Sex Slave To A Servant

Hi all. This is Sunitha, hope you remember me. I have submitted about my sexual affairs with my father-in-law under the story series “Trapping My Father-in-law“. While I was checking my mails, I got a mail from a reader requesting me to write her story. We got in touch and I was impressed by her experience. Here is her experience.

Hi, this is Riya and in this story, I am going to narrate how I became a slave to my servant. Before going to what happened and how it happened, let me tell you about myself and my family.

I am 30 years old. My family is from Delhi and we are settled in Hyderabad. I am married and my husband is a pilot and mostly, he is on tours. I worked as an Air hostess prior to my marriage. People say I am good looking and yeah, I am a bit proud of my looks too. I am very fair, slim and have boobs fairly big boobs and my ass is nicely-shaped.

As I worked as an air hostess, I keep my body in shape. I did some modelling assignments too before marriage. I have tall legs, good-shaped calf. I exercise every day. I wear all sorts of dresses, starting from minis to sarees.

My husband is tall and handsome and my in-laws are wealthy. They also have a family business which my father-in-law and my husband look after.

We have got a servant Kishan kaka who is around 50 from our native place for helping us with our daily works. He has been with our family for the last 30 years. He is almost like a family member. He looks after cooking and driving. He is short, almost 5.4, not heavily-built, with facial and hairy body.

He addresses me as ‘bahu rani’ and I call him ‘Kishan kaka’. Though I had affairs before marriage with my co-worker and others, I never expected even in my dreams that I will have sex with an elderly servant! In this story, I will tell you how I started my affair with Kishan Kaka.

Once my husband was on work. I had to go to my friend’s marriage party. It was a lavish party. As my husband was away, I decided to go alone.

The marriage party was almost 50 km from my place. So my in-laws suggested taking kaka with me as it was difficult to get transport to the outskirts of the city. The marriage party was great. I could meet my old friends. We wore skirts and had a great party. I felt as if I was in my college days.

We had many rounds of vodka that day. I had a great day. The next day also after marriage there was slight drizzle as we were parting again me and my friends decided to have one more round of drinks. I got very high and we had goodbyes and parted.

I was very tired. I was wearing a very short bottom which was just covering half of my thighs and a sleeveless spaghetti top.

Kaka had seen me many times in short dresses, he just gives a casual glare at me. He never looks continuously but I noticed him giving secret looks at me which I ignored. Even now he gave a casual look at my thighs and semi-exposed boobs.

I sat in the front seat, pulled the seat completely to the back and slept keeping my hands behind my head. This gave the kaka complete view of my armpits and my cleavage.

We began our journey and I felt very much tired and was very high due to the alcohol. I kept my legs over the deck. I saw kaka watching my exposed legs and cleavage. I was too drunk to cover them. Even I was getting a bit aroused exposing them.

It was raining heavily and we were at the outskirts of the city. There was nothing except trees and unfortunately, our car stopped at that time. Kaka said, “Bahu rani, I can’t start the car. Could you please take the wheel, I will push from behind.”

He got out of the rain and I took the steering. He pushed the car from behind. We parked it at the roadside. Then I came out of the car. He said, “Bahu, please get in. You will get drenched.”

I was in no mood for listening. I was enjoying the rain. My servant called and informed my father-in-law. He said that he would start immediately.

We thought of getting into the shade of a tree. We were walking and I suddenly slipped. Kaka held me up but my boobs crushed onto his chest! I didn’t know what came to my mind at that moment. As I was drunk and the rain was so romantic, I suddenly kissed him on his neck! He was in a state of shock and didn’t respond.

I was biting his neck slowly and then came up and kissed his lips. They were hard, he didn’t open his lips. I was taller than him so I could completely wrap him in my arms. He then slowly opened his mouth.

I pushed my tongue into my elderly servant’s mouth and now, he started kissing me back. He moved his hands over my back and slowly pushed them into my top, moving on my bareback. He stopped kissing on my lips and started biting my neck. I was completely horny and under his control now.

He slowly slid his hand from my waist to my bottom and started pressing my ass. This made me more horny and even I pushed my hands into his shirt and was kissing him. He was kissing my neck hard and then came down. He turned me around and hugged me from behind. As he hugged me, I could feel his dick on my back.

He moved his one hand over my belly and with another hand, he pressed my boobs. Then he kissed my shoulders and pulled my spaghetti top. My boobs were hanging down. I totally ignored the fact that we were on the road and I was romancing with my servant!

He turned me around and his dick popped out as soon as he saw my bare breast. I laughed and said, “Kaka, so finally you got to see them naked. Until now you were watching them secretly.”

I took his hand and placed it on my boob. He pressed it slightly. I gave a soft moan. He took the other hand and pressed my nipple softly and said, “Bahu, they are the best ones I have ever saw. I didn’t even dream that I will see and feel them one day”.

I was getting horny, the rain had decreased. Kaka was about to pull my short down but I resisted and said, “Kaka, not here, get into the car.”

I went and lied in the back seat. He came inside and got over me. We both were wet. He kissed me on my lips and moved his tongue into mine. It was rough but still, I was enjoying it.

His saliva was going into my mouth. He went down kissing me all over my boobs. My nipples were already erect, he pressed my one nipple with his fingers and bit the other one. I gave out a moan, “Ahhh..kaka..slowly..”

I was moving my hand through his hairs. He further went down kissing my belly. Then he pulled out my short and threw it aside. I was only in my pantie now. He was just staring at my thighs. Then he kissed near my thighs and that sent a goosebumps-sensation all over my body.

I was completely wet and I just wanted a dick inside me. He pulled my pantie as well. I was completely naked inside the car. He removed his pant and underwear and fell on my body. His chest was over my boobs and our thighs were touching each other. I could feel a huge erect monster between us.

He was looking into my eyes and said, “Bahu, you look so beautiful. I feel as if I am in heaven. You look very beautiful as if you are made from milk.”

I ran my fingers over his bareback and widened my legs and said, “Now, if you are done praising, put your dick inside. I am burning inside”.

He smiled and then pushed his monster inside me. I could feel its size, it was thicker and longer than my husband’s. As he pushed, I felt it moving deep inside me. I shut my eyes completely in pleasure. Meanwhile, he gave his second and third push. I was making sounds, “Uhh..Ahh..”

Unfortunately, Kaka got a call at that moment. It was from my father-in-law. They are coming with help. Immediately, he got up and was scared.

The rain had almost stopped. I calmed him saying, “Kaka, don’t worry, get dressed”.

I picked up my top and wore it and he wore his pant. I asked him to pass my bottom wear. He passed my short. I asked him for my pantie. He smelled it and said, “I will keep this” and kept it in his pocket.

After some time, my father-in-law arrived with a mechanic. After the car was fixed, we went home. I freshened up and had dinner.

I was unable to sleep that night. My servant’s big dick was all over my mind. My pussy’s heat started rising and I decided to get laid with Kaka that night itself.

Kaka stayed in the outhouse. I went out through the kitchen door and knocked at kaka’s room door. He wasn’t asleep. I went to his room and said, “Kaka, whatever happened please forget it. Don’t say to anyone, please. I was not in my sense as I was drunk.”

Kaka said, “It’s ok, Bahu. I can understand”. He took out my pantie and said, “I have two requests. I want to keep this one with me”. I just nodded in approval.

Thanks for reading, please post your comments to [email protected]

You can mail your messages for Riya to me. I will pass your messages to her. She is a bit shy. Hope you enjoyed the story. I will post the next part soon about what happened in the second request.

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