Sex With My Cousin, Usha

And about this incident, this happened after sex with Ashu. Once I got a vacation from my college. So I decided to stay at my grandmother’s house. As I heard that Ashu was traveling to Singapore with her parents and was there for the next day. So, I planned quickly and left for my grandmother’s house that evening.

And at night I reached my grandmother’s place. Firstly, I greeted all my grandparents and aunt. And I was eagerly waiting to see Ashu and try to have sex asap before she leaves. And my wait was over. She arrived and was excited and sad. As she couldn’t spend more time and have more fun with me.

After a few minutes, we got our free space. So we both headed to the room. As soon as we went to the room, we both French kissed each other for five minutes. She broke the kiss and said sorry that she was leaving for Singapore tomorrow. I said, “Don’t worry, we can have more fun after your trip, and now enjoy.”

Now quickly I removed her pink t-shirt and her bra and started sucking her navel and biting her boobs. And after a few minutes, I removed her pant and started fingering her pussy. She started to moan louder. So I quickly kept my hand on her mouth. And was about to remove her panties.

There was a knock on the room door. Listening to this we both were scared and was disappointed. So, we quickly wore our dress back and opened the door. And to our surprise it was Usha. So we both greeted her and started chatting all random stuff.

We came to know she will be there till the weekend. And after a few minutes, our grandparents called us to have dinner soon as they had an early morning flight. So we quickly had dinner and left to bed. All three of us were in one room. I was sad. Even though I had Ashu next to me, I was not able to have sex.

Early morning we went to the airport to leave Ashu and their parents. I was so sad that I missed Ashu a lot. So, I went to the back seat and slept. After a few minutes, there was a huge hump in the road, so our driver had applied brakes. We were safe but due to frequent brakes, I was awoken.

And I saw Usha sitting next to me and her head facing to her left-hand side. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I saw that she was in deep sleep. I quickly glanced her entire body, her boobs, thighs, and her neck. This made me get an erection in my dick.

I thought I was doing wrong but couldn’t control. I acted as if I am in deep sleep and placed my head on her shoulder. And slowly kept pushing my head on bare skin. Finally, I reached her naked skin and placed my mouth touching her neck. I was so excited.

I quickly started sucking her neck and she started breathing heavily. After a few minutes, I placed my hand on her boobs and pressed it so hard that she awakened. And she tried to wake me up, but I acted as if I was in a deep sleep. So, she didn’t wake.

I waited for another ten minutes and placed my hand inside her shirt on her stomach. She was again woken up and she tried to take my hands off from her. But she was unsuccessful. So she stopped and was woken. After a few minutes, we reached the grandparents’ house.

She woke me up with a hard push and said to get down as we reached. We both went to our room and locked it and slept on the same bed facing each other. Again, I acted that I was in deep sleep hugged her entire body. She pushed me away facing opposite so, I stopped.

Her shirt was slightly up such that a tiny part of the back part was visible. But still, I didn’t want to try as it was morning and was a bit risky. I got up late from the bed and was going to freshen up. I heard Usha is taking a bath. And my evil mind got up with some plan.

So, I quickly went to the opposite side of the bathroom as there was a small window to peep. As I reached there and started to peep and I was shocked and happy to see her entire naked body. Suddenly she turned to the window side but I didn’t realize that she saw me.

She started to scream. I was scared so I ran away from there. And all our parents were rushing near the bathroom door to check what happened. I was scared and so I slowly went and stood, at last. I thought she would tell everything but she said there was a cockroach.

So people around her scolded her and went away. I was relaxed a bit. After my bath, I made up my mind. I went to her to apologize and said everything that I did. I thought she will scold but she didn’t. She gave a weird smile and walked away. I was confused and followed her.

She went to our room and locked the door. She started saying that she knew that I was not in deep sleep but was acting to touch her entire body. And I was shocked but didn’t know how to react. She came up to me and we both French kissed each other for a few minutes.

Now, I touched Usha boobs over her kurta and pressed it lightly and they were great. I kissed on her forehead, cheeks, and neck. Meanwhile, Usha was pulling my hair, slowly I started sucking her earlobes one after other. I lifted her kurta a bit till her navel.

I started touching her navel with my tongue. Usha was giggling and started to moan. After a few minutes, I removed her kurta over her head and threw it away around the corner. Usha was in her bra and her boobs were waiting to come out. Now I licked her boobs over her bra. I unhooked her bra and threw it away.

I circled her nipple with the tip of my tongue and then I licked all over her boobs. And sucked her boobs like ripe mangoes. Usha held my head and pushed it towards her boobs. Now I removed her skirt down so hard that even her panties had come with it.

Now I started rubbing her pussy with one hand and started to finger her cunt. Usha was moaning louder now. I asked her to moan softly. I started touching her vagina with my tongue. I entered my tongue inside her pussy and fucked her pussy while fondling over her boobs.

Usha was moaning and closed her eyes, held the bed cover tightly and told me she’s having her orgasm. Usha asked me to lie on the bed and kissed my lips. And she took my penis and pulled back foreskin with the other hand. She touched my penis head with her tip of the tongue and sucked it like ice cream.

And she was licking my balls. I was about to cum so, Usha started to suck my penis faster. I ejaculated my cum on her stomach. Now I made lie on the bed with her legs spread. I touched it with my penis. I entered my penis inside her pussy. But it was tight as she was a virgin.

So, I started sucking her nipples and slowly entered her pussy fully. I took out my penis slowly and started to ram her pussy slowly. I was moving my penis in to and fro motion. Tears were dripping from her eyes in pain and she was bleeding. So I stopped for a few minutes.

I again started sucking her pussy and fuck her in missionary position for ten minutes. Then I turned and fucked her from the side position for five minutes. I told her to get into the doggy position. Usha bent down and I came from behind and entered her pussy.

I rammed her pussy with increasing pace fondling her sexy ass. Finally, I cum on the bedsheet. And I will continue the rest of our activities in the next part. Kindly give your feedback at [email protected] And if someone needs help in getting their siblings or cousins on the bed, or any girl wants to satisfy their desires with me, can contact me on the mail.

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