Rebound Sex With My Best Friend, Shweta – Part 2


Hello Horny People!

This is Prem and I know I’m writing a story after quite some time but that’s only because these last few months have been really eventful. Do read the previous part of this story so that you get some reference so as to who all the characters are.

Let’s begin.

After fucking a TV actress, there wasn’t really enough time for me to have fun as I got busy with work. I moved into a new flat and was working my ass off day and night. It was the election season. I decided to take some time off and go back home to Nagpur and relax.

I got to know that my best friend cum old fuck buddy Shweta also had moved back to the city. She was living with her parents. She was pursuing a career in Bengaluru and I was chasing my dreams in Mumbai.

When she was in Bengaluru, she met a guy and fell head over heels in love with him. They were together for 2 years before the guy cheated on her with some bitch from his office.

Now, let me remind you that Shweta was a sex bomb. She was 5’5” tall, 32-24-36 was her body measurements. She had D cups natural tits, a nice smack-able wide ass and wheatish complexion, and big beautiful eyes. Her ex-boyfriend was also a handsome hunk.

Like Shweta, he too got a lot of attention from the opposite sex. One drunken night, he slipped and slept with one of his co-workers. Shweta herself had cheated in relationships before this one. But she was loyal to this guy and was dreaming to marry him.

We used to hook up even when she was in her earlier relationships. But the last time we met about a year ago, she straight up said no to me for sex. She told me that she wanted to make this relationship work. I understood that she loved him very much.

Now Shweta used to live alone in a 1 BHK flat. Her parents had bought the flat on the floor above that and conjoined the two flats to make a duplex flat. When we were in college these two were separate flats and her parents used to live in Dubai.

I went to meet Shweta at her house. Her father opened the door. I greeted him and introduced myself as this was the first time we were meeting. I asked him about Shweta and he told me that Shweta is not in her right mind. He told me that she is not the same and barely leaves the house.

This reminded me of myself. When I had broken up with my girlfriend Shafaq, I also exhibited the same kind of behavior. Shweta’s father pointed me towards her room upstairs. I went up and knocked on her door. She did not open the door so I pushed the doorknob and opened her door.

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She was lying in the bed in her pajamas and was looking miserable. She had dark circles and was looking awfully unattractive. She helped me get over Shafaq by being with me and helping me. I thought that this was my turn to return the favor. She had headphones on and her eyes were closed.

I removed the headphones from her ears and stroked her head. She opened her eyes and got really happy to see me. She got up and gave me a really tight hug. We got to talking and she told me everything that happened since the last time we met a year ago. After spending about an hour talking I got up to leave.

She held my hand and asked me to sit for a while, I sat next to her and she leaned on to me and kept her head on my shoulder. We were sitting really close; Shweta told me that she hasn’t had sex in over 6 months since her breakup. As much as I wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her right then and there.

I controlled myself as she was in a vulnerable state. I did not want to take advantage of her mental state. So I asked her to get ready and forced her to get out of bed and took her out for a movie. She reluctantly agreed to come with me and after the movie, I took her out for dinner.

We then headed back to her home. I dropped her home and was about to go back to my home as it was around 11 pm. She stopped me and told me that she wanted to have sex and invited me up. I was a bit reluctant at first as I thought what her parents would think about a guy staying the night in their daughter’s bedroom.

She told me that her parents would’ve gone to bed. The coast was clear for us to go to her bed. I hesitantly walked up to her flat and she opened the door as she had the keys. We then went to her bedroom hoping no one would catch us midway. We got into her bedroom and breathed a sigh of relief.

We hugged and shared a kiss once inside her bedroom. We then moved to her bed while still kissing and after kissing for about 15 minutes. She got up and headed towards her bathroom and asked me to be ready and wait for a while. For the last six months, she hadn’t cleaned her pubes.

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She went inside the bathroom and came out after 20 minutes fully naked. Her privates were now clean and she was sex ready. I was ready as well in my underwear. Looking at her all waxed and clean I got an instant hard-on. She smiled looking at my hard cock.

She came close and then on to me. We kissed again and got in the bed. She was on top me, her bare soft body was touching mine and I had goosebumps. Her soft 32D boobs were now touching my chest and we were erotically making out. She was rubbing her hands on my underwear over my hard cock.

She then took the beast out and started stroking it. The beast grew in size more after she touched it. My cock was in its full glory and was ready to tear her pussy once again. She removed my underwear and then licked my cock slowly. After licking it she took it entirely in her mouth and gave an amazing blowjob.

I asked her to get in the 69 position and started licking her pussy. I parted her clit and fucked her with my tongue. She was really horny as she squirted in just 10 minutes. She was gagging on my cock and was stroking it hard. I too came in the next 5 minutes.

She then got on top of me and slid down her pussy on my cock slowly. She leaned down and kissed me while slowly moving her hips. Our bodies rubbed against each other and we were kissing each other passionately. In the heat of the moment, we were rubbing our bodies for about 20 minutes and making love.

Slowly I took over and got on top of her and got into a missionary position. I started fucking her fast and fucked her deep. My entire cock was going inside her fast and her juices were flowing out of her pussy mixed with my juices. I was kissing her and fucking her vigorously.

After fucking her for more 10 minutes, she was about to cum and I too flexed my legs to cum with her. We both then came together and I unloaded all my semen inside her. I then lay beside her panting and trying to catch my breath after the amazing session we had.

We both were sweaty and my semen was flowing out of her pussy. She was satisfied and content. She told me that her ex-boyfriend could never last this long. We shared a kiss again and continued to make out for some time. As we were kissing each other passionately I got hard again.

I inserted my cock in her pussy again. we both were lying on the bed and I started fucking her slowly again. as we were fucking, Shweta started to moan and squirted her juices again. Her juices gave me fluidity to fuck her more smoothly. Her pussy got more lubrication.

I turned her around and fucked her from the backside for a while. I fucked her for half an hour more till we both came again. We both were exhausted. I got up to leave but then saw the clock. It was 2 am and Shweta asked me to stay for the night. I too agreed and stayed.

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We cuddled and slept for the night thinking that I would sneak out her house early in the morning. But as we both were tired with all the outing and then fucking, I overslept. Shweta woke me up in the morning at 9 am by sucking my dick as I had morning wood.

I woke up to an amazing orgasm and then I got hold of her and got her in the doggy position and started fucking again. She did not care that her parents were downstairs and started moaning. Since she didn’t care, I too didn’t give a fuck. After 15 more minutes of amazing sex, she had an orgasm.

I continued fucking her for more than 10 minutes and came in her pussy. We then got dressed. I was very scared to get down and out of her place. She put on her night robe which was barely covering her lower body and her bare thighs were clearly visible. We slowly got down.

She led me out and I had an awkward moment with her parents as we got out of her bedroom. They were looking at us with shock. She hurriedly took me to her door, gave me a quick kiss and we bid farewell.

We enjoyed our time together for the few days I was in Nagpur. Shweta was much better and finally got over her ex-boyfriend. We still have the pact of sleeping with each other until and unless any one or both of us get into a loyal and loving relationship.

More eventful stories coming up in a few days if I get a good response to this story. If you like this story then let me know at [email protected] I take regular breaks from work and spend about a month in Nagpur after every 3-4 months. I’m available to talk to everyone.

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