Seduced Mom And Got Into Incest – Part 1


Hi guys, This is Rahul. I am doing my 3rd B-Tech course in Bangalore. This is my first story on ISS. I am here to tell you about my real-life sex encounter. I was introduced to porn at a very early age. I used to fantasize more about Indian aunties and moms.

Later I came across an incest segment. The first time when I read the incest story, I was on cloud nine. From then onwards I became addicted to incest. Coming to my family. We are a middle-class family. My family consists of my dad (50), my mom (46), and me.

My dad stays in another place due to work. I and my mom stay together in our home. Now lets come to the story, As you all know the heroine of the story is my mom. Her name is Riya. She is too hot to handle. She is a bombshell even at this age.

She has perfectly shaped big boobs and her ass is so perfectly round that any man would fantasize for. I am a 6″0 feet man, with a 6.5-inch tool with an athletic body that can satisfy any woman.

This happened when I was 19 years old. I had finished with all the exams after my first-year exam. I was waiting for my results. My mom goes to work so I used to be alone at home. As you know I was into incest fully. I badly wanted to have my mom in my bed.

But it seemed next to impossible as I was very scared. She usually wears tight tshirts, jeans, chudidars and rarely sarees. Let her wear any dress it used show her curves properly. She is not a slutty kinda lady but sometimes in the home. She is lazy and careless.

When she wears nighty sometimes. She used to forget to put her zip near her cleavage which ended up revealing ample of her cleavage. Like that many times, I have seen her half-naked. But never dared to do anything. She used to be very joyful and happy with me.

She used to enjoy my company. I used to pull her cheeks, tickle her. I used to masturbate on her fresh bra and panties and cum loads on them. That time I noticed she had a lacy bra and netted and fancy panties hidden in her cupboard. I had thought she was innocent.

But after that, I understood she also has a slutty side in her. That time I decided to my mom as my slut. Then, I started reading more and more stories to get ideas. Then I stopped wearing my boxers at home. I used to roam shirtless with only my shorts on. She started to notice it.

I used to get a nice view of her cleavage I used to get a hardon. I was not hiding that erection because I wanted my mom to notice it. Then slowly as days passed she started noticing my erection. She used to smile at me. Even in the mornings, she used to stand near me and stare at my morning erection.

I used to act as if I am in deep sleep because I enjoyed that stare. One day I planned to pull my boxer down a little bit so that my dick is seen. The next morning she saw my dick which was fully erected. There was a different glow of lust in her eyes.

After this moment I started dressing properly. I used to not show my erection because I wanted to tease her. Also to confirm that she wants to get banged by her son. First, she had a confusion in her mind about sex with her own son. Because she was a conservative mother (like most Indian mothers).

But after seeing my cock she could not resist the slut from coming out of her. But when she didn’t see me shirtless and my cock she became restless. She decided to seduce me. Then slowly the slut inside her started coming out. She started wearing transparent nighties at home.

She started wearing those fancy bras and panties which were visible from the transparent nighty. Seeing her like that my cock used to salute her. Seeing that she used to give me a naughty smile. She used to change her dress purposely by keeping the door a little open so that I can peek through it.

I was enjoying this I saw her naked many times. One day when she faced an issue with her phone she asked me to see what has happened. Then I repaired it. Just out of curiosity I opened her browsing history. What I saw there shocked me. She had her browsing history filled with incest porn videos.

That time I was confirmed that my slut was ready to take her son’s cock in her pussy. But I didn’t want to just fuck her like that. I wanted to know to what level of sluttiness she can go. So I waited. I showed her what she wanted to see but slowly.

It was summer at that time. So she used to remove her pantie and bra at home. Upon that she used to wear a transparent nighty. Due to this, I could see her 80% of boobs and her brown nipples. I just wanted to suck them and bite them to make it red.

Oh man, how can I miss that ass! Her fair milky white ass was just making me go crazy. I felt like bending her down and banging her from the back and making her ass red. But I controlled. That day she was cleaning the kitchen. So she pulled up her nighty till her upper thighs.

So when she sat down her ass was fully visible to me. I decided to make my step now. The next morning I pulled my boxers down and acted as if I was in sleep. She saw my fully erected cock her eyes were filled with lust. She could not control so I placed her hand on my dick.

Omg, that soft hands felt so good on my dick. She kept stroking my dick. Then I suddenly woke up she was shocked seeing me awake when she was in that condition. She got up and went away. That night when we were having dinner. I asked about what happened morning. But she refused to talk about it.

Then I held her hand. I consoled her by telling that even she is a woman with desires which is not at all wrong. There is nothing wrong in that. In fact, she didn’t go to other men to satisfy her instead she chose her own son. She was shocked after hearing this.

I hugged and kissed her lips. Omg, that soft lips so good to suck. I wondered these are only so good then how would be her pussy. She too responded for my kiss. It was a green signal for me. So I took her hand and kept on my fully erected dick. She looked into my eyes and gave a naughty smile.

To be continued.

Please send me your feedback about this story to my email [email protected] Any aunties, ladies or mom wants tips to get fucked by their sons, contact me on hangout or email me on my mail id.

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