Reward Or Punishment – Part 1


Hello readers! I am Sunita Giri, aged 25. I have passed MA in economics this year. My measurements are 34-30-36. I have maintained my body in great shape with 34D breasts and around 36 buttocks. My height is 5’3” and weight is 55 kg. After I finished my studies, my family found Sanjay as a suitable match for me.

I am going to share my real sex experience. I have not disclosed my location and all names have been changed to maintain secrecy. I was married on February 14, 2019, just one week after my mother-in-law’s death commemoration. That was Valentine’s Day also.

My husband is 26 years of age. His height is about 5’5” and weight is about 60 kg. He is an MBA. He was working in an MNC, the same office as my father-in-law. But he left the job just before marriage as he got 5 year’s study visa to the USA for Ph.D. He is very handsome and active in bed.

My father-in-law is about 50 years of age. His height is about 5’4” and weight maybe about 60 Kg. After my marriage, I always saw him sad. I came to know that my father-in-law remained sad for the full year after the death of my mother-in-law. My mother in law had died last year at the age of 48 years.

My husband left for the USA on Saturday, March 23, 2019 evening, just after the Holi festival. After seeing him off at the airport, I and father-in-law returned home. Both of us were serious. We did not speak even a single word to each other while returning home. Both of us went to bed after taking dinner.

Sunday, my father-in-law did not come out of his room except for breakfast, lunch, teatime, and dinner. I spent all day alone at home. Why I could not imagine the difficulties of living with father-in-law only at home? Why I was so happy to know that Sanjay would be studying in the USA? I asked myself.

Now I am repenting why I agreed to marry a man who was going abroad for a long period. I asked myself – will I have to stay at home like this every day for the next 5 years. “No, I can’t!”I cried.

In the afternoon, I called one of my friends on the telephone. I asked her how she is passing her days at home. She said that she has given birth to a baby and she has no problem in passing time. I will search for a job only when my baby goes to school. Hearing this, I wished I also have a child.

“If I already had conceived, that would be great. But what if I had not conceived?” I said to her. “You don’t need a husband to conceive. No male in this world would not sleep with you if you like.” She said and laughed. I was shocked by hearing her answer.

Then I thought about my father-in-law. “How would my father-in-law pass his days? Won’t he return to normalcy?” I suddenly asked myself. One answer could be his remarriage. As soon as I thought of about his remarriage, I was scared of would be stepmother-in-law.

In the evening, I had menstruation. I was very upset that I did not conceive. But when I remembered my friend’s joke, an idea came into my mind. I have to conceive within a month and give birth to a child. Conceiving after a month will certainly endanger my marital relationship.

Then who could be the person with whom I can sleep? I thought the whole day. I had no boyfriend in my school and college days. Also, my relatives and other known persons are also not in this city. Finally, I came to the conclusion that my father-in-law would be the right person.

The face of my child will be similar to my father-in-law or mine. My husband’s face is also similar to my father-in-law’s face. For this, I have to seduce my father-in-law and take care of him and fulfill all his needs including sexual. He will live a normal and happy life. I will also pass my time giving birth to a child.

I made a 5 days plan to seduce him and have sexual relations with him on the fifth day of my menstruation. But I disliked the way of seduction read in sex stories, e.g. dropping shawl or the towel wrapped on the chest, etc. I am a straight forward girl and I hate drama. I do whatever I like to do.

But I will drop the idea to seduce him as soon as I see a negative gesture from his side. I made a step by step plan to seduce him. In the afternoon, I went to the nearby store. I purchased a legging made of stretchy fabric, a tight vest, an opaque skin-colored stocking, a light transparent gown, a transparent nylon stocking, a fishnet stocking, a transparent white shirt, a knee-length skirt, a full support bra, a transparent bra, a brief, a thong, and G-string underwear.

In the afternoon, I dressed up seductively. I wore a tight t-shirt that came above my waist and a legging made of stretchy fabric. I saw in the mirror and found myself very attractive. I saw that the shape and size of my breasts and buttocks were exposed very high.

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My bare stomach and navel were visible. In the evening, when he saw me, I observed that he was staring at my breasts, stomach and in between my thighs where a V shape was made. The V shape looked bulky as I was using a sanitary pad. I found him taking an interest in me.

After dinner, he did not go to his room like yesterday. I was watching TV and he was holding a newspaper. But not reading at all. I noticed that he was also not taking any interest to watch the channel which I was watching. He was just gazing at me from time to time.

At about 10 O’clock, I went to the kitchen and brought 2 glasses of milk for him and me. We had milk and then I went to my room. Shortly, he also went to his room. I became sure that by Friday night, he will be sleeping with me.

On Monday morning, I wore a skin-colored opaque stocking and a tight vest. It went just below my breasts. I pulled up the stocking deep inside my buttock crack so as to make a partition of two sides of my buttocks. I looked in the mirror and found that my legs and buttock, covered by skin-colored stocking, look like nude.

My buttocks look like two pieces of big watermelon cut in the middle and joined together. My stomach was exposed from the base of my breasts to just above my love-pot. A large part of my back was also exposed. I served breakfast at about 8 o’clock.

I was standing in the kitchen facing towards the gas stove. I was cooking bread for his lunch. He was sitting behind me and watching my big buttocks. I stood on my right leg and loosen my left leg. In doing so, my right buttock was raised and the left buttock was lowered.

Then I reversed the position. I had done this many times and I imagined that he enjoyed my buttocks show. He was sitting on the dining table and eating breakfast seeing me. After breakfast, at about 8:30, when he was ready for office, I handed him his lunch box.

After sending him to the office, I was scared thinking about how to spend that day, and days to come. He will come back home at about 6 o’clock only. In the evening, I wore a white-colored transparent shirt and a very transparent nylon stocking. I was wearing a red-colored panty with a sanitary pad inside.

My breasts were visible through the shirt and exposed high. He got a deep look at my cleavage. The skin of legs underneath the stocking was visible nude through the stocking. I served him the tidbits and tea on the dining table. I observed that it made him more sensuous.

I was a little bit nervous, but I was very excited about doing that. I looked at his face and found that he was looking at my breasts and legs. I was roaming around the kitchen unnecessarily just to show him the movements of my hips. My hips move three ways – forward and backward, upward and downward, and tilted right and left.

After dinner, I was sitting on the sofa placed on the north side of the room. He was sitting on the sofa placed on the south side of the room. We were sitting face to face. I was there watching TV wearing stocking and vest and looking like nude below my waist.

I pulled the stocking down so as to show him my dark black pubic hairs. He was not watching TV. He was looking more in between my legs and less reading newspaper. After drinking milk at about 10 O’clock, both of us went to our rooms.

Tuesday morning, I wore a full support bra, a brief and light sky blue colored transparent gown. The full support bra fully covered my breasts. It rounded off the shape of the breasts and also kept my breasts firm. The brief was of rectangular shape just like men’s brief. It covered a lot of front and backside of my hips.

I served breakfast on the dining table just in a full support bra and a brief under the transparent gown. He was looking at me very curiously. After breakfast, he was ready for office. I handed him the lunch box and he left for office.

In the evening, I welcomed him just wearing the thin and transparent white shirt and knee-length loose skirt. I served him tidbits and a banana in the living room. I sat in front of him and peeled the skin of the banana. Then I inserted the banana in my mouth and sucked the top as if I am sucking love-stick.

He was looking at me in surprise. After dinner, we took the same seat. I unbuttoned three buttons of my shirt. The cleavage and half of my breasts were clearly visible. I pretended to be busy reading a magazine. He was holding his laptop on his lap pretending as if he was doing something on the laptop.

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Slowly, I uncrossed my legs a little bit and showed my thighs. The man at the age of 50 years looked sometimes in between my nude legs and sometimes on my breasts. Knowing that he was trying to peep under my skirt. I started to spread my legs. He was having a great view of the soft white thighs.

He seemed to be happy as he has seen my semi-nude body which I knowingly exposed to him. I spread my legs wider showing him my thighs. He looked between the legs and saw the most beautiful sight. At about 10, both of us took the milk and went into our rooms.

Wednesday morning, I have become totally bold as I found no negative gesture from him. It was the fourth day of my menstruation. I wanted to expose myself a bit more while taking a bath. I picked up the transparent cup-less bra, a brief and the transparent gown.

Then he entered the bathroom, which was on the north side of the flat. He was seated on the sofa placed on the southern side of the room. I had made him sit there because I had put his cup of tea there. He was seated just opposite the bathroom door. I left the door at about one foot open.

I stood in such a way that he could see me from the opened part of the door. I turned my back to him and opened my shirt. Then, the bra over my naked and fair back was visible to him. I was standing there only in a skirt. Then I pulled down my skirt too.

I was in front of him in the bathroom showing him my semi-nude round and big buttocks. Then I slowly turned towards him and removed the bra and panty. He was directly looking at me. I was very excited and nervous. My heart was beating very fast, but I was enjoying the show very much.

I was there under the shower fully nude. I opened the shower and water ran all over my body. He looked at my fair thighs and love-pot covered by thick black pubic hairs. I took the soap and applied that to my body. I saw him continuously looking at me.

I rubbed on breasts, stomach, buttocks, and love-pot with my palm. After the bath, I wiped the water from my body with a towel. I bent my body showing my buttocks to him and dried my legs with the towel. Then I wore a thong which was made of very thin material.

It had a T-shape string in the back, a transparent bra through which he could see the skin. A fishnet stocking through which he could clearly see every curve on my buttocks and legs. Through the bra, he can also see my round breasts which are fully circular and equal at the top and bottom.

He could easily see the light brown circle on my milky breasts. The pink nipples sticking out of the transparent bra I wore. I wanted to arouse him by my nude body. I came out of the bathroom and walked towards the living room. He followed me looking at the round swaying buttocks. I swayed and displayed my body.

I continued the show. The material was so transparent that he could see my round breasts and nipples through the bra. The transparent back strap revealed my back as nude. The triangular patch at the front of the thong could cover just my love-pot in the front and only the buttock crack in the back.

My buttock cheeks and sides of hip bones were naked. Then I entered the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I was looking almost nude in this dress. During breakfast time, he was staring at my body admiringly. Both of us were a bit nervous. I felt very much excited.

After breakfast, I handed over his lunch box to him and he left home for office. In the evening, I welcomed him wearing just the thong, a transparent bra, and a fishnet stocking. I served him titbits and a cone of ice-cream on the living room. I put ice-cream in the cone.

I made the top like boob shape for him and love-stick shape for me. I sat in front of him and licked and lapped the ice-cream as if I am sucking a love-stick. He was looking at me eagerly. Tonight, I thought of wearing a skirt without panty and show him my naked love-pot.

The color of my clits is dark brown. Yesterday, I thought to apply red henna on my clits to make them more beautiful. So, in the afternoon, I purchased a tube of red henna paste. Yesterday night, I applied that before going to bed. It dried in 20 minutes and then I slept.

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After a bath in the morning, I saw that my clits had turned into red-brown. I also thought to apply set wet jell on my pubic hairs. I already have my husband’s jell. I made partition of pubic hairs to the right and left of my love-pot. I applied jell on pubic hairs and fixed them.

By doing so, the clits become open and red-brown clit was clearly visible. He has been watching my show for 3 days. In the evening, we were sitting in the same seat. I was wearing a knee-length skirt and the same transparent cup-less bra. My body above the waist was almost naked.

I was not wearing panties inside. While watching TV, I pulled up my skirt over my knees. Slowly, I spread my legs wider. Now my inner thighs were clearly visible to him. I remained in this position for about 15 minutes. Then I pulled my legs up. I folded my legs and rested my feet on the seat.

In this position, I widened my knees more. I did not let my knees cover my breasts. He can see my thighs deep inside my skirt. I again pulled my skirt up. I looked him from the corner of my eyes and found that he was enjoying seeing my fair nude thighs.

He was taking longer breaths and pressing his love-stick with his palm. I felt great that I could make his love-stick erect. I felt proud in nude. I remained in this position for about another 15 minutes turning the pages of the magazine. I was quite sure that he wanted some more.

I pulled my buttocks forward to the edge of the sofa. I leaned against the sofa on my back. I pulled my skirt slowly and slowly up and up to my love-pot. My hairy love-pot was visible to him. I was feeling the air on my love-pot. I stretched my legs as wider as possible to show my red-brown clits.

In doing so, I was very nervous, but I was feeling a sensation between my thighs. Once, our eyes met, but he quickly looked at the newspaper and pretended as if he was reading. I wanted to give him pleasure for a longer time. Then, I pretended to sleep. But I was looking from the narrow opening of my eyelids.

I enjoyed exposing myself and drawing his attention to me. My love-pot lips were all swollen and spread giving a glimpse of pink labia. I was thinking how shamelessly I was showing my hairy love-pot and my breasts not to a stranger, but to my own father-in-law, the father of my husband.

If it was a wrong act, I am not solely responsible for it. He is also faulty because he did not discourage me in the beginning. At about 10 O’clock, I ended the game and got up. I went to the kitchen and brought two glasses of milk for him and me.

I intentionally put his glass on the table placed on the west side of the room so that he faces towards my room. He got up and seated on the west side sofa, from where he can see my room. After drinking milk, I entered into my room. A thin and transparent curtain was hanging on my bedroom door.

I watched from the room and found that he did not move from that seat. Thank god! Now I can expose myself fully nude to him. I left the door of my room half-open. I unhooked the hook of my skirt. The skirt dropped down on the floor. I was standing wearing nothing below my waist.

My love-pot, covered by thick black pubic hairs was visible to him. I remained in this position for some time. I looked at him and found looking at me. Then I removed my bra also. My 34D sized breasts with pink nipples were free now. I am in front of him fully naked. I slept on the bed.

In excitement, I spread my legs and opened my love-pot. He was watching in excitement the nude body of his young and fair daughter-in-law just about 16 feet away. Although I was ready to give him a fuck but he did not come in to fuck me. Like in most of the sex stories, by now he would have fucked me.

But he did not do anything like that except seeing my nude body. I don’t know when I slept and how long he sat there seeing me sleeping naked. It was Wednesday night now. I had given myself until Friday. I will tell you about the rest in the next part.

Please let me know how you liked my story. My e-mail address is [email protected] Thanks.

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