Sanjana, My Hot And Sexy Aunt – Part 1


This is Abhishek, a twenty-three-year-old guy from Hyderabad. Let’s get into the story. Read, relate, and enjoy.

I got a call from my uncle on the day when lockdown due to the pandemic was announced. He told me that he got stuck at Mumbai after going there for some office work. The lockdown was unexpected for him. He told me that he was safe with his friend.

He asked me to vacate my hostel and go to his home. Sanjana aunty was alone and might need some help during the lockdown. I agreed and packed my bags. I couldn’t go that day. So I started in the early morning the day after. I was a bit shy about going to their house.

The last time I saw her was a long time back during their wedding. I finally reached their apartment and rang the doorbell. Sanjana aunty opened the door and greeted me. She asked me to come in and showed me my room. We talked about how all of a sudden it happened and a few general things.

She gave me some water to drink and told me that she will have a bath and come. She went in and closed her room’s door. I sat on the sofa and thought that she was hot. I never knew my aunt became so hot. She wore a night robe when she opened the door.

It had a nightgown inside which covered till her knees probably and the robe on the outside covered her fully. Sanjana aunty is a woman in her late thirties. She is fair and has got good height. She has got a charming aura on her face. Her pink lips and brown eyes just add up to her beauty.

Her silky hair is long and comes up to her waist at the back. Going down to those hot assets, she is quite big. She is neither slim or fat but has got a voluptuous body. She has got some good round hanging breasts and a thick ass. Her curves can make you go mad and her thighs, just wow.

Five days passed by and all these days we barely talked. I just got her whatever she asked in the morning and she made us some food to eat. We spent our time in our rooms most of the time and just came out to the hall to eat.

One day she came into my room without knocking while I was having a smoke and talking with my friend on the phone. She was surprised to see me smoking and just went out to the hall without uttering a word. I cut the call and came out of my room by putting off my cigarette aside.

I was a bit afraid that time and said, “Sorry aunty. Please don’t tell my uncle or my parents about this.” She was very chill and answered that it’s ok and will not tell anyone. She also asked me to try to stop smoking as soon as possible. I agreed, went back to my room and finished my cigarette.

It was dinner time and aunty called me out to the dining room. We sat at the table. There was just silence in the room except the sounds made by our spoons and plates. She broke the ice by saying, “So, Abhi, do you have any other habits like smoking or just that?”

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Me: No aunty, I only smoke and that too very rarely.
Sanjana aunty: Oh! It’s okay to tell me the truth.
Me: Actually, I also drink sometimes aunty.
Sanjana aunty: Hahaha. The truth is coming out no, ha?

I just gave an awkward smile and continued eating. I didn’t understand what to say next. But she had been friendly with me and kept the conversation going. She said that even she wanted to drink a lot of times. But didn’t dare to do it anytime as uncle didn’t want her to drink.

I knew that uncle had a habit of drinking. So I asked Sanjana aunty if there are any bottles at home. She said, “I guess there are some in our room. Why are you asking about it Abhi? ”

Me: Great aunty. Why don’t you drink today with me? You said you always wanted to drink, so why not?

Sanjana aunty: I want to try but no, Abhi. It will be a big problem if your uncle gets to know about it.

Me: Don’t worry aunty. He is in Mumbai and won’t come here any time soon because of this lockdown. I will get a new bottle later if needed before my uncle comes back.

Sanjana aunty agreed hastily and with some fear. I got 2 bottles of whiskey and vodka from their room and put them on the floor in the hall. I asked her if there is something to eat. She went into the kitchen and got some pickles and mixture in a big plate.

I observed that she was also excited about it and I said, “Wow, aunty! Where did all that fear go?” She smiled and made sure that all the curtains and doors were closed. I told that it’s ok and that nobody is going to watch us. I asked her to calm down and sit.

She agreed and sat down beside me resting her back on the sofa. We started to drink after I made her pegs and gave it to her. We drank slowly talking about a lot of things. She was so excited that she finally did what she wanted to do. She thanked me for letting her drink like that, unlike my uncle who denied her.

I just smiled and said that it’s fine. The first peg gave a fiery feeling in her throat. I asked her to lick some pickle or eat some mixture. She did it and started to laugh at herself. She said she liked it. Watching her lick that pickle from her finger turned me on somehow.

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I started to make one more peg for us and she stopped me. She said that it was enough as she wanted to just taste it. I tried to convince her that real taste comes when you get high and relax. She got convinced by me and asked me to fix the pegs. We kept drinking until we completed a quarter bottle of vodka.

She told me that she started to feel dizzy and it was amazing. Even I had a little dizzy feeling and we enjoyed it. We got up and sat on the sofa. I asked her if she liked it. She replied that she loved it and that dizzy feeling is making her feel crazy. I loved her reaction.

She just slipped a little lower on the sofa and started to talk to me. I cracked a joke on her drinking and she laughed like hell. She moved a lot while laughing which made her saree pallu slip off her shoulders. She didn’t care much and kept laughing.

I could see her massive cleavage in her black blouse and her mangalsutra in between her breasts. That made my semi-hard cock stiff. I wasn’t wearing underwear to have a drink with her comfortably. But it made my work difficult. I tried to put it between my thighs to hide from her and I succeeded.

She came to her senses in a minute or so and stopped laughing for that joke I told her. She realized that she had been exposing a lot and adjusted her saree to cover herself. She looked at me and said, “Why are you sitting like that? Sit comfortably. Feel free.”

Saying that she pulled my leg towards her by holding my knee and my dick sprang out from between my thighs inside my sweat pants. I didn’t do much to cover it as it might catch her attention but she noticed it and laughed at me.

Sanjana aunty: Abhi, What is it? Hahaha.

I thought she was high and asking me like that. I said, ”Nothing aunty, sorry. I will just come back. ”

Saying that I was about to stand up and as Sanjana aunty started talking.

Sanjana aunty: Did looking at your aunty’s cleavage get you that thing in your pants?

Me: I am sorry aunty, I… Ah… actually…

She laughed out again and said, ”Its ok Abhi. It’s ok. Chill. Sit down. It will go away, chill. ”

I got a little uncomfortable for her laughs and my boner became semi-hard. I sat a bit comfortably as my dick didn’t stand stiff.

Me: Why are you laughing so hard at it, aunty?

Sanjana aunty: You know, Abhi? It has been a long time that someone got a boner looking at me and that made me laugh like hell. I don’t even know why I am laughing but I am happy to know that it happened because of me.

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I was surprised by her words. I thought she would get angry. But, It gave me some rush inside me, I felt excited.

Me: Oh! Hahaha, when was the last time uncle got a boner looking at you?

Sanjana aunty: Shut up you idiot, how can you ask me such things like this, silly? Your uncle doesn’t even have time for it nowadays.

Me: If I had a wife like you, I wouldn’t have been like my uncle for sure.

Sanjana aunty: Acha? What would you do if you have a wife like me? Huh?

I didn’t know if she was talking so due to being drunk or if she was talking normally. But I felt like telling out my feelings at that time.

Me: I would never leave you, aunty. I would make sure that you are happy in all the ways.

Sanjana aunty: Okay. And?

Some naughtiness and excitement just kicked in me and I said something that I could never tell her if not drunk.

Me: What else will I do if I had a wife like you? I better show you than tell.

Saying that I winked at her to show that I was kidding. I was serious actually but for things not to misfire, I winked at her. She was just being casual and didn’t respond much.

Sanjana aunty: Oh really? Then show me what would you do.

Me: What?

Her daring and straightforward demanding made my dick hard again and it just stood upright in my sweat pants. She saw it and before she said something, I just took her hand and made her touch my cock. Doing so, I said, “This is what I would do. ”

Her touch gave me shivers. My cock sprang up and she just took back her hand. She was a bit shocked by what I did and moved a little away from me. My excitement and courage started turning into fear and tension that she might complain about it.

What happened next will be described in my next story. Till then keep waiting. I hope you guys enjoyed the story. Feel free to mention your opinions in the comments section below or mail me to [email protected]

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