Sex Escapade With My Childhood Best Friend Deesha


Hello all, this is Indian Maverick back with another one of my true sex escapades. This is a story about how I ended up having sex with my childhood best friend Deesha. It is not a story of raw sex, but how we slowly got involved in each other and started a sexual relationship.

Deesha and I have been classmates since our 5th grade. We became the best of friends by the time we reached our 9th grade. Just at the time of adolescence, we started discussing how a person gets horny, what is masturbation, periods, etc. We discussed in great detail, but never once did we feel sexually attracted to each other.

This went on till our 12th grade. I got a girlfriend then and she too got a boyfriend. We talked about them too, about how we made out, shared tips, etc.

Fast forward to college, when both of us were 19 years old and in different colleges and different cities. My best friend found her true love there while I found mine.

I and Deesha kept in touch throughout college, talking about our lovers. The four of us even met each other a couple of times. But definitely, I and Deesha were not as close as we were in college, probably owing to our respective relationships.

Fast forward to post-college, I joined work in Mumbai. Within a year, I had a fallout with my girlfriend and I moved on to another girl.

Deesha was placed in Pune but was going steady with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was placed in Mumbai, so she used to visit him often.

Post a year, she too took a transfer and moved to Mumbai. She lived with her boyfriend. Now that we were all free and working, with loads of money in hand, we all kept meeting often, partying, traveling, etc. And we formed a big gang which used to hangout together almost all weekends. Everyone knew Deesha and I go a long way back.

As time went by, my best friend’s boyfriend got a job opportunity abroad. He wanted to go, but Deesha was not happy with him going there. They had major fights because of this. I tried convincing her, but she never got convinced.

Nevertheless, within 3 months, her boyfriend left abroad. She now started to live alone.

We all continued meeting as a gang.

Deesha continued to be depressed. I tried cheering her up, but she never did become alright.

A few months later, one of the girls in our group was getting engaged and we were the only 2 from our gang who were invited to her pre-engagement party because the three of us knew each other from school days and we were the ones in the gang from the same town.

We went to her posh penthouse in Bandra where she had invited some of her and her would be’s friends. They all belonged to the affluent community and we felt really out of place. Nevertheless, we hung around for some time, got drunk, smoked up a joint and got pretty high.

It was started to get boring after a time and I suggested to Deesha that we head home. She agreed and we bid goodbye to everyone and we left. It was about 1 am. I had come on my bike, so Deesha suggested we go on a ride.

So we took a long ride on the Pune route. She has always been a lover of bikes and enjoyed bike rides. The roads were empty as it was late night. She said she has always wanted to learn to ride a bike and asked if I could teach her. I was more than willingly to.

My best friend rides a scooter, so balancing was not an issue. I only had to teach her how to change gears. After giving the theoretical explanations, it was now time to actually ride the bike.

So, she sat in front, I sat behind her. I told her to lean forward so I could start the bike, put it on gear and move it. As she leaned forward, I moved closer to her. This was the first time I felt a different sensation towards her. My dick was touching her ass! I am sure she felt it too but never moved or showed any discomfort.

I now started and moved the bike. She came up. We were now very close to each other. My dick continued to crush her butt, while the rest of the body was in contact with hers. I now felt the chills.

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As I moved to the third gear, I asked her to take control of the handlebar. While she managed to balance the bike and ride, my feet were on the gear and brake levers. So, she was literally sitting on me.

Deesha’s thighs were rubbing against mine. I initially kept my hand on the tank, but as it was not comfortable, I kept my hands on her thighs and she didn’t react any indifferently to that.

As we kept riding, my hands moved closer to her crotch and my body against her back. I was completely turned on. I am sure my best friend felt the hardness on my dick. This continued for a while and I slowly taught her to change the gears and take control of the bike.

Within a couple of hours, Deesha was actually riding the bike. It was 5 am and we decided to head home. So she got off the bike and came and directly hugged me real tight and gave a peck on my cheek, saying one of her long-time wishes was fulfilled today! While she hugged me, her boobs crushed on my chest.

I dropped her home and I headed back to my place. That night was different! I was turned on by my best friend!!! I masturbated thinking about her that night.

The following weekend I had a party at my house. All our friends came over. There was liquor, weed, dance, cards, etc. Everyone got pretty high. Deesha was going out of control, she was pretty high and I suggested that she stop drinking.

She came over and whispered, “But you are there to take care of me, let me do what I feel like”. I kept mum.

She had more drinks and I knew she would puke anytime. I stepped out to the balcony with a couple of guys to smoke a joint. In less than 2 minutes, one of the girls came knocking the door calling for me as Deesha was puking and had asked her to call me.

I went to the bathroom and helped her clean up.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop drinking? I knew this would happen”, I said.

To which she said, “I know, but you are here, what should I worry about. I am getting a headache now, help me to bed”.

Mine was a 2 BHK and one of the bedrooms was on the far end of the house, while the drawing room was at the other end. I took her to this bedroom.

She couldn’t even walk properly and was falling all over. I had to literally carry her to put her on the bed. While I put her on the bed, my right hand got stuck between her back and the bed.

I asked her to move so I could take out my hand. But she turned around, looked at me, held my other hand, pulled me towards her while she turned to the side and said, “Hug me and be with me for some time, I miss you”.

So we were both on the bed now, sleeping sideways. I was hugging Deesha from the back. My best friend’s huge butt was on my dick, my left hand in between her boobs and my right hand crushed between her back and the bed. She reached out to the bed switch and turned off the lights.

We then lay there not moving, but extremely close to each other, not uttering a word. I could hear both our heartbeats rising.

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I had a huge hardon and Deesha pushed her butt more towards my dick. That was it! I was completely turned on by now and started to press her breasts. She started to moan while grinding her butt against dick. She then turned around and we started to smooch like some long-separated lovers meeting after years.

I moved her t-shirt up and within a flip, removed her bra and started to suck her nipples. She was now moaning loud. I asked her to keep the volume low, only then we realized I had not locked the door. I got out of the bed, switched on the light and walked across the room and the small corridor and locked the door.

As I got back, I was stunned to see Deesha had removed all of her clothes and was butt naked waiting for me on the bed! That was one of the most stunning sights I have ever seen in my life and that sight will never fade away from my memory.

Deesha was on the voluptuous side. Though she was kind of bulky, she had the perfect boobs and ass. Her stats were about 36-30-36!

There lie on my bed, my best friend, completely nude and waiting for me!

Deesha smiled, I smiled back. I removed all my clothes and jumped into the bed. We then started to make out like crazy! Kissing, licking all over each other. I fingered her while she held my dick and kept stroking it. She cupped my balls and massaged them while I went from her pussy to her ass.

We exchanged so much of saliva while smooching. It felt like we have been making out for years and not once did I feel I was making out for the first time with her.

I then went down on her and licked the hell of out her pussy. My bestie moaned and moaned and asked me to stop as she was going to cum. She then let out one loud moan and released all her juices on my face. I licked her pussy clean.

Deesha was now exhausted and lied there like a log. I cleaned my face and went up to her and started to kiss her. She now hugged me tightly and squeezed my butt. She said that it was one amazing orgasm she just had.

She then started to stroke my dick while giving her boobs for me to suckle. She never went down on me to give a blowjob, but just stroked my dick, cupped my balls and made me cum.

I then cleaned myself and told her to lie down so I can check on the others and come. I was very skeptical to go out as was not sure if anyone had heard her moans. But when I went out and checked, half of them were dozing and the other half was listening to music and playing poker. So all was safe.

I briefed them that Deesha was completely drunk and wasted and that I was also tired and that I will go and sleep now. They suggested that I lie with Deesha only, which anyways was my plan.

I went back to the room, locked the door and got into the bed. Deesha was fast asleep. I went close to her and hugged her and slept. I too dozed off in a few minutes.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a hardon. I realized I was with Deesha, she was still asleep. I slowly inserted my hand inside her t-shirt and felt her naked breast. She had not worn her bra. I started to massage them and within a minute, my best friend woke up with a moan.

Deesha started to moan harder as I slowly put my hand inside her pussy. She turned around and held my dick and started to stroke it. We were kissing each other all over.

Then I started to remove her t-shirt, but midway, she stopped me and said, “No, this is wrong, we should not be doing this”. She asked me to stop. I retracted and asked her what happened. She said nothing and just turned to the other side. I didn’t say anything beyond.

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Within 5 minutes, she again turned around and started to kiss me. We started to feel each other all over. We both got naked and were kissing, and licking each other. I went down on her and licked her pussy clean. She just pulled me up and asked me to fuck her.

I slowly slid my rock hard penis into my best buddy’s wet pussy in missionary position. Deesha was moaning as I fucked her deep! She scratched my back as I started to bite her nipples while fucking her. I lifted both her legs and fucked Deesha even deeper. I then asked her to go on her fours and fucked her doggy style.

Deesha then made me lie down and she climbed on top of me and slid my dick into her pussy and fucked me in the woman on top position. She then switched to the cowgirl position.

We kept exploring multiple positions. We fucked like we have been fucking for years together. She later confessed she had never done many positions which we tried with her boyfriend.

While I was fucking Deesha sideways, I started to rub her clitoris which got her really horny. Within a few minutes, she let out a loud moan and released all her juices on my dick and my fingers. I took my hand and licked all of her juices.

We both then lied down on the bed. I was playing with my dick while she was still coming out of the orgasm.

She then got up on her fours and finally held my dick and started to blow me. She put my dick deep into her throat and licked my dick from top to bottom. She sucked my balls while stroking my dick. That turned me on so much.

Within a couple of minutes, I was high and came with a loud moan! She let my cum flow all over her hands. I jerked and fell on the bed! She smiled, kissed my cum-filled dick. There was some cum on her lips.

Deesha came and kissed with the cum and went and cleaned herself in the washroom. After she came back, I smiled sheepishly and went and cleaned myself.

By the time I came back, my best friend had dressed up. But I got into the bed naked and took off her clothes.

We then hugged each other completely nude and fell asleep. I woke up in the morning with a hardon and my dick on her ass crack. We then fucked again before we went to the living room.

Post lunch, everyone bid goodbye while Deesha stayed back. We then fucked twice that day. My dick was sore by that night. She left the following day.

Deesha and I continued this relationship without getting emotionally involved much for the next 6 months. She then got married to her boyfriend the following year and moved abroad with her now-husband.

We then met a few times whenever she came to India, but nothing continued. I too found a girl with whom I am going steady. But those 6 months with my best friend Deesha is one of the best phases of my life. I still do think of her and masturbate sometimes.

None of my friends or even my girlfriend know about those 6 months. It is a secret between us, that will go down to the grave!

This real sex story was written to relish those memories!

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