Ratna The Beginning – Part 2 (Exploring The Sex Adventures)


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This story is a continuation of my previous sex adventures, ‘Ratna – The Beginning’. For a better experience, please read it. I’d like to pay gratitude to readers who liked it and the ISS editors for publishing it.

Coming to the story.

It was around 8:30 in the morning when I woke up. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Ratna sleeping beside me, stark naked with a comforter covering her upper body. The sunshine falling on her body was making her look so elegant and sexy at the same time.

I don’t know what made me kiss her cheeks. (Little romantic) I got up, had some water, brushed my teeth, and was brewing some coffee. At the same time, I was having a flashback about what happened last night. That made me a little hard down there.

I lit a cigarette for myself and was thinking just then someone tapped my back. I looked behind. And there she was, wearing my T-shirt which was too long for her along with her panty. She was no less than a model that day. I was staring at her.

She wished me, “Good morning.” I wished her the same. We had coffee and some cookies. We both were silent, yet having lust in our eyes. I was having a hard-on which she noticed and gave a naughty smile.

The next moment she pulled me close and kissed on my lips. It gave me an adrenaline boost in my body, and I kissed her back. Starting from the upper lip, then coming to the lower lip, I sucked it like strawberries for breakfast in the morning.

Then I inserted my tongue inside her mouth, and soon we started our tongue fight. This made her wilder and she started rubbing her hands on my shorts. She was playing with my dick with my shorts on. I also reciprocated it by lifting her and placing her on the kitchen slab.

Now she was sitting on the slab. I was standing in front of her, getting a great handjob with some intense French kisses. Slowly I removed her T-shirt and started sucking her 36c boobs again. Her moans were making me so horny.

Coming to her nipples, I started sucking them harder one by one. She reciprocated my action by giving me some hickeys on my neck. My other hand went down inside her panties and started playing with her clitoris. I lifted the clitoral hood and started rubbing my finger on her clit.

She was moaning so loud and was digging her nails on my arm. I continued the actions until she started shaking and had her orgasm. I took out my fingers full of her cum and made her lick it. It was hell turning on watching a girl tasting her cum. Then I was kissing her neck and collar bone.

Ratna: “Fuck, this is the first shaking orgasm of my life. Thanks, Rohan.”

Me: “Just thanks won’t make a man happy a sensible girl always returns the favor.”

Ratna: “ Is it so?”

Me: “ Yea, girl.”

Ratna: “Then just watch what this girl is capable of.”

Me: “Would be fun?”

That’s when she pulled my hand and took me to the living room and made me sit on the couch. I was amazed to see such a bold move by her. She pulled my shorts down and kneeled on the floor. I was loving what I was watching.

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A sexy college junior on her knees stark naked, pulling my CK shorts and kissing my dick. After giving a couple of pecks on my dick, she started pulling down the skin of my dick.

“Ah! It feels so good I exclaimed.”

Ratna then started using her tongue on the mushroom of my dick, playing with the skin of it. The way she kept on doing it for around 10 minutes was so erotic. After that, she took all of my dick in her mouth and started deepthroating me. I was on cloud 9, asking her not to stop.

It happened for around a couple of minutes. I was on the verge of having an orgasm. That’s when I stopped her and made her kneel on the couch with her holding headrest of it. (Doggy style on the couch).

I pushed my face and started licking the inner walls of her vagina. Spreading her ass cheeks apart, I was occasionally spanking her beautiful ass cheeks. She screamed whenever I hit her hard. I made her wet enough.

Ratna: “Rohan, take my dick inside and fuck the hell out of me again, baby.”

Me: “Wait, let me grab a condom.”

Ratna: “No need! Just fuck me raw I can’t wait. “

And those words made me super horny. I guided my dick inside her vagina and started giving her slow shots. She started moaning and saying, “It feels so good when you’re inside. Rohan, please fuck me harder, fuck my brains out, baby.”

I increased my speed, and she got more wet was making it easier. I was spanking her ass occasionally in that period and pulling her hair, which gave me a good pace. The whole room was filled with our sex smell and sounds of my dick hitting her vagina.

After around 15 minutes of doggy style on the couch, she felt weak on her knees. And she asked me to change the position. That’s when I lay down on the couch, and she started riding me. What a sight that was – a beautiful girl was riding me. Her boobs were going up and down with the rhythm of her body.

Fuck! It still makes me hard. I pressed her boobs hard and was enjoying the act.
Suddenly she started riding me harder, and I could feel her vaginal muscles getting tighter. The pressure of it was making my dick feel good! I understood she’s about to cum.

I held her by the waist and started giving her hard and fast strokes from my core. She kept her hands on my chest and started moaning hard

Ratna: “Rohan, I’ll cum anytime. Please don’t stop. Fuck me harder. I came.”

I was also feeling the same pressure in my dick and after a couple of minutes,
I shot my cum inside her. A couple of minutes later, I gathered some breath and saw Ratna lying down on my chest. We took rest for some time like that only.

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Later I asked her to get freshened up as we had to leave for the college. And this act didn’t make us realize it was already 10:45. We got freshened up, and we left for the college. I dropped her, parked my car, and went to the boot camp (food joint) outside our college.

I called Sid and ask him about his whereabouts. He had a low voice. Maybe he was weeping! But what happened to him? Thousand of questions were running in my mind!

I told him to meet me at the boot camp. To which he replied positively. I was waiting for him and just lit a cigarette. To my surprise, I got a Whatsapp text from Ratna.

Ratna: “It was so much fun to be with you! We should often meet now.”

Me: “ Hahahahaha if you want can take a night out again today too.”

Ratna: Not a bad plan, Mr. Rohan. But it would be weird if anyone gets to know that I’ll stay at your place today as well.

Me: You got the point. But I think Sid being my flatmate is chill with it. He mostly stays at his girlfriend’s flat.

Ratna: Will it be okay if I bring my best friend with me? Will that be a problem?

Me: Not at all. If she’s comfortable, I don’t mind.

Ratna: Okay, then 6:00 pm at the college gate. I’ll see you there! Bye.

Me: Bye!

I saw Sid coming out of his car, and his eyes were red as if he didn’t sleep at night and cried for a week.

Me: What happened, bro? All good?

Sid: Bro, last night, I caught Yashasvika (his girlfriend) someone else.

I was surprised when he told me this because this shouldn’t affect him much.
He was there with her just to fuck her, yet he was crying

Me: Why do you behave like you were in love with her?

Sid: Not like that, bro, I just got attached to her, and now there would be no action

Me: Ahahahahah! You know your bro will manage some action for you.
Don’t be a pussy.

Sid: Not like that, bro! Anyways how about you and Ratna?

Me: All going well! She’s coming for a stay tonight with her friend!

Sid: With her friend? But why?

Me: So that she doesn’t feel awkward in front of you! This is the golden chance for you, Sid. You can try on her friend!

Sid: We’ll see.

We finished our chats and attended our class. After my class, I got a text from Ratna

Ratna: Let’s meet at the boot camp. I’ll introduce you to my best friend who’ll join us at your place

Me: Okay! Sid is also with me. He had a break up last night.

Ratna: Sad! Meet me and tell me the whole incident

Sid and I went to boot camp and saw Ratna standing with a really hot girl. I mean she’s 5.6, fair, pointed nose tall long legs and thick thighs, pointed ponytail, boobs around 34. Wearing a white crop top with highly distressed low waist jeans.

So we went to Ratna. Ratna and I hugged. Next, I saw was Sid and Ratna hugging. It was kind of weird with me because I never expected Sid to hug her. But my mind was with another girl who was smiling, looking at us.

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God, those boobs under the white top, brown eyes were sparkling in the sun. Nude pink lip shade and makeup done properly. Ratna then introduced us to Sonali. She was also in the first year and is Ratna’s room-mate in the girls’ hostel. She was well aware of little stuff going between Ratna and me.

I saw Sid hugging Sonali as a gesture, and then Sonali hugging me. God, IDK, how it happened. I purposely hugged her little tight, and her boobs touched my chest. I could feel it.

It was around 5 in the evening. So we decided to leave early and hit the DLF MOI Noida and then to our place. We had two cars. I had mine, and Sid had his. So Ratna and I sat in my car. And I requested Sonali to accompany Sid.

In around 25 minutes, we reached the mall. We had some food there. It took us about 1 hour there, and we left for our flat. Ratna and I were getting little naughty as she started kissing on my cheeks, occasionally running her hands over my jeans on my crotch.

I was also pressing her boobs, and we reached our flat. As soon as we hit our last floor, I found the keys to my flat were with Sid. I called him and inquired about it. He said that it’d take another 15 minutes to reach. Ratna then asked me to escort her till the Easy day departmental store, which was adjacent to our society.

She took some packed food and orange juices as we still had vodka and whiskey at home. I took the contraceptive pills for Ratna from the medical section, and we left. As soon as we were about to park, I saw Sid’s car was parked, and I thought they’re already home.

But then suddenly, Ratna started laughing and pointed towards Sid’s car. I saw Sid making out with Sonali. They were so busy that they didn’t even realize that I was honking at them until Sonali caught us laughing.

To be continued.

In the next part, I’ll tell you how that night turned about to be one of the hottest night of our lives and about all the sex adventures we had.

Also, any girl/lady interested in hookups or one night stands can also contact me at [email protected]

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