Secret Sex Between Cousin Sister With Sudheer


Hi, all iss readers, especially bro-sister sex lovers. Let me tell about me first. My name is Sudheer, working in an MNC company Hyderabad. My cousin sister’s name is Lakshmi. I am not good at measuring the boobs. I measure the boobs only by touching, not by assuming number.

During the busy working day in the office, one of my friends came and gave me his wedding card and invited me. I wished him and asked all the details where are the marriage and reception. Marriage is at some village and the reception will be in Vijayawada which is my cousin’s sister home town.

Then I said ok I will be there at the reception. Several thoughts are running in mind I will be meeting my cousin sister. Several times we meet on different occasions. And I did get a chance of measuring her boobs. I stopped only because she is my sister. So many times I jerked by imagining her.

Now this time I made a plan to seduce her and fuck her at any cost. I planned to stay in cousin sister’s home for 4 days. I didn’t mention to my aunt that I am visiting their home. I reached their home my aunt opened the door. She was shocked and welcomed me with a hug.

My aunt is also super sexy aunty at this age also. I got a small shock under my pants. After entering the home my uncle was sitting on the sofa. I took blessings touching feet. My cousin and god of sex came down from her room. Shockingly she came and gave a hug.

“Anna, ( brother) so surprised you are here.” I got a double electric shock under my pants. My aunt’s house is a duplex house. 1 bedroom on the first floor with an attached bathroom and study room for my sister. Ground floor kitchen hall and bedroom for aunt and uncle. They will not come to the first floor.

There is a calling bell on the ground floor to the first floor to call sister when she is studying or for calling for food. My aunt and uncle are having knee problems. Uncle is having a more age gap with my aunt. My aunt asked me to fresh up in my sister’s room. So I and my sister went upstairs to get fresh up.

I had a habit of reading sex stories during journeys and kept some porn videos on my mobile. I didn’t close the web browser links in my mobile. I know my sister will use the browser on the phone. I kept my mobile for charging and went to the washroom to get a refresh.

My sister told, “I have project work and I will wait in the study room.” I was watching from keyhole what she is was doing. I can see easily from inside the bathroom. My sister took my mobile as expected and opened the browser. She was shocked after seeing what is opened in the web browser.

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She kept my phone away in the same place and she went downstairs. I felt bad it’s my bad luck and felt very nervous she might tell my uncle or aunt. After 5 minutes she came up by calling my name. I am feeling so shy to come out with fear. But after coming inside the bedroom.

She knocked on the bathroom door. Aunt is asking to come fast to downstairs. I was full tension and replied to her it will take 15 minutes. I need to take a bath. She left to study room silently and I am full tension what I need to tell aunt or uncle regarding this. I am watching again what she was doing.

She opened my mobile again and started watching. In my browser, I opened two stories in two different tabs and porn sites which already I searched with sister sex videos. Then my heartbeat became normal. Sis didn’t tell anything downstairs. She started reading the stories.

She started pressing boobs with one hand after some time she kept her hand inside panty started rubbing. I am also enjoying the bathroom. I started jerking my rod. It was a nice experience for both of us. I gave some 20 minutes for her to study and explore all the things in my browser.

I also finished my jerk off thinking about her and took a hot shower. Before coming out of the bathroom I checked my sister. I think she is almost the end of the orgasm after watching her face. I made a small sound that I am coming out. Very fast she came in normal and kept my mobile in charging.

I came out with only a towel around me. She gave some naughty smile at me after seeing like that. “Ok, annaya kindaku velli amma ki chepta snacks ready cheyamani.” (Ok brother I will go down and inform mom to prepare snacks).

After some time I came down and had a chit chat with my aunt and uncle. Meantime my sister went upstairs again she had project work to do. She is doing final engineering at that time. I know what she will do after going up. My uncle is not at home.

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My aunt was sitting in front of me and talking. She bent down for taking something on the floor and a good top view of my aunt’s boobs. After having some discussion I informed her I am going to friends reception I will be back a little late.

Then I rang the bell downstairs by asking my sister to bring my phone. After 5 minutes she came and gave the phone and it was slightly sticky. I think my sister held the phone in a hurry. I left the house and went to a friend’s reception.

While returning home I took condoms full 10 pack and went late at night. Aunty opened the door and she didn’t wear a bra. I can easily see her nipples. Silently I went upstairs. After going to the bedroom I changed my clothes and was just wearing small shorts without underwear and bare chest.

I slept beside my sister and I kept my mobile beside her under the table lamp. I am not able to get sleep and trying to get sleep. After 30 minutes I pretended that I am sleeping by snoring. My sister slowly moved and took my mobile and she checked me I am sleeping.

After confirmation, she opened the sites and started reading stories and I can see sideways. She started pressing boobs hard and pinching her nipples. She slid her hand inside her panty. She is closing eyes and started rubbing her pussy lips and inserting fingers.

Slowly I opened my shorts and started rubbing my dick by watching her. She didn’t open her eyes for some time. Later after a few minutes, she opened eyes and she was shocked I am watching her and rubbing my dick. She said, “What is this bro why you removed your shorts?”

I told her what you are doing the same thing I am doing. I asked her can we have sex. She said no we should not do sex as we are bro and sister. I started convincing her but she was not accepting of sex. Then we came with one understanding. You can do your job I will do my job with our touching each other.

I started rubbing my dick from the bottom. She is also watching and rubbing her pussy lips with one hand. Other hand pressing her boobs. I kept silent and watched all the things. After 20 minutes she asked can I touch your sulli (dick). I said go ahead it all yours.

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She kept one hand on my cock. She gave a current shock to the spine. She told me it is so hard and never a dick of man like and this much long. First time I am seeing man dick this much close distance. She started exploring all my dick lengths with both hands and making small touching on both balls.

Moving the foreskin down very slowly and precum made very smooth. I asked her to kiss the dick. She said yack no I will not kiss. I pleased her several times. Then at least she agreed to kiss. Initially, she felt difficult to kiss and suck. Later she started enjoying dick in her mouth.

She is playing very nicely with a dick entrance with her tongue. I am in a different world. I am enjoying every move of my sister’s tongue. I moved her legs over my face and we became 69 position. First I made a small touch on pussy lips with fingers.

Then I planted a small kiss with my lips. Lip lock with pussy lips and my lips. She made a sound. I started inserting my tongue deep inside her pussy. She is enjoying my dick in her mouth. While I am sucking her pussy I inserted my fingers in asshole.

She moaned. I said, “Enjoy, my dear sister .” She was gulping my dick more inside the mouth. I increased the speed of my tongue. She also increased the speed. We both came in each other’s mouth. She drank all my cum without wasting a single drop. She is sucking my cum on dick like melting ice cream.

I drank all her juices. It tasted little salty and I am also licking her pussy completely like a dog. We both are cleaning dick and pussy with our tongues only.

Then we started again next round after some time. I will post the continues in the next story after getting feedback for this. Please send your comments to my email [email protected]

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