Sex In Train And Hotel With Your Mom


Hi guys, I am Lucifer, with a new story. This story is totally fictional about sex in train.

Starting with the story:-

During the evening, I was going home from work. I work in a company in Mumbai and go to work by train. As I was returning from work, I took the local train. It was fully crowded, and my station was last. I always prefer a corner place in the train.

I was trying to go to my place. From far, I saw a lady standing all alone. On the train, there were few ladies. I went to the corner near her and stood in front of her. She was facing the opposite side. She was looking damn hot and sexy.

She was wearing a sexy saree. From the back she was bare. She was sweating. She was very sexy from back. The crowd increased, so I was pushed. I lost my balance and pushed towards the lady.

Then she suddenly turned towards me and pushed me. I saw her face. It was your mom.

Let me describe how she looked. Your mom is a bitch. Her cleavage was clearly visible, and her boobs were big. She was wearing a net saree and sleeveless blouse. Her waist was clearly visible. She was alone. Her dark pink juicy lips were awesome. She was fit and slim.

Me:- Sorry.

Your mom:- It’s okay.

Me:- Are you alone?

Your mom:- Yes, why? (angrily)

Me:- Simply.

Then we were standing there. She was short and trying to catch the handle on the train roof. She could not catch the handle. Then I told.

Me:- I can catch you with one hand and balance you.

Your mom:- No, it’s fine.

Then suddenly the train started to shake more. So she was unable to balance herself, and she was falling. I caught her with one hand made her stable. First, she was resisting, then she was okay.

Me:- You can catch me with your hands.

Your mom:- Okay.

My hand was on the bare waist of her. I was feeling her bare smooth skin. I slowly started to move my hand on her back. She was not saying anything. The crowd pushed me, so her boobs crushed on my chest. I saw her eyes. It was like she is feeling horny.

I also noticed she was not wearing a bra. Slowly I brought my second hand near the boobs and pressed her boobs. She saw angrily at me, but deep inside was also wanting to have sex. Then I bent my head and kissed her head.

Then I kissed her lips, and I was pressing her boobs. I was pressing her ass from the back. Your mom’s ass and boobs are very soft.

Me:- You look very sexy, and you have soft ass and boobs.

Your mom:- You like it, then press it hard.

Me:- Why didn’t you wear a bra?

Your mom:- My husband (your father) doesn’t satisfy me. So whenever I go out, I won’t wear it because I want people to stare at me and give them a chance to feel me. I feel nice.

I slid my hands under the blouse and started to press boobs. Your mom kept her hand near my dick and slightly pressed it.

Your mom:- Your dick very hard, like a rod.

Me:- Your sexy boobs and ass made it.

Your mom:- What’s your size?

Me:-7 inch, I can make you satisfy.

Your mom:- Let’s see.

Your mom put her hand in my pants and started to press it. I put my hand in your mom’s saree and kept in near pussy. Your mom even didn’t wear a panty. I kept my finger near pussy. It was wet. By this, you can tell that your mom is very horny and needs to be satisfied.

I put the finger in the hole and started to move fingers in and out.

Your mom:- Yes, baby. Fuck my pussy. I feel your fingers in my pussy, nice. Hmmm. Please don’t remove your hand.

Your mom pulled my head gave me a nice kiss. Her lips were very juicy. Your mom was licking my tongue. I was pushing my finger in and out. I took my fingers back and put it near your mom’s asshole. Your mom has a very narrow hole. I put my finger more and more inside your mom’s asshole.

I looked at your mom and found her body full of sweat. I kiss her neck very slowly and moving my finger in her ass fast and fast. Your mom started breathing very fast and told me to finger fuck her asshole. At this time, I put 2 fingers in your mom’s ass and moved in and out very fast.

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Your mom:- Yes, baby fuck my ass yes more please my love. I will cum now. I am your bitch.

Me:- Bitch, you like it?

Your mom:- Very much, don’t stop, fuck me.

Your mom was enjoying, and when she was about to cum, I stopped. I saw your mom’s face. She was sweating. Your mom looked at me, confused.

Your mom:- Why did you stop? I was enjoying it.

Me:- I want to enjoy you in this case, I need you. I want to make you horny and very hot.

Your mom:- Baby, I want your dick in my pussy.

Me:- Yes, but where can we have fun in this crowd.

Your mom:- We can have fun in the toilet.

I took your mom and stood near the bathroom. She was sweating and looking very hot. I was looking at your mom’s tits. Her nipples were hard and visible. Oh, bro, your mom has great tits.

Me:- Do you feel hot?

Your mom:- Yes, I am feeling horny, my pussy is wet. I want your dick in it.

I opened the bathroom door and pushed your mom in it. I went inside and locked the door. I pushed your mom towards the wall and started to kiss. Your mom was kissing and licking my tongue. I was eating and biting her lips.

Your mom:- Baby, I want your dick.

Your mom bent down and took my pants off and took my dick in soft hand, and gave kisses to my dick. Man, you must watch how your slut mom is giving kisses to my dick. Then she took my dick in her warm mouth and start sucking my dick slowly.

I was feeling nice and horny. I said, “Yes, bitch, more and more.” I caught your mom’s head and started fucking her mouth very fast. Your mom is very sexy. I moved my dick in and out in your mom’s mouth. I made your mom stand. I moved her sari pallu and her blouse up and caught her nipples so strong.

Your mom closed her eyes and caught my head and yelled, “Oh, baby, press and pinch my nipples.” I moved down to your mom’s tits and caught nipples with my lips. I started to suck nipples and started biting her nipples more and more. Your mom was breathing more and more and started to make sexy noise.

She caught my hair tightly. Then the train stopped at a station, and we heard a voice telling the station name. It was the last station on the train. Then she said.

Your mom:- My station had gone and it is the last station. I want to have fun with you.

Me:- It’s my station so you can come with me. We can go to the hotel.

Your mom:- Okay, baby.

Your mom set her saree, and we left the station. While going to the hotel, I brought the sexy transparent dress. When you came home and saw your mom and me. (your mom lied to you that I am salesmen). We took the dress and came to the hotel. When we reached the hotel we went to a room.

When I turned back, your mom pulled me and gave a lip kiss. Then I took your mom and went near the bed. I slowly moved down till her stomach and licked it. I put my tongue in her navel and moved fast. I removed her saree and saw your mom had a hairy pussy.

I started to lick her pubic area. I pushed your mom on the bed and climbed the bed. Your mom’s pussy was very wet. I moved my tongue on her clitoris slowly. Your mom opened her trembling legs. She caught my head and pressed my face on her pussy.

I licked her clitoris very fast, and your mom started giving me honey from her pussy. I put one of your mom’s legs over my shoulder. I placed my hands on her ass cheeks and licked her pussy fast. Your mom started moving very fast, and her pussy juice all over my face. Your mom was screaming with pleasure.

Your mom cum on my face. Then she caught my face and licked her cum from my face. You must be know how slutty she is. I kissed your mom’s sexy lips. Your mom kept a hand near my dick and pressed it slightly.

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Your mom:- I need you, I need your dick in my pussy.

Me:- You want me to fuck you?

Your mom:- No, I want you to tear my pussy and give me satisfaction.

Me:- You are a bitch.

Your mom:- Yes, I am your bitch and all yours.

Then she took off the pants and caught my dick and started to give a blowjob. I cum in your mom’s mouth. Then suddenly, your mom’s phone rang. It was your dad. She drank all my cum and put the phone on speakers. She was sucking my dick and talking to your dad.

Your dad:- Hey, where are you and when will you come home?

I took your mom’s tits in hand started to squeeze it.

Your mom:- Sorry, I will not come home.

Your dad:- Why?

I was sucking your mom’s tits and biting nipples with my teeth.

Your mom:- Ouch… It’s dark, and my friend told me to stay with them.

Your dad:- What was that sound? When will you come?

Your mom winked at me and said

Your mom:- I was talking to you, so I hit the table. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.

I thought that she is planning for the next day. I was happy, and your mom is also happy. Then she cut the call and kissed me. Now she was kissing passionately because she was free.

I spread your mom’s leg and kept my fingers near pussy and started to fuck her with fingers. Within no time, your mom was wet near pussy, and she was moaning loudly. Then I placed my dick near your mom’s pussy entrance and pushed my dick inside.

The dick went inside the pussy with wet sounds. I pushed my dick more and more inside the pussy. Your mom closed her eyes and was moaning. I was inserting the dick more in your mom’s pussy – the same hole from where you came to the world. I was fucking the same hole, man.

Your mom:- Please fuck me, baby, fuck me hard.

Your mom was biting her lips. She was looking damn sexy man. If you were here, then you would also fuck her. You should look at your bitch mother. Your mom is sleeping with another man rather than your father.

I fucked your mom so hard. Slowly I started to move my dick with very hard thrust and pulling in and out. I fucked her like this till 30 minutes. Then I started to fuck your mom very fast like a machine. I pounded your mom’s pussy so fast with hard and fast in and out movements. Your mom was shivering.

Your mom:- Fuck me hard. I am cumming. Fuck me hard.

Soon your mom cummed on my dick. Then I told

Me:- Yes, bitch, you like it?

Your mom:- Yes, baby, I like you.

After fucking her hard, I too cummed in your mom’s pussy. I loaded all my cum in your mom’s pussy. Then I removed my dick. My cum drops are leaking from your mom’s pussy.

Me:- Turn into the doggy position I want to see and feel your asshole, bitch.

Your mom:- You want to fuck my ass?

Me:- Yes.

Your mom:- Okay, but please slowly.

I kneeled behind your mom, squeezed her ass cheeks with both my hands. I gave her right ass cheek a hard spanking. She jumped and shouted. Then I rubbed my dick head all over her both ass cheeks and crack. I opened her ass cheeks and slowly placed my dick head on her bud-like pink asshole.

Then I pushed my dick in your mom’s asshole and pressed slowly. After a little resistance, your mom’s asshole started accepting my dick. Her asshole pushed my foreskin, exposing my cock head, and accepting the head inside. After 3 minutes, my dick’s head was completely inside your mom’s asshole.

I started pushing hard. When 4 inches of my cock was inside your mom’s asshole, I pulled out. Then I asked her to be ready. Then with a hard thrust, I was completely inside your mom’s asshole. For a minute or two, I kept my dick deep inside your mom’s asshole without any movement.

Then I started to fuck your mom’s ass very slowly. After some time, your mom’s asshole became relaxed. Then I picked up the pace with each stroke. I fucked your mom more and more. I started to bang your mom’s asshole. I caught your mom’s hair and starred fuck like I am riding a horse.

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Me:- Bitch, your ass is soft and very warm I can fuck your ass 100 times. You are a very sexy bitch.

Your mom was screaming more and more.

Me:- Bitch, your ass is too hot and sexy. I can’t hold long, I will cum soon. Where do you want me to cum?

Your mom:- Cum deep inside in my ass, cum your hot milk.

I gave your mom a hard stroke pushing my cock deep inside her asshole, holding her hips with both hands. Holding her still, I came deep inside your mom’s asshole, my milk in your mom’s ass. Then I moved out my dick from your mom’s asshole with a ‘plop’ sound.

I kissed your mom’s mouth and all over her face. I sucked her lips and mouth and said to her, “You are the biggest bitch I have ever seen, sexy and hot.”

Your mom:- You like sex with me?

Me:- Yes, my bitch.

Your mom and I had sex for a few more hours and slept naked, hugging each other. In the morning, I woke up and saw your mom naked sleeping. I thought about sex at night and smiled. I bent towards your mom, kissed her lips, and squeezed your mom’s boobs.

Me:- Wake up, bitch, we have to go and check out the room.

Your mom:-(yawning) Good morning, baby, why? Don’t you want to have sex with me? I said to my husband that I will come late.

Me:- Yes, baby, but we can’t stay here. We have to go out of this hotel. Where can we go?

Your mom:- We can have fun at my house.

Me:- Your family members won’t say anything?

Your mom:- Baby, my husband goes to work in the early morning, and my son and daughters go to college. They all will come tomorrow.

Me:- Okay, baby.

Your mom wore the dress which I gave, and we left the hotel to come home. We came home. Your mom locked the house and went to the bedroom. Then your mom made me nude and started to striptease me.

We started to have sex in the room where your father and my baby (your mom) sleep daily. But your dad doesn’t satisfy your mom.

We had sex till afternoon and had lunch. We started again but this time in the hall. We have finished the sex. I made your mom bathe and had enjoyed in the bathroom also. I cleaned your mom’s pussy and ass hole. I licked your mom pussy and fucked her with the tongue.

I came to the hall and sat on the couch. Then you came home. Your mom opened the door. You know you asked about me, and your mom said that I am a salesman.

When you went to your room, your mom and I kissed for five minutes, and I went to my house.

After that, we regularly started to meet and have sex. Your mom said that she will allow one of her daughters to have sex with me. I told your mom to let you have sex with me. She agreed.

Sorry guys. Dear readers, I apologize to you if this narration hurts you in any way. Actually, I did not mean to hurt anyone. I just tried an incest story with a different style.

We have read a lot of stories involving some guy fucking his mother or friend’s mother. How about watching a guy taking our own mom? That is the formula I have used here. If you like or hate this narration, do not hesitate to comment.

Post your comments, tell your suggestions, and your idea for my next story:- [email protected]

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