Raj Experiences – Part 1 (Saw The Glory Hole)


I am a 30-year-old male, based out of Delhi. I have always been attracted to women. (I believe I got this from my father as he was a casanova of his time.) I have always liked mature women with big boobs and big ass. I imagine spanking the ass as soon as I see a big round ass.

Although, having decent features I never had the gravity of attraction working in my favor. I am 6’ feet, with athletic built and full of etiquette. I have had many friends who were girls but never been lucky.

This story is about my first glance at the glory hole, vagina. After my education, I got a job in Mumbai. One of my maternal aunt (maami) was staying there for the past 5 years. She used to stay in a chawl (Rented rooms common in the Mumbai suburb).

My mama was in an African country and was yet to take mami with her. So she was staying with her daughter who was 5 years old. They insisted me to stay with them as this will help maami and also she will have company. I was new to my job and was not earning enough to rent an independent room. So I agreed.

My maami was a mature woman, with ripe features and love handles at the right places. She was 5’5, milky white and with her melons shaking all the time. There was only one room with an attached bathroom in the chawl. So I started staying with my maami. She used to sleep on the bed and I on the floor.

Every single day, I use to wait for her to sleep. Then in the dim light used to stare at her breasts move up and down. If she sleeps facing the wall, I use to look at her ass and pleasure myself. This kept on going for many days. And trust me in the dim light with her mounts going up and down were my closest experiences of a woman’s body till that date.

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So I was content with it. Suddenly my shift was changed to early morning. I had to reach the office at 5.30. I told maami not to wake up for me as I can have my breakfast in the office. So I woke up the next day for the office and got ready.

I realized maami is sleeping with legs spread apart, that too with both legs making a triangle on the bed (not flat). It struck me that I can see her innerwear if I peek from bed corner and I decided to do it. It was still dark as it was hardly 5 in the morning.

So I lit my mobile screen(not flash) and put it in down between her legs on the bed and there was light. I tried to peak but I couldn’t see any cloth piece. And suddenly I realized she was not wearing anything inside. I pushed my phone a little further and then I saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.

It was two pink lips tight held together with a slight gap between them. (as she had a daughter, but no sex for a year). As I focused more I saw it was cum on the vagina. I believe she must have masturbated last light after I slept early due to my early shift.

I wanted to smell and lick that cum from her pussy. Very slowly I put my head forward and moved it closer to her pussy. That smell of her vagina made me high. It was so sensuous and inviting that it was becoming difficult to resist myself.

I imagined myself getting on the bed, snatching that saree away and start licking the pussy as much as I wanted. I wanted to lick her all the way up and down, starting from pussy to asshole. And once they are done put a finger in her ass and lick upwards.

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Even if she resisted, I would have put the pillow on her face to make sure that there is no sound and eventually made her submit to my sensuous moves. I was imagining to manhandle those two beautiful globes I always wanted to put my hands on and suck all the milk out of them.

I would have turned her on her belly and spanked her so hard that even the neighbors could have heard it. I had more interest in fucking the ass instead of the vagina as I knew it was still a virgin. Ride the ass in the doggy style and kept them spanking as hard as I can. I just wanted her to say let’s do it.

And all of this I imagined would have started in a fraction of second with the execution better than my imagination. I was shaking with pleasure. My tool was rock hard and ready to tear my pants and get free. I kept looking at that glory hole for a couple of minutes and wanted to take further steps.

But I held back and decided to pleasure myself after reaching the office. That image, my first glance, got stuck in my mind. I can still recollect what I saw after 7 years. I tried to show my maami little more care. But she always made it clear that she doesn’t want anything more from me.

So I kept myself from doing anything more to her. I knocked at the bathroom door a couple of times to see if she has any interest. But she was always cold to me in on that front. After two months she moved to Africa with my mama. I moved on with other jobs and had more experience than a just glance with the women.

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I have fantasies of wild and rough sex, especially anal. I have had my share of experiences however fantasy is yet to be fulfilled. Do write if you liked my style of writing and want me to continue. I would love to hear and will post more experiences based on the feedback. Mail: [email protected]

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