Sex With Geetha

Hello Guys, I am Rahul, basically, from Kovai. Brought up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu now settled in the Mumbai. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Engineering and working in a Multi-National Construction Company Construction as a Civil Design Engineer.

I am 22 years now and I have an average body and I am 6.2 feet in height. I have a 6.5-inch hard dick to make young girls, teens, aunties, married woman, and widow, feel the heaven. I can assure the secret and safe relationship. My mail ID, [email protected]

My family consists of me and my mom, Geetha Lakshmi. We lived in our own 2 BHK house. My mom is 46 years old now. My father left us when my mom was pregnant. He was married to his relative’s daughter by his parents, as my father’s parents don’t like my mom.

We didn’t have any touch with my father thereafter and my mom came to Chennai with me in her womb, from our native. We settled there for 23 years. My mom is fair and looks like 30 years old and like a normal Indian woman. She always wears sarees. She dresses very well and looks gorgeous.

She was a Professor at a local College in Chennai. She is very friendly to me and we discuss many things. We share the same room and bed sometime. I never had a bad intention towards my mom.

One day, I read an article about the sexual desires of women. It was printed on a popular magazine’s supplementary part. It clearly explains how women have sexual desires like men. But are controlled as it was considered taboo or wrong in society.

Every man should respect and a woman’s desires were the conclusion of that article. I discussed this with my mom. She was friendly to me but initially, she had thought to discuss this matter. She told me the article was true, even women have sexual desires.

“Even I had some desires but I lost all my desires when your dad left me.”

I asked her if she had sexual desires, why didn’t she remarry or have a partner?

Mom: I had the responsibility to take care of you. You were in my womb when I lost everything. I didn’t like to abort you. And who will accept a woman with a child? Even if I had searched a partner it would have affected your future, Rahul.

Me: So, now you can fulfill your desires mom, you can remarry or have a partner. I have no objection but I want to make my mom happy.

Mom: (she laughed), I am old Rahul. I don’t have any desires now. No one will marry me and I can’t have a partner. What will society say about me?

Me: You can have a secret partner. Sex is an important thing in life. I think you had it only for a month or two, so you have to satisfy your desires.

Mom: Ok, if possible I will try to get a partner or marry a guy.

I was searching for a suitable match for my mom in matrimony. But she was not interested in any profile. A different thought struck my mind. Why shouldn’t I be her partner? I wanted to discuss this with my mom but I was afraid. But I have to take a lead in this.

So, I decided to discuss this matter with mom the next morning. The next morning, Mom was dressed in a saree. She was beautiful like ever. When we were having breakfast I told mom that I like to be your partner. She started to laugh.

“Are you mad Rahul? You are my son and me your mom, how can we do that?” she asked me. I thought she would be angry if I discuss this but she was not angry. I told her, “Mom you are a woman and I am a man. That is enough to have sex.” I planted a soft kiss on her lips.

She told me its time for her college and we can discuss it later. And she left for college. That night after dinner, I asked mom what have you decided. She said the idea was good, but, what if someone comes to know about this. I told no one will ever know about this. She told to give me some time to think.

After 2 months, she had her birthday. I presented a red color saree to mom and propose her. She just smiled and took the saree. She dressed in that saree and left for her college and didn’t say anything for my proposal. We were the only people in our house. So I took leave and decorated the house for her birthday.

I ordered a cake for her. When she came back from college, I wished her and asked her to cut the cake. She told her she will refresh herself and will cut the cake in her birthday dress. She came to the hall, I told her to cut the cake. But she told, “I will cut in my birthday dress only.”

I told her, “Already you are in your birthday dress I presented to you.” But she started to strip, herself. She pushed her saree pallu from her shoulder, removed her saree. Now slowly she unbuttoned her blouse, placed her leg on a table and raised her petticoat/paavadai till her thighs.

Completely removed her blouse. She was only in her violet bra and orange petticoat. She took her hands to her back and unbuttoned her bra and threw it down. I was watching my mom stripping with my mouth wide open. Her boobs were stiff ever in her 40s.

She then untied her petticoat and it fell. She said, “I am ready, Rahul.” She cut the cake and had one end in her mouth and feed me the other end. I was eating the cake and finally, we locked out lips. She made me nude, applied some cake on my penis and started to suck my penis with the cake.

I ejaculated into her mouth as she sucked me hard. She then applied cake on her naked body and asked me to taste the cake. I sucked and licked her boobs and tasted the cake on her boobs, and over her pussy. Her pussy was full of pubic hair. I took some cake in my finger and inserted it into her pussy.

I fingered her, my mom was moaning heavily while fingering. Now I again applied cake on my dick and her pussy. I inserted my hard dick into her pussy. I took some cake in my mouth and kissed her. I sucked, pressed, crushed her soft boobs and fucked her hard for 30 minutes. We laid down.

She held my dick and said, “It was small when you came out of my pussy. But today it has grown to cause pain in my pussy. I enjoyed it a lot, Rahul.” After some time, we went to the bathroom to clean ourselves and fucked in the shower. We had our dinner nude and fucked in the kitchen.

She thanked me for the birthday gift and I thanked her for showing me heaven. We had sex regularly for the past 1 year. I took her to a forest and fucked her in the open field. She liked to be fucked in the car and I fucked her in our car many times.

Mostly, I ejaculate on her boobs and navel and rub my sperm over her body and will enjoy to the core. I like to fuck her while she is cooking, like, standing behind and kissing her, hugging her and pressing her boobs and fucking her. She had her birthday last week and it is been 1 year.

She told me she was pregnant with our child and she wanted to give birth to the child. The next day I married her and made her my wife. I told her we can relocate and lead a happy life.

I hope you enjoyed!

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