Sex With A Rich Lady


Coming to the story. I had advertised in one of the free online classifieds that I am men looking for women in Bangalore to satisfy their needs (sexual). One fine Saturday evening I got a message in WhatsApp from an unknown number that they saw my ad in so and so website.

They wanted to discuss regarding that and asked to call me. Therefore I called the person, I heard the word, hello. It was so sweet. Then I introduced myself and then she introduced herself. Her name is Maya (named changed due to privacy reasons).

She told that she badly needs a cock in her pussy as she was bored with dildo and fingering. She comes from a rich family her husband is a businessman. Initially, after marriage, they enjoyed a lot. Later her husband started running behind money.

She has 2 kids a boy of age 7 and a girl of age 4. She asked me to send my photo and she also sent her photo. OMG, I got stunned seeing her pic she was such a beautiful MILF. She was in a designer saree and a sleeveless blouse. by the way, she is a North Indian, fair.

I don’t want to compare with a heroine because she would be a heroine if she joined Bollywood. She then she called me and said she has book a room at Taj at MG Road. She asked me to come around 9:30 PM. I trimmed my pubic hair, had a bath and left my house to meet her.

On the way, I bought hazelnut and chocolate flavored condoms. I reached the hotel exactly by 9:30 PM and called her. She said, “I am on the way, sweetheart.” I met the gorgeous in the lobby of the hotel. She collected the digital keys from the reception and took me to the room.

She opened the and welcome me inside. I went and sat on the couch in the room she sat opposite to me on the bed. It was very cozy and I don’t want to hurry. We were seeing each other for 2 minutes. Then in her sweet voice, she told, “For what you are waiting?”

I told her that I was mesmerized by her beauty. She blushed and told me to start.
She was wearing a white saree with a pink blouse. I went next to her and started kissing her lips, her lipstick color was on my lips by now. She suddenly hugged me and started kissing my neck.

Her hands was scratching my back I freed myself from her hug. I started kissing her sweet rosy lips this time kisses turned to be smooches. She removed the safety pin from the saree to free the pallu. And I removed her pallu and got the view of those beautiful big sized boobs.

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I started to press that over the blouse and licked the cleavage. Then removed her blouse she was wearing a red color fancy bra. Those boobs were prisoned in that bra. I asked her to stand and removed her saree fully and the petticoat. She removed my tee shirt and jeans.

She was only in bra and panties and I was in my boxer. She sat on the bed and was staring at my boner. I told her to eat if you want my cock. She pulled down my boxer and started sucking my cock she was very thirsty I guess. She sucked my cock until I cum once.

I cummed and she cleaned my cock licking my cock. I felt that her husband is lucky. I was feeling like heaven when she was sucking. What pleasure she provided I can’t explain in words. I felt this is my time to make her feel heaven. I removed her bra and started sucking and playing with her nipples.

I made her lie on the bed. I lied to her left and was sucking her left boob like a child sucking for milk. My left hand was around her she was lying on my hands my fingers were playing with her right boobs. Her boobs are big is guess it should be 36.

I touch her pussy over there panties. I can see those red color panties was dark in some areas because of cum. And it was bushy. I found hair on her pussy while the armpit has only small hairs. I inserted my hand inside her panties. I was searching for the glory hole.

Meanwhile I stopped sucking her boobs and my interest shifted to armpit. All this time she was moaning softly and cuddling my hair. Her armpit was good to smell because of her perfume. I smelled that and as time goes I can feel the smell of her sweat. The smell of sweat was more pleasant than her perfume.

Then I moved to her right tasted her right boobs and armpit and moved on top of her. I started kissing from her forehead slowing came down to her neck, cleavage, her stomach. I kissed her navel and still came down and removed her panties.

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Her hair was pitch dark because of the wetness and her skin tone. I asked her why this is like this. She would the is no one to take care that is why it’s like used bungalow full of spider webs. I told her I was disappointed as I would not lick her pussy.

She told me immediately, “Don’t get disappointed. I have razors,” and asked me to shave it. I took her to the bathroom made her sit on the commode. I started shaving and cleaned pussy. She shivered when I was doing this as the water was cold. I started licking her pussy and inserted my tongue as deep as I can.

She was fully horny pushed my head against her. I stopped this act only after she cummed. We both went to bed and was lying side by side, I was pressing her boobs and she was playing with my balls. I went over her and kissed her and was ready to fuck her in the missionary position.

I pressed my cock head on her pussy and was teasing her. She got irritated and pushed down and she came over me was planning for a cowgirl style. I stopped her told her to take the condom from my jean which was thrown somewhere in the room and put it on.

She took the hazelnut flavored condom and put it on mine. She guided my cock to her pussy and slowly she let my cock inside. It was really tight I never felt that I am fucking a mother of two. She was enjoying my cock inside her pussy. My cock was enjoying her pussy and my eyes were enjoying seeing the bouncing boobs.

As she was fucking in cowgirl style then and there she leaned forward and kissed on my lips. After 10 minutes, she became tried. I made her lie down on the bed and fucked her on the missionary position. Just in 3-4 strokes, I released my cum and my cock became small.

Immediate we went to 69 position, my favorite position. She gave life to my cock and it rose as a beast. Now I used the chocolate flavor condom. I started fucking her in missionary style. Then I kept both her legs on my shoulder and fucked her and released the cum in the condom.

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By this, the time was 2’o clock. We both slept naked my alarm started ringing at 6 in the morning. It was very difficult to open my eyes. When I opened there was a treat to me she was lying naked next to me. She was like a girl in the ‘Game of Thrones’.

I went down of her and started licking her pussy. She was moaning I guess she thought it is happening in the dream. I licked and sucked her pussy for 20 minutes and she woke up. I can see the satisfaction in her face. I asked her how was the first night with me. She told that she needs the first day as well.

We ordered coffee and we had that and I dress up and said bye to her and kissed her. She gave me 20K. I asked for what? She told me about the help I did. I told her I am already paid for it. She got surprised and asked who. I replied in the morning when I saw you, you looked like a full moon fully satisfied.

She told yes I am satisfied my husband never did oral sex. I really like you sucking, licking and fingering my pussy. She asked me you don’t want money. I told it will become business if I get money and I am doing as a service. By the way, I am a sperm donor as well.

Then she invited me to her home for lunch and told me that she will WhatsApp me when and where to come to her home. Then I left, post this whenever she feels horny she used to call me. We did video call enjoy seeing each other’s private parts and she masturbates thinking about me.

Any girls who want to try sex or feel the pleasure of your pussy licked by me. Any unsatisfied wife wants satisfaction or baby less couple needs my sperm can contact me. Reach me at [email protected] Don’t forget to give me comments and feedback.

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