Seduced By My Mom – Part 3


I am Rohan, and I was seduced by my mom, Smita.

I somehow finished my classes in college and returned home. Mom has just returned and enquired about how my day today was. I mischievously replied, “Mom, completely boring without you. I was only dreaming about you.”

Mom sighed and said, “I made mistake, it seems, that I indulged you into all this. Now you want me all the time. That’s difficult.”

Without a word, she went into the kitchen and prepared dinner. We had our dinner in silence. After dinner, we watched TV for some time. Mom said, “Rohan, I am retiring for the day. You also go to your room and study. I don’t want you to lose ranks in the future, mind well.”

Mom switched off the TV and we went to our respective rooms. I studied for a while and went to bed. I was unable to sleep. I kept on remembering our sexual encounters now and then. At last, at about midnight, I went to mom’s room without knocking and put on the night lamp.

Mom was peacefully sleeping, her body covered with a sheet. I moved forward and pulled the sheet over her body. Mom was half-naked. She was sleeping on the side with her bra and underwear put on. My cock was already hard. I sat behind mom and unhooked her bra.

Mom stirred a little but did not wake up. I softly caressed her back and mom suddenly woke up. She turned towards me. Her bra had fallen and her boobs exposed. Mom said, “What’s this Rohan? I told you not today. Are you mad? I can’t fuck again. For God’s sake, go back and sleep.”

I passionately said, “Mom, please, let me do it. I have not been able to sleep. Please, mom.”

Mom was really upset. She refused to budge. She replied curtly, “Rohan, don’t take me for granted. When I say no, it’s no. Now go to your room and sleep. We will have no sexual intimacy for at least two to three days more. You must have that patience.”

With her reply, I lost my erection. Mom dressed herself up and, again and again, asked me to leave her room. Without looking at mom I asked, “Mom, you are right. Can I ask you something, which you might feel confidential, a taboo sort of question?” Mom nodded her head.

Still feeling shy, I turned my back to mom and asked, “Dad stays abroad and visits mostly one in a year. So, your physical relationship with him is rare. I observed that you are very active and passionate about sex. Before me, did you have any such physical relationship with anyone? I know it’s wrong on my part to ask this. But still, I have curiosity.”

Mom said, “Don’t turn your back to me and look at me. We have had our relationship. I will answer your question honestly.”

When I turned towards mom, she said, “Rohan I am also human. I have sexual desire. Staying away from sex for one long year was very difficult. Yes, I have had a few encounters outside, with an acquaintance. Not frequently, but once in a while.”

Now I was not afraid of talking to mom on this subject. I asked, “Were you happy, as you are today?”

Mom said, “No, darling, not exactly happy or satisfied. But something is better than nothing. It was just my physical need I used to get satisfied. Real enjoyment, real satisfaction was never there. Mostly it was mechanical. But today was a heavenly experience. I am feeling content today. Now you tell me about you. Did you ever have sex with any of your girlfriends? Be honest.”

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I replied, “Mom, no mom, I swear. This was my first time. And it was wonderful, completely out of the world experience. Thank you, mom.”

Mom said, “I believe you, darling. But we should limit this. But we will surely repeat.”

We stayed physically away from each other until the weekend. It was difficult for me, but mom was stubborn.

At the end of the week, mostly on Friday, after I returned home, mom said, “Rohan, we have a dinner invitation tonight. We both are invited and we are going. You must accompany me. I will introduce you to the right person who can shape your future. Okay?”

I had no intention whatsoever to go for dinner. I reluctantly agreed. I asked mom, “Mom, it’s a week now since we… Can we do it today and tomorrow?”

Mom said, “Yes, why not? But let us do it fast. We have to leave early.”

I jumped with joy and pulled mom in my arms. She was still in her home dress – a pajama and her short on top. I could feel the stiffness of her nipples on my chest. Mom said, “Let’s go to my bedroom.” I picked up mom in arms and went to her bedroom. I dropped mom on bed and jumped over her.

I harshly tore open her shirt. It fell apart. Looking at mom’s boobs after a week was a feast for eyes. Without wasting time, I cupped her boobs and started pressing them. Mom said, “Are you mad, honey? How hard you are pressing! Be a little gentle.”

“No, mom, I can’t. I am starving for a week. Your melons are too inviting. I can’t resist.” I harshly kept on pressing her boobs. Mom said, “Okay. But let us have a little different fun today. For some time, let me behave like a mom and you behave like a kid.”

With letting my hands off her boobs, I said, “How mom?” Mom pushed me away and got up. She went to the wardrobe and put on her blouse. I was surprised. She was supposed to be naked but had started wearing clothes.

I resisted and said, “No, mom. Why are you putting on clothes? We are supposed to be without clothes.” Mom came back to bed with her blouse on, fully buttoned, but short enough to show her cleavage. She sat on the bed, her back resting on a bed headboard, with her one leg straight and one folded.

Mom said, “Come, my darling sonny and sleep in my lap. I am going to feed you now.”

I had a big question mark on my face. She pulled my head on her lap. She opened a few buttons of her blouse from below and pulled the blouse up from one side. She held her nipple between her index and middle finger and brought it near my mouth.

She said, “My son must be hungry. He will now have my milk.” She inserted her nipple in my mouth and said, “Sonny, my little one, drink my milk. Suck my nipple. Let me enjoy the softness of your mouth like I enjoyed when you were a kid.”

Her words excited me. I started sucking her nipple very hard. Within no time, her nipple as hard. I kept on sucking her nipple. Mom very lovingly caressed my face with one hand and ran her fingers in my hair, as if she was in love with a small kid. I enjoyed her touch.

After a while, she started cupping her other boob, pressing it, and fingering her other nipple. I was already getting a solid hard-on. My short had become a tent and I was too eager to fuck her. But mom had something else in mind.

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After sucking her nipple for a good fifteen minutes, she pulled her nipple out my mouth and asked me to change side. She covered her boob and pulled up the other side. She said, “Naughty boy, you have finished all the milk from this one. Now drink mild from the other.”

This time, I held her other boob in both hands and pulled her nipple in my mouth and started sucking. I pressed her boob hard with both hands. Mom said, “What are you doing darling? It’s hurting me.”

Releasing her nipple for a second, I said, “Mom, I am feeling hungrier. So I am pulling out all your milk in my mouth”

Mom said, “Poor boy. I am sorry, darling, I kept you hungry. Have as much milk as you want. Happy?

Without answering her, I pulled her nipple in mouth and started sucking, at the same time, pressing her boob with both hands. This went on for about fifteen minutes. Mom pulled her nipple out of my mouth and said, “Milk is over, darling.”

I got up from her lap. Mom unbuttoned her blouse and threw it away. Her nipples were jutting out and hard. I sat in front of her and started pinching her nipples. Mom started moaning. Mom undid string of her pajama, inserted her hand inside, and started fingering her pussy.

Mom then started removing my shorts. I left her nipples, got rid of my shorts and underwear, and again sat in front of her. My dick had grown in full length and very hard, pulsating. Mom started licking her lips and staring at my hard tool.

She said, “Oh, your cock is so nice. The way you had your milk, I want to have my milk now”.

I asked, “My milk? Mom, men don’t have milk. Have never heard of it.”

Mom laughed and said, ‘Honey, you do have milk, very thick. It’s hidden in your cock.”

I again asked, “My cock?”

Mom lovingly caressed by pulsating cock and said, “After you shoot, what comes out is semen. I call it milk. Thick and tasty. I would love to taste and drink your milk. Just sit on the edge of one side of the bed with your legs down. Relax and enjoy whatever I do. I am hungry.”

I sat on the edge of the bed, my feet resting on the floor. Mom got up, removed her blouse, and sat on the floor in front of me, her knees folded. She raised my cock and said, “Let me first lick your bag.”

She started moving her tongue all over my balls, rolling her tongue. She then opened her mouth and took my balls inside her mouth and started rolling her tongue all over my balls. This was a fantastic sensation. I started pushing my hips up pushing my balls more inside her wet and warm mouth.

After sucking my balls for ten minutes, mom looked at me and asked, “How do you like it my darling?”

I took mom’s head in my hands, pushed it down, and said, “I love it. Please, mom, do it again.”

Mom said, “My love, this was only a trailer. You are yet to experience the main movie. Here we go. The movie begins.”

Mom again sucked my balls for a few minutes. She then started licking my cock from bottom to top, flicking her tongue on the head of my cock. She licked my cock from all sides. I sat fascinated. Mom said, “See, my nipples have started getting hard. Why don’t you play with my melons, pinch my nipples?”

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I said, “I love your melons. Here we go.”

I started pressing her boobs hard. So hard that mom was getting a little hurt. But mom motioned me to continue. Turn by turn, I kept on pressing her melons and pinching her nipples. Mom had now taken the head of my cock in her mouth. She was moving her tongue all overhead of my cock.

Slowly, she started taking my cock inside her warm mouth. Within no time, my cock was all inside her mouth. Her lips were now touching the base of my cock. She started sucking my cock in slow movements. Her mouth moved back and forth, the grip of her mouth firm over my cock.

I started growling with sheer pleasure. This time, I was more than sure that I would ejaculate early. I asked mom in a hoarse voice, “Mom, I am going to shoot early this time. Should I tell you when I am ready?”

Mom left my cock for a moment and said, “No, sweetheart. Shoot your milk inside my mouth. Remember what I told you? I want to drink your milk.”

Mom again took my cock inside her mouth and started sucking hard. I could barely hold on for five minutes. Without holding, I let go. The moment I started shooting, mom started sucking my cock hard as if she was pulling out every drop of my semen.

Within moments, I emptied my cock inside mom’s mouth. She held my cock firmly at the bottom and my head inside her mouth. She pulled out every drop of my cum. I dropped on the bed, completely happy and spent.

Mom got up. She pulled a tissue paper and spat my semen on the paper. Licking her lips she said, “My darling son, your milk is hot, tasty and thick. I loved it.”

I asked her in a heavy voice, “Mom why didn’t you drink it?”

Mom blushed and said, “No specific reason. But I will drink it next time.”

I closed my eyes and said, “Mom, can we have this fun every time? I loved it.”

Mom said, “Not every time sonny. If I suck you every time, how do I get my pussy satisfied? Once in a while, I will do it.”

After resting for a few minutes, mom said, “Rohan, come on, get up and dress. I too need to dress. We have dinner engagement and may have to stay there overnight. I will get our overnighter packed.”

I went to my room, took a bath, and put on baggies and a t-shirt. By the time I went to the hall, mom was ready, fully dressed, and fresh. She had put on party gown. The neck was low cut and was showing her cleavage. She covered her boobs with a shawl and said, “Let’s go.”

She drove us to our host for the night. Another surprise was awaiting me at our host’s house.

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