Sandwich Massage For My Bhabhi


Hi ISS Readers, Dhruv here sharing another one of my sexual experiences with you all. This experience was before my marriage. My brother Dharam and Reshma, my hot bhabhi were happily married for 3 years. I was doing my MBA and was single at that time.

Reshma was still young. She had got married at a young age. She was 25, tall with long black hair. She was fair-complexioned and had medium-sized chubby boobs. Her ass was perfect, not too flat or not too big. She used to wear tight jeans most of the time which used to make her ass pop out.

Since the day I saw bhabhi, she had always turned me on. I used to masturbate regularly fantasizing about fucking her. But I always respected her and made sure my fantasies never affected my relationship with her. We were very close. We used to hang out a lot as my brother used to be very busy with work.

We used to talk a lot and I used to share all of my secrets with her. Once, my brother, bhabhi and I went out partying. All three of us used to drink and we loved to party. We went out to a club and started drinking beer. After a while, we decided to order some tequila shots. After having 2-3 shots I was very high.

We all started dancing as the DJ started playing some good Bollywood music. While dancing, bhabhi was coming very close to me during a few moves. She was dancing between me and my bro. She was facing my bro and I was behind her. Her perfectly round ass was moving so sexily right in front of me.

I just wanted to grab that ass and spank it. I got scared about my thoughts and I went back to the table. I had another shot and sat there. After a few minutes, my bro and bhabhi noticed I was sitting alone and asked me to go and join them. I couldn’t say no so I went and started dancing again.

After some time, Dharam said he was going to go out for a smoke. So only me and Reshma bhabhi were dancing. She was quite high too. She put her arms around my neck and started grooving. She was wearing a deep neck so I could her boobs.

Even though I did not want to see them my eyes kept going towards her boobs. I was completely hard. I’m not sure if it was because I was too high or it was just instinct, I suddenly put my hand on her ass and pressed it. Reshma bhabhi realized this and pushed me. She gave me a stare. I said sorry it was by mistake.

By then, Dharam came back to the dance floor. Thank god she didn’t say anything. After half an hour we left and we reached our apartment. I thanked bro and bhabhi for taking me to the party and went to my room.

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I was cursing myself for doing something bad. I feeling so guilty for touching bhabhi inappropriately. Yet I could not forget her sexy body dancing to all the Bollywood songs that night. But I was hoping that she doesn’t tell about the incident to my brother.

I knew that my hard dick wouldn’t let me sleep until I jerk off. So I unzipped, and I got ready to fantasize about bhabhi and masturbate. Suddenly my phone started ringing. It was Dharam. I picked the phone. He told me that he wanted to talk to me and asked me to come to their room now.

I got scared. I thought bhabhi had complained and he was going to scold me for what I did. I put my pants on and walked to their room. I knocked on their door, “Come in, it’s open,” my bro said. When I opened the door, to my surprise, I saw bhabhi giving a blowjob to my bro.

“Oh sorry,” I said and I was going to close the door. “No no, come in,” my bro said. “Would you like to join us?” he asked me. I didn’t know if I was too high and I was dreaming or if he actually said it.

“What?” I asked my bro, “What do you mean by ‘join us?’”

Then Dharam said, “Dhruv, I and your bhabhi have been married for 3 years now. Let me tell you about the married couple’s problems. After a few years, sex becomes very monotonous and boring. We need to experiment to keep our sex lives spices up.”

“I and Reshma have been planning for a long time to have a threesome. But I am very scared to ask anyone else to do this. As it’s a very sensitive issue. And I wanted someone who your bhabhi is also close to and is comfortable with. I know that you have always had sexual feelings for her.”

“But today it got confirmed when Reshma told me that you grabbed her ass. So you can come and join us. But only if you want to and if it’s your wish too,” he said. I was completely lost hearing all this. I was standing at the door shocked. I did not even know how to react.

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“Just come and sit next to me. You can just watch us. If you feel comfortable later you can join us,’ my bro told me. I quietly walked up to the bed and sat next to him. His dick was out of his pants and was completely hard. It was the first time I had seen it since we were kids. It was atleast 2 inches bigger than mine.

Reshma bhabhi was sucking his dick. She had taken it inside her mouth and was moving it up and down. She was looking at me from time to time. She licked his balls every few seconds. Now I was getting hard. Noticing this, Reshma bhabhi placed her hand on my dick. She started rubbing her hands on my pants.

“Get it out of your pants, Dhruva, help your bhabhi,” bro told. I was too turned on to think about anything else. I unzipped and removed my dick from my pants. Bhabhi was sucking bro’s dick and stroking mine with her hands. After a few seconds, she crawled close to me.

She spread my legs, kneeled in between my legs. She came close to me, held my dick in her hands and stroked it a few times. Then she licked it from top to bottom a couple of times and then took it inside her mouth. Wow, what a feeling that was.

She continued sucking my dick and was stroking my bro’s cock with her other hand. She then asked me to stand up, she bent down a little more and started sucking my balls. This turned me on a lot. Then bhabhi and bro also stood up. We started stripping bhabhi.

I could see Dharam also completely hard after he watched bhabhi suck my dick. I started removing bhabhi’s pants and bro was removing her top. We made her lay down on the bed. I spread her legs and started sucking her pussy. Dharam was sucking her boobs. She was moaning with pleasure.

“How is your bhabhi’s pussy? Lick it well like a lollypop,” Dharam instructed me. These words turned on bhabhi. She held my head and pushed it into her pussy. After some time, Dharam started licking her pussy and I shoved my dick into bhabhi’s mouth.

After a few minutes, Dharam pulled her slightly towards him. He started rubbing his dick on bhabhi’s pussy. After a few rubs, he slowly entered her. Bhabhi started moaning slightly. She was clearly enjoying this. As bro picked up his pace, bhabhi took my dick back into her mouth.

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Her boobs were bouncing, I grabbed them and pressed them and she moaned harder. After 5 minutes, bro turned her around and made her take a doggy position. He entered her pussy again and started fucking her. I put my dick back into her mouth. I was shoving it in trying to make her take my full dick inside.

Then it was my turn. I and bro interchanged our places. After 3 years, my fantasy was coming true. I was going to fuck bhabhi. I asked her to spread her legs a little more, held her ass and put my dick in her pussy. I was too horny so I was pounding her very hard and fast.

“Oh ya Dhruv, harder, fuck me harder,” bhabhi was saying. Bro put his dick in her mouth and after that, I could only hear, “Mmm Mmm,” from her mouth.

After some time, I and bro both lay down on the bed. Bhabhi sat on bro’s dick and started riding it. She was stroking my sick with her hand. Then she switched on to my dick. Bro got up and put his dick in her mouth. Then she gave us a blowjob again for a few minutes.

After we got back little strength, we wanted to double penetrate her. She sat on my dick and bent. Bro entered her from her ass. She was moaning loudly and saying dirty things. “Oh, I love being sandwiched between my husband and devar. Oh yes fuck me harder guys,” she said.

Then she sat on Dharam and I fucked her ass. I plowed hard into her ass, I did not know when I would get a chance again. We made her suck our dicks again. We made her kneel down, asked bhabhi to give us blowjobs. After 5 minutes, I came on her face. I splurged all my cum on her pretty face.

Then bro came on bhabhi’s boobs. Both her face and boobs were dripping with cum. I was completely satisfied, it was like a dream come true. Bro told me that we could do this again after a few months. I happily went back to my room as slept.

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