Savita Bhabhi: Episode 90: Helping Hands


It was a busy morning for Priya and Savita bhabhi in the kitchen because Savita’s tiffin delivery service had been so successful. Savita had tucked her saree in to keep it out of the way, revealing her deep, milky cleavage and sexy waist.

Parth was getting ready to leave with the deliveries, and Savita was helping him load her car with the packed tiffins when Alex showed up.

Alex swept Savita into his arms, offering to help her with the tiffins, but she assured him that she had it under control. Parth could tell by the chemistry between the pair that Alex was screwing his boss, and sadly thought to himself, “No way can I compete with this guy.”

When Parth had left with the deliveries, Alex pulled Savita closer and whispered in her ear that he had something to show her. Aroused by the feel of Alex’s breath in her hair and against her neck, Savita followed Alex to his car, curious about where he was planning to take her.

In the car, Savita could not contain her curiosity, and kept asking Alex where he was taking her. But he just smiled mischievously and put his hand teasingly on the skin at the small of her back and said, “It’s a surprise.”

The seat belt was wedged comfortably between Savita’s plump breasts, making them look even bigger and juicier when Alex reached over and blindfolded her with a smooth, black necktie. Savita really got some ideas now!

The car pulled to a stop, and Alex guided Savita outside, telling her, “This is where our dreams come true.”

Savita’s mind was racing with the possibilities of all the sexy rendezvous that Alex could have planned for her, and she told him in an excited voice, “You’re driving me nuts!”

Alex untied Savita’s blindfold in front of a dilapidated building, and said in an excited voice, “Here it is!”

Savita looked around at the peeling paint, and broken windows, and wasn’t quite sure what exactly Alex was trying to show her. Seeing her confusion, Alex pulled out the deed to the building and said, “Our restaurant!”

“You just have to use your imagination, this location is perfect,” he continued to convince her, when he saw the expression on her face. Then he guided her through the other rooms and to the kitchen, explaining how the state of the building would save them a lot of money on rent.

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Savita just followed him, her arms crossed across her heavy chest and squeezed the already large breasts into an enticing display, barely contained in her blouse.

Alex turned around, pulled Savita into his arms, and reassured her that he knew what he was doing. When he put his arms around her and held her even closer to him, crushing her large breasts into his hard muscular chest, she relented.

He stepped back for a moment, and looked into her lustful eyes, his mouth close to her plump, lush parted lips. He smiled and told her that he had brought her to the location to christen it with her, and guided her back into the dining room, where he had left his bag, and pulled out a bottle of champagne.

Excited to be celebrating with Alex, Savita felt a little more excited about the place and started to smile. Alex popped the bottle, letting out a spray of champagne that completely drenched Savita’s blouse.

The sopping saree and blouse clung even more closely to Savita’s lascivious figure, and she started to really enjoy her surprise. She peeled the wet saree off of her breasts and started to unhook the blouse, revealing her milky white orbs in a sexy, green, strapless, push-up bra that accentuated every curve on her boobs.

Meanwhile, the popping sound of the bottle had aroused the attention of the attractive woman, who was inspecting the building. She went up to the window of the dining room and saw Alex and Savita start to get intimate and drink their champagne.

“Perverts!” She thought as she watched Savita undress herself slowly for Alex’s pleasure.

Alex pulled the half-naked Savita into his arms, and told her that he had put down the deposit, and hired a contractor, and all they needed to proceed was her approval.

Excited, Savita expressed her approval not only for the location, but also to take things further in their celebration. She pressed her boobs, spilling over the tight bra, into his chest, and kissed him hungrily, while pulling him even closer by wrapping her leg around him.

What was left of her saree, and her petticoat hitched up, revealing her thick leg, which she wove around Alex’s legs like some lusty serpent. The woman in the window continued to watch Savita pulling Alex’s crotch into her own, using the strength of those thick thighs.

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The woman recognized Alex and Savita as the new tenants and began watching them wistfully. She thought of the lackluster performance her own husband put forth regularly in bed as she longingly watched Alex slide his hand into Savita’s panties.

By this point, Savita had taken off her petticoat and the rest of her saree, and was really aroused and no longer bothered by the dirt or dilapidation of their restaurant.

Savita mounted Alex, ready to ride him hard on the dirty floor. When Alex remarked about the dirty floor, she dismissed him saying it would just give them a reason to shower together later.

Alex was also no longer bothered by the surroundings, as Savita’s famous perky tits were dancing in his face, freed from their sexy bra. He laid her down and took a hard, erect nipple in his mouth, pleasuring her breasts with his tongue and her pussy with his fingers.

Savita had started to moan as Alex’s fingers pushed in and out of her tight, wet pussy. His lips, tongue, and teeth on her tits were making her wetter by the second, causing his fingers to slip in deeper and harder.

Seeing Savita in full heat, Alex said, “We might as well get you real dirty then.”

Taking the cue, Savita, slipped her tight little pussy off of Alex’s hand and took her sweet face down to his crotch, inhaling its deep, manly smell before slipping off his underwear. She licked her lips in anticipation of getting covered with his hot, sticky cum.

Savita took Alex’s cock in her hand, and lay back to admire the long, hard erection coming out of a thick bush of pubic hair, and ending in the finest head she had seen. She jerked his shaft until he was hard enough to mount, and then climbed onto him, like some wild beast waiting to be tamed.

Their bodies moved together, Alex’s dick drilling her pussy deeper and deeper with each thrust. The insatiable Savita stimulated her clitoris, while the other woman continued to watch through an open door.

Something drew Savita’s attention to the woman, even though she was thoroughly distracted by Alex filling and stretching out her wet, hungry pussy.

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The pair continued fucking, enjoying the thrill of having an unknown voyeur. Turned on by the spectator, Alex and Savita moaned, and humped each other, putting on a show. Savita could feel that Alex was ready to cum by the tension in his balls in her hand, so she asked him to deliver a cum-shot their viewer wouldn’t forget.

Alex came in a hot spurt all over Savita’s chest, but the woman had left by the time the pair had climaxed. Savita enjoyed the hot sticky mess Alex had made on her, massaging it into her skin with her hands and licking some off his chest.

When Savita got home after their shower, dressed in nothing but Alex’s shirt, Ashok was waiting for her. Her tits were still erect from the mind-blowing sex she had enjoyed, and her pussy had been too sensitive to force into panties, so she had let it hang out in the open under the shirt.

The oblivious Ashok remarked that Alex was a thoughtful business partner for having helped Savita, and Savita just smiled at the memory of how helpful he had been indeed.

But Savita’s smile was not to be long-lived, as she found out shortly thereafter that the contractors were unable to finish their work on time.

But Alex and Savita had their own ways to get the work done in time.

To see how Savita bhabhi and Alex get some helping hands and reach a happy ending for their restaurant’s restoration, watch the episode at – Savita Bhabhi: Episode 90: Helping Hands.

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