Seduced By My Mom – Part 2


I am Rohan. The incident happened when I was about 19 years of age. I stay with my mother Smita as my dad works abroad.

Mom said, “Darling, it’s already morning now. Now go to your room and get fresh. I will prepare a heavy breakfast for you. Then we will decide our next program.”

I gathered my clothes and went to my room and dropped on the bed naked. I was really tired. I slept for a while when mom called and said, “Get ready Rohan. Our breakfast is ready.” I got up, brushed, bathed, and put on fresh shorts and a t-shirt. After combing hair, I went to the kitchen.

Mom was also completely fresh, her hair nicely combed. She had put on track pants and a loose-fitting t-shirt. Looking at her nipples, I could make out that she had not put on her bra. Mom caught me staring at her said, “Rohan, don’t think about this. Now eat your breakfast.”

We had breakfast together. After breakfast, mom said, “What would you like for lunch?”

I said, “Anything, mom. No particular choice. But can we have lunch outside?”

Mom said, “Sure. But I will have to go out anyway. I have to fetch some groceries for the week. You take rest while I return. It will be more than an hour.”

Mom changed her clothes and went out. I spent the rest of the morning lazily on the sofa. When mom returned, it was over an hour. She kept the grocery bags in the kitchen and returned to the sitting room. She asked, “Shall we move now?”

I pulled mom on the sofa and took her in my arms. Mom was taken by surprise and said, “What the hell Rohan? Not now please, I am already tired. And we are yet to have lunch.”

I said, “Mom, please. We will do quickly this time.” Pointing my finger towards the tent on my shorts I said, “Look, mom, Rohan is again fully awake. He is under stress.”

Mom said, “Alright. Only this time.”

She pulled her sari up, removed her underwear, and lay on the sofa, her legs spread wide open. I hurriedly removed my shorts and mounted her. This time, her pussy was not as wet. I had a slight difficulty in pushing my cock inside her. Once inside, I did not wait. I started banging her hard right from the beginning.

This time, mom stayed still and did not reciprocate. She just allowed me to bang her. Within ten minutes, I emptied my cream inside her and pulled back. My cream soiled her petticoat and sari. Mom pretended to be angry and said, “Look what you have done. You have soiled my clothes. I have to change again.”

Mom hurried got up and said, “Rohan, clean up the mess on you and get back fast. We are going out for lunch. And we are not going too far. I feel tired.” I went to my room, changed, and returned. Mom was ready. She had put on jeans and a shirt. Her makeup was light. But still, she was looking beautiful.

Mom drove us to a nearby restaurant where we had lunch. After we returned, mom said, “Rohan, I am going to get some sleep now. You also grab a nap. And don’t disturb me for at least an hour.” I knew what she meant. I decided not to bother her anymore.

I went to my room, changed, and slept throughout the noon and evening. It was already seven in the evening when I woke up. I mopped my face came out of my room. I peeped inside mom’s room. She was not there. She was sitting in the drawing-room, watching TV. She was wearing a sari, surprisingly.

She saw me and said, “Good evening darling. Had a good sleep?”

I said, sitting beside her, “Yes mom. Excellent sleep. Now fully fresh.”

Mom said, “Good. Dinner is ready. Let’s have dinner in an hour. We both have work tomorrow.”

We had dinner together. After mom finished cleaning the dining table, I said, “Mom, I want to ask you something, which you may not like. I have a desire.”

Mom sighed and said, “Rohan, go ahead and say what you have to you. Why shouldn’t I like it? You are my darling son.”

I avoided her eyes and said, “Mom, we had our fun thrice. But I never saw you.”

Mom asked, her voice full of surprise, “Never saw me? What does it mean, Rohan?”

I could manage to say, “Mom, not that way. I see you every day. But not n…”

I stopped at the word naked.

Mom was still perplexed. She said, “N? What N?”

I said, “Mom, please try to understand.”

Mom said, “You are impossible. Please tell me what you mean by ‘saw me’.”

I avoided her eyes, dropped my head, and almost whispered, “Mom, what I meant was see you with nothing on…”

My heart started pounding out of fear. My face was red.

Mom laughed aloud and said, “Rohan, I must say you are impossible. We had our fun thrice and you were not ashamed. So, you want to see me naked. Sure, darling, but not here. Let’s go to your room now. Come. You see what you want to. Come, honey.”

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Mom led me to my room. I put on the light. Mom said, “No, sonny. Don’t put on this light. Let it be a night lamp.”

I said, “Please mom. We will draw drapes. But let me see you in full light.”

Mom said, “Okay, as you wish.”

I sat on the bed and mom sat beside me. I said, “Not this way mom. You stand in front of me and then…”

Mom got up, hugged me tight, kissed on my lips, and stood in front of me at a short distance with her back to me.

I said, “Mom, You have to stand facing me…”

Mom, without turning said, “Rohan, have patience. You will like when I start undressing. Just watch.”

Mom first removed pallu from her sari and turned around. She had put on a low cut blouse from which I could see her half-open breasts. She bent down for a while and gave me a good look at her cleavage. She shook her shoulders and her breasts moved.

She stood up straight and again turned around. This time, she pulled the string of her petticoat and dropped it on the floor. Her underwear was tight and could see her round buttocks. She pushed her underwear halfway her buttocks and shook her hips. I was getting excited.

Mom then removed her underwear and again bent down, spreading her legs slightly. I had a fair view of her vagina opening. She again stood up straight and took her hands in front of her. She unbuttoned her blouse, removed it, and threw aside. Mom was fully naked in my front and I stared at bare back and buttocks.

Mom then covered her breasts with her hands and turned very slowly to face me. My mouth was dry. I was looking at a naked woman for the first time in my life. Mom said, “Happy, darling?”

I somehow replied, “No, mom. Your breasts are still covered.”

Mom winked, smiled, and said, “Here we go, sonny.”

Mom slowly removed her hands from her breasts. Her midsize, round breasts were a feast to my eyes. I kept on staring at her. By this time, my cock was fully erect.

I got up from the bed and stood in front of mom. I delicately moved my hands over her exposed breasts and said, “Mom, you have lovely breasts. So soft.”

Mom held my hands over her breasts tightly and said, “Son, talk like a man now. Not breasts, say boobs, say melons, say honeycombs. That’s sexier. Am I sexy, darling?”

I pressed her boobs tight and said, “Mom, your boobs are fantastic. And you are sexy. I feel like crushing you. And your that part where I get in also feels so good.”

Mom said staring at me, “Yeah. That’s like it. You are talking about my pussy, my cunt. God, darling, your shaft also feels good inside my pussy. Rubs nicely and makes me cum.”

I asked, “Cum? What cum?”

Mom said, “You feel satisfied after you shoot out your cream, I call it your cum, your semen. When I have damn good friction, I also discharge my juices. Once the juices start oozing, a woman reaches climax. Understood?”

I pulled mom and pushed her on the bed. Mom said, “Not fair, honey. Now it’s my turn to see you naked. Get rid of your clothes.”

I hurriedly got rid of my t-shirt, shorts, and underwear. The moment I dropped my underwear, my cock sprung, pointing straight. Mom liked her lips and said, “Darling, you have a fantastic cock, meat to feast upon. Oh, God. Your shaft is pulsating. Come now and fuck me.”

I asked, “Fuck?”

Mom said, “Don’t be naïve. What we did three times was fucking. We fucked each other. That’s what it is called. Fucking. Some have a sober name of lover making. And I like both. Come now and fuck me hard.”

I rushed to the bed and threw myself on mom. Mom held me tight in her arms and started kissing my neck, my shoulders, and my ears. I spread her legs and got within her legs.

Mom opened up and said, “Ah, now push your rod inside my hungry pussy and fuck me hard, real hard. See, my juices are already flowing.” Mom guided my cock in her hole and I started giving her hard strokes. Mom moved her hips up and down to match my speed. We fucked for 15 minutes.

There was no sensation indicating my discharging. Mom was almost exhausted. Mom said, “Sweetheart, don’t hold on. Shoot out. My pussy is burning and I am unable to bear it.”

I said, “Mom, I am trying hard, but I don’t have that sensation still.”

Mom said, “This is not working. Wait. We will try another position.”

I pulled my cock out of mom. Mom got up and went on her hands and knees. Arching her back, she pushed her buttocks up opening her pussy from behind. Mom said, “Get inside me from behind. You will get good friction and you will come fast.”

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She helped me push my cock inside her pussy. I drove all the way inside her giving a huge thrust. The moment I got inside, I started banging her wildly. As mom said, I was getting great friction. My balls were hitting her buttocks. The sound coming out of banging her seemed sweet for my ears.

I reached the top of my speed, banging mom harshly. But to dismay for both, I had no sensation of releasing my load.

Mom was too tired. She said with a tired voice, “Darling, this is too much. I came twice and you are still banging. My pussy has turned into jelly. I can’t bear any more. Try hard again, honey. You must be discharging. Please bang me hard.”

I bent forward, gripped her dangling melons in my hands, crushing them hard. I kept on giving her harsh strokes. Ten minutes on, there was no sign of my discharging. Mom said, “Rohan, it’s not happening. Pull out. Let me stimulate you a bit. Maybe this will help.”

I pulled my cock out. Mom turned to me and pulled my cock inside her mouth. She pressed her mouth and lips tightly around my cock and started swirling her tongue on the head of my cock. She applied special pressure at the bottom of my cock head.

After sucking my cock for ten minutes or so, she said, “Let’s try now.” Once again, she lay back and I mounted her. The moment my cock was inside her, I started giving her hard, harsh strokes. Mom closed her lips tight, trying to bear my bangs.

After five minutes, mom could hardly speak, “Oh, my God, my darling. What kind of stamina you have? You are like a horse. Oh! I feel, my pussy is torn apart from inside. My goodness! For heaven’s sake, please come, I can’t bear. I will be unconscious.”

Finally, my body hardened and I released my cream inside mom in a huge load. Mom lay on the bed completely exhausted, her legs still near her buttocks. I could see my cream coming out of her pussy slowly. I too was completely exhausted.

I dropped beside her on the bed and we both were fast asleep in a matter for minutes. I woke up early and saw mom still sleeping naked. Her legs were spread apart, her hands below her neck. She was snoring softly. Her melons were heaving with her breath. I started getting hard-on again.

I silently got up and sat between her legs. I lifted her legs and was going to push my cock inside her. Mom suddenly woke up full and stared at me with eyes wide open.

She quickly got up, pushed me away, and said, “This is too much Rohan. What the hell has gone into you? We fucked so many times and you want to get me again? Darling, please spare me. Believe me, I am all washed out. I don’t have strength. Not now, Rohan. Please.”

With great disappointment, I pulled back. Mom saw my fully erect hard cock, slightly pointing to the ceiling. Mom looked at my cock with awe and said, “Oh, my goodness. You have an erection as if you are going to have sex for the first time. What are you going to do?”

I dropped my head and said, “I remember having read somewhere that if sex is not possible, men do it with their own hands. I will do that, no problem. I will imagine that we are making love.” Mom pulled my head down and kissed me with love.

Holding my cock in my hand, caressing it with her soft palms, said in a voice full of love, “Not necessary darling. Don’t masturbate. I mean don’t do it with hands. I will do it for you. First with my hands, then with my boobs and then in my mouth. How can keep my darling son unhappy? Now don’t ask what boobs. Boobs are my melons, or my tits, which you like so much.”

Mom took my cock in her fist and started moving her fist up and down over my cock. She then pulled me near, rose on her hips, and covered my cock with her boobs and pressed from both sides. She said, “Loverboy, move your dick up and down, under the pressure of my tits.”

I started moving my cock up and down. Head of my cock popped up within her tits. She looked at my cock intently. She moved her tongue over her lips and held it out. The head of my cock was touching the tip of her tongue. I fucked her in her boobs for some time.

Mom then said, “Now I will take you in my mouth. Let me see if I can take all your dick inside my mouth.”

Mom asked me to stand up in front of her. After I stood up, she caressed my balls and my dick with her soft hands for some time. Then she held my dick up and started moving her tongue all over my balls. She kept on pressing my dick while moving her tongue over my balls.

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She then slowly pulled my dick down and took the head of my dick in her warm mouth. She started sucking my head slowly, making slurping sounds. She slowly started taking my cock in her mouth, bit by bit. In a few seconds, only a small part of my dick was visible, mom had taken in most of the length.

My cock was touching her throat. She then opened her mouth in full and pushed her head forward. When the entire length of my cock was inside her mouth, she slowly closed her lips around my cock. The head of my cock was touching her throat. With the motion of her hands, she indicated to me to fuck her mouth.

I placed one hand on my hips and held mom’s head with the other hand. I started moving my hips back and forth, thereby fucking mom in her mouth. Mom kept on stretching her throat muscles, at the same time, pressing her cheeks and tongue on my hard cock.

I looked down at mom. Her eyes were closed while I was mouth fucking her. Her melons moved while I stroked her mouth. Mom started pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples. After some time, she started massaging her pussy with her fingers. She was too on fire.

Mom released my cock and said, “My darling, you have made me hot again. My pussy is ready for you. Now fuck me. I have stimulated you enough.”

I said, “Mom, what a fun it would be if I kiss you and play your melons while fucking?”

More said, “You have become bold and naughty now. You are learning fast. Come, let’s try.”

She led me to our bathroom. Besides the washbasin, there was plenty of space covered with granite. Mom hopped on the granite platform and pulled her legs up and spread them. Mom’s pussy was fully exposed. I stared at her open pussy.

Mom beckoned me near her and said, “Don’t stare this way. Come, let’s finish our job.”

My cock was fully erect, fully lubricated by mom’s saliva. Before inserting my cock, I started fingering her pussy. Mom moaned and said, “Darling, not your finger, I want your dick inside me. Come on now.”

I spread mom’s pussy lips and started pushing my dick inside her. Within no time, I was fully inside her. I started fucking her very slowly. Mom kept on staring at me with a smile on a face. It was so nice to get friction from her fully stretched pussy, so soft.

She held my hands and placed on her heaving boobs. The touch of her fleshy boobs made me wild and I started fucking her with speed. Mom pulled my head down and our lips locked. I kissed her hard, all the time pressing her boobs wildly and banged her hard. My speed increased.

Mom started grunting and groaning. She was unable to contain her please, so was I. Ten minutes went by and my body stiffened. I was ready to shoot. I released my cream inside her pushy. My semen was gushing out filling her wet pussy. I kept my lips locked with her lips and boobs pressed hard.

When I was empty, I pulled out. Mom released her legs and kept hanging. My cream was coming out of her and spreading over her thighs. I once again stared at her pussy. Mom touched my chin and made me look at her. Her face bore a blush and complete satisfaction.

She released a sigh and said, “Oh my God. What a wonderful experience. You have made me happy, my darling.”

Now both of us were completely exhausted. Mom got up and said, “Rohan, now let me go to my room and get ready. You also get ready for your college. Have breakfast and then go.”

Mom went in the room, gathered clothes and went to her room. I too got ready and went to the dining room, fully dressed. Mom had readied breakfast. We had breakfast and left for college. I asked mom, I will return early today. Let’s have fun again.

Mom firmly said, “No, not today. We have had enough. I am completely exhausted. You finish college and come home as usual. I too have some work outside. We will meet in the evening.”

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