Second Innings Of Vijaya

Hello guys. I am Rahul. Basically, from Chennai, Tamil Nadu now settled in the Mumbai. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in engineering and working in a multi-national construction company construction as a civil design engineer. I am 26 years old now.

I have an average body and I am 6.2 feet in height. I have a 6.5-inch hard dick to make young girls and older women feel heaven. I can assure the secret and safe relationship. My mail id  [email protected] and [email protected]

My family consists of me and my mom, Vijaya Lakshmi. We lived in our own 2 BHK house. My mom is 50 years old now. My father left us when my mom was pregnant. We didn’t have any touch with my father thereafter. My mom came to Chennai with me in her womb.

We settled there for 22 years. My mom is fair and looks like 30 years old. Like a normal Indian woman, she always wears sarees. She dresses in a very good manner and looks gorgeous. She worked in a private school as a Mathematics teacher in Chennai.

Now works in taking care of our business startup in Mumbai. My mom struggled hard to raise me. I never had a bad intention towards my mom. My mom is a very caring woman. She loves me very much and sacrificed her full life for me. And I too love her very much.

She has taught me every good thing. She has explained the consequence of bad actions. Like how we will get into trouble by the bad action. We discuss and share everything. Even we have discussed the menstrual cycle of women. She wanted me to know how a woman feels during her periods.

She shares her experiences with me at an early age. She always tells me not to harm anyone, not to be rude. do not misbehave to girls, to make me a good human. I have seen her very often only in her pavadai/petticoat and bra.

She believes me I am a good boy and has taught me all subjects. I am unable to forget the biology class she taught on reproduction when I was in my 12th standard. She even showed her boobs. She said every woman has mammary glands for milk formation.

The milk is sucked by the baby through the nipples. “And you sucked the milk from my nipples, Rahul,” she said. Then she showed her pussy and taught me how a male and female intercourse will happen.

She said, “A male reproductive organ is called a penis, what you have. It will be inserted into the female reproductive organ the vagina. The semen from the male penis will flow to the female womb. It will merge with the female egg and will from the fetus.”

After teaching she dressed properly and told me not to discuss this with my friends. She did this only to teach me. She doesn’t have any bad intention. Days passed. I started to watch porn, read sex stories, and masturbate during my college days. Finally, I completed my college.

I was placed in a company with a good salary package. She was happy for me. She started to search for a suitable bride for me. But I felt I was not ready for marriage and told my mom.

Me: Mom, I am little afraid…

Mom: Afraid? Afraid for what?

Me: Mom. Afraid for…

Mom: Speak out Rahul. I am your mom. Tell me I will clear your fear.

Me: I am afraid. Will I be able to satisfy a woman/my future to be wife in bed?

Mom: Why do you have such fear?

Me: I don’t know, mom.

With some hesitation. I asked her.

Me: Will you teach me how to satisfy a woman? I mean, you have taught me everything that I know till now. I request you to teach me sex.

My mom was shocked hearing this

Mom: Rahul are you mad? I am your mom.

Me: I know it. You have taught me everything. I am here because of you and your teaching. So. I will be happy if you teach me sex also

Mom was silent for a few minutes and said.

Mom: Give me some time. Let me think

I was happy and hugged her. She was thinking for 2 days and finally decided to teach me. That night, she called me to her room. She was dressed in a black saree and was sitting on her bed. I was in my t-shirt and shorts. She said, “Come on Rahul. Do whatever you want to do.”

I went to her and sat beside her and I held her shoulder. I asked her, “Mom, what should I do now?” Though I know what I should do, I asked her. As I had little hesitation. She said, “Do what you like. Explore my body. Do you remember the reproduction lesson which I taught you? Do that.”

I slipped down her saree pallu down and kissed her lips. Then pressed her boobs over her blouse. I made her lie on the bed, removed my t-shirt and started to kiss her again. I kissed her all over her body. She made a moaning sound. I removed her saree from her petticoat and made myself nude.

She was in her blouse and petticoat. I raised her petticoat above her waist and saw her hair covered pussy. I kissed it. She shivered. I kissed her thighs and rest of the legs. She had anklets on her legs. She made sounds which made me crazy. Then I unbuttoned her blouse. She was in a red bra.

I raised her bra above her boobs and started to suck her nipples and press her boobs one by one. She was moaning. I pressed her ass, inserted a finger in the hole of her ass, and then licked it. I untied her petticoat and threw it on the floor along with her bra and blouse. Both were completely nude now.

I fingered her pussy. Inserted my full wrist by inserting fingers one by one. She was moaning heavily. I licked her juices and sucked her pussy inner walls. Then I inserted my dick in her pussy and started to pump my birth hole. She was moaning. Her pussy was tighter than I expected.

I fucked her 30 minutes and ejaculated into her pussy. We slept nude. Next morning, when I woke up. She had taken a bath and was ready in new saree. Her face was glowing than usual. I greeted her. She gave me bed coffee and asked me to take a bath to get ready.

I took a bath, dressed and came to the hall. Mom asked me

Mom: Are you happy now?

I sat near her, hugged her tight and kissed her lips. Her saree pallu fell. Then said, “Thank you.”  She took her pallu and hid her blouse covered boobs and cleavage.

Me: Why do you hide? We have already fucked.

I pressed her boobs and inserted a hand into her paavadai. She tried to push me and said no. But I didn’t listen to her. I  raised her saree and fucked her on the sofa itself. We started to fuck regularly and mom was also interested in it. One day, after fucking her I asked her, “Should I have to marry a girl now?”

She said, “Your father cheated and left me. And I think you won’t cheat me. You are filling my pussy and making me a bath with your sperm. I don’t like to leave you to any other girl.” I hugged her and said, “I won’t leave you. Mom. In fact, I wanted to marry you.”

I showed a mangalsutra to her and tied it on her neck. I said, “You are my wife now.” Then we fucked. In the morning, we took a bath together, went to a temple as husband and wife and started to lead a happy life. We have a son now.

Hope you enjoyed!

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