Raj Experiences – Part 2 (Movie Make Out)


I am a 30-year-old male, based out of Delhi. I have always been attracted to women. (I believe I got this from my father as he was a Casanova of his time.) I have always liked mature women with big boobs and big ass. I imagine spanking the ass as soon as I see a big round ass.

Although, having decent features I never had the gravity of attraction working in my favor. I am 6’ feet, with athletic built and full of etiquette. I have had many friends who were girls but never been lucky.

This story is about my second experience with a woman’s body. I took a transfer to Delhi after working 3 years in Mumbai. When I joined my office in Delhi, there were more female colleagues than Mumbai. They were more friendly too as Mumbai people always treated us as outsiders.

Soon I made good friends and used to hang around in groups during breakfast and lunch hours. My parents were happy about me coming home. So they decided to find a girl and settle me with her. Soon I met a girl, my father’s friend’s daughter and we got engaged.

I distributed sweets in my office about my engagement and showed them the pictures of the engagement as well. Everybody was happy for me, except for one girl. Her name was Ritika and she looked sad to me. Initially, I thought she must be having issues at work so ignored.

Later that week I was to support on weekends. So I had to go to the office on that Saturday. I didn’t like that as I made my plans with my fiance. However, I was forced since I took many leaves for engagement. When I reached the office I saw Ritika was also in office but no one else.

I decided to have breakfast with her. While having breakfast she started talking about my engagement and how I settled for less than what I deserve. She started praising me, my physique, built, height and all. I also responded back with sweet words that she is pretty too. Any guy would love to have a girlfriend like her.

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To my utmost surprise, she said, “Obviously and besides that, I am wild in bed too.” Listening to this I got hard instantly. I started imagining Ritika without clothes right there. Let me tell here stats. She was 5’5, slim, milky white skin, her lips were broad and protruding out like there were sucked daily for hours.

Her boobs were small but perfectly round and her ass was like an apple – both cheeks perfectly shaped. She was a bong and used to wear deep neck salwars showing a glimpse of her cleavage. I used to ignore her since I always fantasized about big boobs and asses. But that moment she wanted me to focus on her body.

She continued telling me how her boyfriend likes to play with her for hours. She was talking about the position she likes to fuck, reverse cowgirl. So that she remains in control of her orgasm. She said daily after and before office, she makes out with her boyfriend.

He sucks her lips nonstop making them thick and protrude out like this. She goes to places like the park, mall basements, Ice Cream parlors to make out every day before and after office hours. She further added that recently she was growing interest in me.

She was heartbroken when I told her about my engagement. She said she was ready to be taken by me if I had shown any interest. I was dumbstruck and felt like a fool to miss out on such a hot girl. But you know I was naive and had no such experience to understand hints.

She added that she can still think about it if I decide to break the engagement. This set the ball rolling for me. This time I knew what she was offering. So I said, “I can think about it but I don’t want to play blind. You have talked so much about to skills in making out. So I will test them first before deciding further.”

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She agreed and asked me to go for a movie during lunch hours and I readily agreed. We chose a dark English thriller (already seen) afternoon show in a theatre with foldable handrest. We entered the theater after it started and already dark. Took our seats and folded the handrest.

After this Ritika took control. She started kissing me deeply from the word go, took my right hand and put it on her left boob. That was my first time so I got a hard-on like a rock. She noticed and appreciated the length and size of it. She started with my lower lip and moved to the upper lip.

She kept sucking till it started paining. Then she asked me to stick my tongue out and started sucking my tongue. I was a similar feeling like lips but wilder. We were exchanging wet salivas of each other and she was a pro at it. She asked to spit in her mouth and she gulped it like a whore.

She started caressing my manhood over my pants and unzipped it. I was still playing with the boobs. So I decided to slide my hands down to touch the love hole but stopped me. She said for today I will only get to play with her boobs and navel. I agreed I was getting what I asked for.

She slowly put her hand inside my pants and took my penis in her hand with a wide grin on her face. I believe she liked what she found there. She started giving me slow strokes and I was in heaven. She started moving her hands faster to make me cum. But I stopped her and said can you make me cum with a blowjob.

She didn’t hesitate for a second and pulled my dick out and wrapped her lips around it. She started giving light bites on my penis and then took it deep in her mouth. Since it was only half out from my pant she need not take it all in. She was sucking it hard, biting it light and taking it deep in her throat.

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This was my first time so I could not hold any longer. I hinted that I am about to cum. She nodded me to go ahead, and just for that one minute my fantasy side was awakened. I was about to cum. Just then with my right hand I held the hair of Ritika and pushed my dick more inside her making her choke on it.

Since she was giving me a blowjob, her head was on my dick and her ass was in the air in her seat. So with my left hand, I slid it inside her tights and put my middle finger in her ass and pushed it deep. Her ass was virgin and she felt the pain with my finger going all the way in.

I knew she screamed but right then I shot my load in her throat. I was extremely satisfied but felt sorry for what I did to her at the last minute. So I put my dick back in and softly said in her ears that, “I am sorry. I could not control myself after looking at your beautiful ass.”

She had tears in her eyes and said, “Don’t be sorry. It was the best thing that happened this afternoon,” and winked.

I have fantasies of wild and rough sex, especially anal. I have had my share of experiences however fantasy is yet to be fulfilled. Do write if you liked my style of writing and want me to continue. I would love to hear and will post more experiences based on the feedback. Mail: [email protected]

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