Seduced And Dominated By An Aunt In Gujarat


Hi! This is Vatsal back again from Gujarat with my new experience. It has been days since I last updated my experience. I hope you find this interesting as much.

This incident happened with me in the last week of February. I was roaming around in a mall in the afternoon. Being a student, visiting the mall during early warm days was a common thing. I was just loitering around from shop to shop and just enjoying my time. I never knew that someone had a watch on me since long.

I went to the food zone for some food. I was enjoying my meal and all of a sudden, a woman (maybe in her mid-40s) sat beside me. Well, it was not normal for me at all and I was really scared at first. I kept eating my food without looking at her as I wanted to avoid this awkward situation.

The stranger moved her hand forward for a handshake telling her name. “Hi! My name is Anita.”

Me – Hello. (still confused what to do next)
Anita – I have been watching you since I came to the mall. I need to talk to you.

(I was totally scared as I thought I might have offended her with my staring but I didn’t remember her face from all the faces which I scanned that day).

Me – Well, what have I done??
Anita – Don’t worry, you have done nothing but I need your help.

Me – Help? How?
Anita – I am new to this place and I need you to help me shop some essentials which will be needed in this new place.

Me – I can help you surely but why me only? Don’t you have anyone at home?

Anita – No, I was shifted to this place just yesterday and my family will come only after two days. I came here and saw you passing time and I can make out that you are from a good family. So I reached out to you for help.

I was convinced by the stranger’s talks and decided to help her. After all, I was just passing time.

To describe her – her name is Anita. She is 45-46 years old. She was heavier than me. Her black curls were matching her little dusky skin. Not an angel but yes she was a bit sexy with good curves. She had maintained herself with yoga which she told me while shopping.

We talked and I helped her shop everything that was needed. After shopping, she offered me a cup of tea at her house.

I told her no need for formality but she insisted and took me to her house. She was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans that depicted her curves nicely. For the first time, her aroma was making me want her when we sat in her car. Her perfume was mesmerizing too.

We reached her house and I helped her take all things to her flat. She thanked me again and welcomed me in.

She went to make tea for both of us. She came and told me to have my tea as she will be back after changing her clothes. I didn’t mind as I had to finish the tea and wanted to move out from there. She came back wearing a red maxi. As soon as I saw her, I was dumbstruck.

The maxi was tight and it was clearly saying to me that this stranger lady’s figure was 40-38-42. Yes, her boobs were big and her ass was damn huge!

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It was difficult for me to control my boner now. I started getting up and told Anita that I was leaving. But she insisted that stayed and talked to her as she was alone.

So I sat and we were talking as she was having her tea. She finished it and went to the kitchen. She called me after a few minutes to the kitchen. I went to see what happened. She needed my help to arrange cutlery in her kitchen. I readily accepted this time as my boner was nicely set and I was feeling good.

I was arranging cups and suddenly, I felt Anita’s hands on my ass! My body shivered. Just with her one touch, I was weak. Before I could react and speak anything, she pressed my ass cheeks. I turned around suddenly. I saw her soft lips being bitten with her teeth and her black curls making her look more sexy.

Anita came closer and pushed her hand back rubbing my ass cheeks over my jeans. She was breathing heavily on my face as I was weakening more.

She slowly inserted her hands in my jeans and pressed my round butt with her hard hands. She pushed her hands more inside my undies and felt my naked round ass. Feeling its shape, she let out a moan near my lips. I was feeling her breathes getting warmer with every rub of her hand on my ass.

I was just holding to the sink. She pushed her body on mine and was about to kiss me. My lips opened up itself inviting her to kiss me. But she just moaned a little louder in my mouth making me moan at the same time by pressing my butt hard. I was liking her hands massaging my ass.

She then slowly moved forward and gave a gentle kiss on my lips. I was left with my lips finding her lips to suck as she backed away. She laughed and opened my jeans with one hand. Without touching my dick, she made my undies wet with my precum.

I was feeling her hot breath increasing every second. She pulled my jeans down and with some force, she turned me around. I was feeling helpless.

Anita pulled down my undies too. She sat down and was admiring my ass when she told me, “This thing brought me to you” and spanked my ass. I don’t know why but being spanked by her, my cheeks turned red and my dick jerked!

As soon as she gave a kiss over that point of spank, my body shivered again. I almost jerked. She started spanking me continuously till my ass cheeks turned red. She was liking my manly moans with her acts. She then took some oil and spread it on my ass crack. I was scared.

I turned my face to say no. But her face was too arrogant to discuss this. I knew I was gone today.

Anita spread my ass cheek and pushed one finger in it. Half of it went in and I screamed on top of my voice. Surprisingly, she moaned hearing my scream.

Anita kept that finger there and as my scream turned into a moan soon. She then started fingering my asshole. It was a new heaven for me. Her finger was doing magic in my ass. My dick was getting tighter with my big balls hanging and jerking with every movement of her finger.

I turned around to see how was she fingering me such nicely. As I turned, I was more hard. She was rubbing her cunt with one hand and fingering my ass with the other. Her eyes were closed and she was rubbing her cunt over her maxi, making her look more sexy.

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As my moan got louder, she would press her cunt more vigorously. Soon, my dick was the whole wet with my precum.

Anita kept her whole finger in my ass and with a loud moan, she came. She sat there on her knees with her finger still inside my ass and was breathing heavily. Her boobs were bouncing up and down. Her body was taking big breathes depicting how much she had come.

Before she could settle down with her cum, I pulled out her finger and turned her around. I slowly kept my dick near her lips and rubbed it over her lips. Damn, the lady was still horny!

Anita quickly opened her eyes, gave a smile and in one go, gulped my half-wet dick in her mouth. I didn’t know she liked blowing too.

Anita was sucking my dick very expertly – keeping my dick in and moving her tongue on the tip of my dick continuously. Fuck! That was one hell of a blowjob.

She rubbed my balls and was moving her head up and down nicely. I still held onto that sink in excitement. My ass was feeling wide and my dick was feeling the warmth of her mouth.

My jerking dick in her mouth made her wet again. She again started rubbing her cunt over her maxi while sucking me. She felt my dick so hard and wet that she lifted her maxi and almost pushed 2 fingers in her wet cunt and started fingering herself. I was mad after seeing that.

My dick was all wet with my precum and her saliva. She was shagging half of my dick with her hand and sucking the other half with her mouth and tongue. Her moans on my dick and her fast fingering were making me cum soon.

I held her head and she knew that I was about to cum. She quickly released my dick and sat on the sink with her legs spread. I went and tried to enter her cunt. But she grabbed my dick and started stroking it near her cunt by just touching the tip of it with her wet pussy.

Anita was shagging my dick and was rubbing her clitoris. I was kissing her madly and pressing her boobs harder over her maxi, making her hornier more and more. She shagged me more faster and rubbed her clitoris faster.

We both moaned at the same time in each other’s mouth as we splashed cum on each other. The thick cum of mine made her pussy wet and her cum made my dick wet.

She held my neck and I kissed her passionately, breathing heavily in each other’s mouth. I kept kissing her and rubbed my dick on her cunt. The aroma of her sweat due to the orgasm and her thirsty cunt were making me hard again. She felt my hard-on and hugged me more tightly. I understood and slowly pushed my dick in her cunt.

Anita moaned in my mouth. The feel of a hard veiny dick made her moan louder in my mouth. Another push and my half dick slid in. Anita bit my lips hard and I pushed again. My whole dick went in.

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My little curvy dick with full of veins hit her vagina walls from every side. She felt every inch of my dick making her pussy wet. Her increasing moans in my mouth were encouraging me to fuck her faster.

I held her waist and started pushing my dick in and out of her cunt. She started moaning sexily in my mouth.

I increased my speed making her enjoy more. She broke the kiss to moan more louder and freely. Her moans were making my dick jerk in her cunt and my balls hit more on her ass. She was liking this such that she came all over my dick.

She hugged me tightly and moaned a louder. I kept my dick in and let her cum.

Again, I kissed her and started fucking her faster as my dick was still hard. Her eyeballs were rolling with each stroke. She bent on me and started moaning in my ears. I fucked her faster and harder, feeling her breathe and moans in my ears.

I was about to cum and she knew this as I was fucking her much faster and deeper now. She whispered with moans in my ears to cum on her stomach. A few more strokes and I pulled out my dick and came all over her stomach. Her little belly stomach was filled with my cum.

She hugged me tightly and let me cum till my last drop. Fucking sexy woman she was!

I decided to make her cum once more. I released her hand and bent down. I spread her pussy walls with my hand and started licking her cunt vigorously. She wasn’t expecting this and she went mad. She held her head and was moaning pressing her boobs with the other hand.

I rubbed her clitoris and sucked her faster, inserting my full tongue in. The warmth of my tongue and rub of my clitoris made her cum again. She pushed my head onto her cunt and came in my mouth. I drank it all.

She then pushed me up and kissed me passionately. She was very happy. I stayed at her home for 2 days and until her family came. We fucked like anything in those two days.


Any person from anywhere can contact me and can talk to me during this quarantine. I hope my story gave you some relief and a little enjoyment from an ongoing threat. Feel free to contact me anytime on my mail [email protected]

Stay safe and enjoy your time at home.

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