Ratna The Beginning – Part 3 (Fantastic Foursome Sex)


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Coming to the story:

I saw Sid making out with Sonali. I honked at the car, but Sid and Sonali were too busy with each other. Ratna was constantly laughing, looking at them. After a couple of dippers to his car, they realized we were watching them.

Sid and Sonali came back to their senses. Sonali corrected her white top and her bra, whereas I received a text from Sid on WhatsApp.

Sid: You cockblocker!
Me: Ahh! Did I? You can fuck her upstairs. I won’t mind that.
Sid: I thought it would annoy you and Ratna.

Me: Bro! Why will it annoy me? You can fulfill your sex till core.
Sid: Come out let’s talk
Me: Ok!

A couple of minutes later, Ratna and Sonali joined each other, giggling and gossiping. Sid and I handed them the keys to the flat. We excused from the ladies for some time. I was hell curious to know how did Sid manage to make out with Sonali.

Because Sonali was not bad at all. I won’t say she was better than Ratna. But she was no less than her. Her highlighted hair, 34-26-34 figure, shredded body, and height made her too elegant.

Me: How did you manage Sid? (With cigarette lit)

Sid: Nothing, bro. I just told her how I broke up with my ex today and how she used to torture me. I used to crave for love care and pampering but would only get abused. She was more of a trophy girlfriend whom you can fuck whenever she wants. I was feeling very low, but she held my hand and planted her lips softly on my lips, and we started it until you guys disturbed us.

Me: So, are you guys looking for something serious?

Sid: No, bro! I recently broke up, and I’m not in a condition to give commitments or get into an emotional trauma again. I just want to fulfill my fantasies and calm my hormones. But I liked the way Sonali handle me.

Me: Not bad! Not bad, my boy, if I may ask what fantasies you want to fulfill?

Sid: I want to have a foursome, want to visit a sex party, serve as a male escort once in life.

Me: Not bad, haan! I can help you with the foursome.

Sid: Are you serious? I can make up what’s inside your head!

Me: Tell me?

Sid: You mean, Ratna, you, me, and Sonali?

Me: Why not! Let me ask Ratna first, and you can also try to convince Sonali and can have action above.

Sid: Not a bad idea, but are you sure you’d be comfortable?

Me: Let’s try at least. We shall see later.

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Sid: Sounds cool, let us go up then.

Sid and I went to the flat where Ratna and Sonali were sitting on the couch. I could sense some lust in the eyes of my hot and sexy Ratna. The way she was looking at me was turning me on, and her hot waxed legs were inviting me to kiss them.

After a few minutes, when I was talking to the girls, Sid came with a bottle of Glenlivet and Absolut vodka. Ratna brought our glasses and some chips. We were talking about our lives, college shit, and future plans. We got comfortable in no time, and alcohol was doing its work on us.

After a couple of pegs, Ratna was leaning her head on my shoulder. I asked Ratna if she’s sleepy to which she replied, “Just a tiring day,” and asked me if she could change and sleep. I replied, “Sure,” and she winked at me. I was sure she needed some action.

So I told Sid that I’m sleepy too. To which Sid said he’ll have a peg more with Sonali. I bid goodnight to them and went toward my room where my sexy little Ratna was waiting for me. As soon as I enter my room, Ratna covered my eyes with her hands and said.

Ratna: Ssssshhh! Today we’re not alone, but I need to badly Rohan!

Me: I need you badly, too, Ratna.

Ratna: I know I could see it in your eyes. I have a surprise for you, babe!

She switched off the lights, and I was sitting on my bedroom couch. Then she removed her sexy coke little dress. I could see her beauty with the help of highlighter lamps. That black bra and panties just enhanced her beauty. I could see my hickeys on her collar bone and neck.

She knelt down in front of me and removed my jeans and briefs. Slowly and seductively, she took my already hard cock in her mouth. She started giving me a mind fucking awesome blowjob. I was moaning in pleasure, and she kept on doing it.

After 5-7 minutes, she started taking my dick more deep, and at the same point, she started kissing my inner thighs. What a feeling that is, I’ve no words to explain. I was ticklish and well as orgasmic. She spat on my balls and started massaging it, and my moans were going higher with the pace.

I’m sure Sonali and Sid must have heard it. I was about to orgasm, but I wanted some action. So I lifted Ratna and made her lie on our bed. I started kissing her lips very, very passionately. We started kissing like there’s no tomorrow. I kissed her neck when she took command and asked me for 69 position.

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Her bold moves were making me out of mind. I started licking her pussy. She was already very wet, I slowly circled her clit with my tongue and inserted 2 fingers inside her pussy. She was moaning and sucking my cock. But I was too rough on her today.

She kept on moaning loudly, and after 10 minutes, she asked me to fuck her. She sat on my dick and started riding me, and the sounds of it were making us hornier. I knew I’ll cum anytime. I held her by her waist and started giving fast thrusts from below. She was moaning on the top of her lungs.

I don’t know if it was intentional. A couple of minutes later, she had an amazing orgasm, but I was still fucking her. She almost lost her senses. I was about to shoot my seed inside her. And after two minutes I did that. I was tired, and she was speechless for a minute and was resting on my chest.

It was silence in our room, only the smell of our sex and two of us on each other. When I realized someone is moaning in another room. I was sure it was Sonali getting drilled by my friend.

After a few minutes, I excused Ratna for water. I wore my night boxers and went to the kitchen without making any noise. I heard Sonali moaning, and Sid asking her to shift in the doggy style. I was getting excited and started having a glass of water.

Then I thought, let’s just hear it more. Her voice is such a turn on. Like a pro pornstar. I went near their room, then Ratna tapped my back, and I was like fuck! I’m gone today. Before I uttered a word, she said.

Ratna: Isn’t she hot?
Me: She is indeed
Ratna: Well, I can see you going big down there again.

Me: It’s just her voice, I wish I could fuck her!
Ratna: What if that wish comes true?
Me: Are you serious?

Ratna: But it should stay between us 4 only.
Me: You’ve my word. No one comes to know about it. But are you serious?

Ratna: We were planing this before your and Sid’s arrival. We always had a fantasy of having a foursome. I saw it how you were looking today at Sonali.

Me: You just bowled me, Ratna!
Ratna: Thank you! Now, wait for 10 minutes. Sid and Sonali would be out anytime.

Ratna and I went towards the couch. But we could hear both of their sounds they were making while fucking. It was out of control. Ratna came and sat on my knee and started kissing me. We exchanged our saliva.

I removed her t-shirt and started sucking her nipples. With the other hand, I was pressing her big boobs. We both were lost in our world when we heard Sid and Sonali saying, “The night is still on, guys.”

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I was so shocked to see Sonali and Sid nude. I was only wearing a boxer and Ratna, just the panties. I heard it from Sonali, “Will you spare my Ratna so that we can show you something good?” I was speechless. I made two strong pegs and gave one to Sid.

Sid and I were sitting on the couch, and that’s when Sonali pulled Ratna and kissed her. What I sight it was! (I’m writing this, but still, it makes me horny as fuck.) Two beauties Ratna and Sonali kissing each other, and me and Sid enjoying the sight.

Their boobs were crushing against each other. One hand of Sonali on her back another one inside her pussy. And the way Sonali bit the lower lip of Ratna was something more intoxicating than the scotch itself. I was totally lost in Sonali’s actions with Ratna. Then she exclaimed.

Sonali: Ratna, let these boys have some fun.
Ratna: Let’s go!

I could see Ratna coming towards me, but…Hold on! She went to Sid and gave her a long kiss on his lips. I was clueless when Sonali pulled my face and started smooching me hard. I was already high on sex rather than alcohol. I started responding to her, fighting with her tongue.

I lifted her and made her sit, crossing her legs on my waist and started ducking her boobs. And she had the most beautiful nipples I’ve ever witnessed. Those small pink nipples. I was lost sucking them until I heard moans of Ratna.

My flatmate was fucking my interest on the couch in the doggy style. And I don’t know, that was a different kind of feeling. Instead of creeping out, it was turning me on for some strange reason.

I lifted Sonali and signaled Sid to come into my room.

What happens next? To be continued.

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Please don’t ask for Ratna or Sonali’s picture. I respect them and won’t disclose their identity.

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