to jerk off.


This happened in June of this year when I just completed my education. I started my job in a very renowned company which was in America. I have a very good package so whenever I had the chance to travel the country, I used to. As I am good looking and have tattoos I get too much attention there.

So I get to have sex usually 4-5 times a month. In college, we used to have threesomes and foursomes but that story is for another day. Coming back to the story we had a holiday for some 3 days due to some technical issues. I had just started working there.

I didn’t know many people there. I had made just 2-3 friends there till that time with whom I decided to go to Disney park. We reached there about time. I was wearing short chinos and shirt with top buttons opened as it was hot there. My abs were visible( now you know why left them open ).

When we were entering inside I noticed an Indian girl checking me out. I was not able to see her clearly back then. But I noticed her tight grey t-shirt and shorts. After some time I had the urge to visit the bathroom. So I searched for 1 and on my way there I collided with that Indian girl.

She fell down on the ground. When I went to pick her up and saw her I just said, “Oh man.” I didn’t notice but I said that loud. When she heard she felt shy, gave me a smile and went inside the washroom. I swear guys I had an instant boner. She was beautiful (kind of Camila Mendes)

She had the perfect figure not too small and not too big. And the shorts and shirt she was wearing was enough showing enough skin to make a man wet. I still remember the cleavage(all because of the weather due to which skin had become oily and sweaty made it perfect) I still masturbate thinking about it.

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I waited for her to come out. when she came out the first thing I was going to say was sorry. But my attention went to her cleavage. I stood there staring at her perfectly shaped boobs. She noticed this and said, “Ahem, my name is Aisha.” I faced down with shame and said, “Sorry sorry, my name is Akshay.”

Due to seeing her boobs, I had a boner. I didn’t notice it but she did. she indicated to me with her eyes and gave me a cute smile. At that moment I just wanted to push her against the wall and fuck her wildly. I adjusted my pants so no one can see my boner and said sorry to her.

We had a formal introduction then we went to an ice cream shop and took some ice creams for both of us. In this, I knew one thing for sure. She had developed the same kind of lust for me because of the way she was flirting, touching me constantly. she bit her lips twice when I tried to look deep into her eyes.

When we were roaming around and eating ice cream and discussing the ice cream scoop fell right onto her cleavage. I quickly brought some napkins. But as we were in public she couldn’t remove all of it properly and some it went inside her bra. She said to me that she has to go to the bathroom and clean it.

On our way there I just said that “What a waste of such tasty ice cream.” At that moment she bit her lips and told me that I can still have it. She indicated with the eyes. Soon we reached the washroom. We went inside the handicapped section as there was no one there and locked the door.

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We were looking in the eyes of each other and then in a moment, we were kissing. Her lips were so soft and they tasted like strawberry. We were kissing wildly. I picked her up she wrapped her legs around my body and made her sit on the sink. She was kissing my neck and simultaneously removed my shirt.

Seeing my abs she went berserk and told me that I want all of you and started biting me. I removed her clothes and what I saw was true beauty. She had perfectly shaped boobs with brown areola/nipple, the pussy clean-shaven. I bent down on my knees as she was sitting on the sink.

I started eating her pussy, she was all wet. She started moaning loudly due to which I inserted a finger inside her mouth and she started sucking it. As she was about to cum she started pressing my head more towards her pussy. I stood up and fingered her very fast and drank all her juice.

After which she said, “My turn,” and pushed me back so that I can sit on the table provided there for handicaps. She started giving me a blowjob. She was pro at it as she sucked my 6″ dick so good. After some time I stood up and started deepthroating her.

I was about to cum and I told her that to which she didn’t respond and drank all my cum. She got exhausted at sat on my lap and kissed me. Due to which we were horny again so I picked her up and pushed her against the wall. I was about to enter my dick into her soft pussy.

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But we heard the guards banging the door. They must have heard us moaning and having sex. So had stop and get dressed immediately. When we got out the guard took us to the main office where we were fined for having sex in public. On our way out she gave me her card and told me to call on her number.

I was exhausted from sex and other nonsense. I came back home slept directly and forgot to call her after that. The next day I had an induction program in the office so I had to reach the office early. When I reached the office the induction program had started.

I reached the meeting room where they introduced me to my group leader and guess who was it? Aisha! We both were shocked to see each other and to know that she was older than me and my group leader too.

In the next part, I will tell how we had sex in the office and many more hot things. If any girl or aunty who wants to get satisfied or have sex chat or do whatever you wish to text me at [email protected]

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