Sex With My GirlFriend

Coming to the story, this is a real incident between me and my girlfriend. It happened a year ago before I became a call boy. This happened while I was doing my third year of engineering degree. My girlfriend also did her studies in the same college but in a different department.

Her name is Sandhya, she has a perfect and curvy body and medium-sized boobs. We used to sex chat daily and masturbate. We chatted for months and had fun. One fine day she called me and asked to come to her home as her parents will be leaving the town for a function.

As I heard this I was very happy and fantasized of having sex with her. As days passed the day came when her parents were going out of town. As it was a weekday we had our college. So that day we planned to meet after college. We attend college.

After college, I rushed home and got freshened up. I was getting ready to go to her house. After I got ready I called and asked her by what time should I come to her house. She responded by saying, “Come to my house by 5 pm.” So I waited for some time.

By 4:30 in the evening I took my bike to go to her house as her house was a little far from my house. On the way to her home, I bought a Dairy Milk Silk chocolate and some juice and snacks. By 5:15 I reached her house. I enter the house and rang the bell.

A voice from the other side said, “Wait a minute.” After a few seconds, she opened the door and asked me to come in. She was wearing a tight blue color dress through which her nipples were seen. She was not wearing any inners and she was wearing a short skirt.

Now I gave the snacks that I brought to her. She took it and asked me to sit and watch some TV and went inside the kitchen. After a few minutes, she came out with the juice and snacks. We ate the snacks and started to talk about random topics. The things that happened in college and the gossip.

Then we started to watch TV for some time. Suddenly it started to rain, so we went to the terrace. On the terrace, one side was covered and the other was open. She went to the open side and started to get drenched in the rain. She called me to get drenched in the rain.

But I didn’t bring any spare dress to get changed so I stood in the covered place and watched her getting drenched. As the rain started to slow down we went down. As she was fully wet I was able to see her body curves through her dress. She was very sexy in the wet dress.

I saw her nipples poking out from her dress. She saw that I was staring at her boobs and said, “Kedi paiyaa yenga daw pakuraaa.” At the time a romantic song started to play on the TV. She was now watching the TV and drying her hair. Now I moved close to her and hugged her from behind.

I kissed her on her neck she gave a slow moan. Then she turned towards me and gave a kiss on my cheeks. I also kissed on her cheeks and slowly moved to her lips. Now I placed my lips on her lips and started to lip-lock her. We smooched for about 15 minutes.

She also responded by tightly hugging me by putting her hands around my head. At the time my cock was fully erect and was rubbing against her. Now I kissed her on the neck. Again I slowly moved to her lips and started smooching her. I slowly my hands from her hips and moved towards her boobs.

I started pressing her boobs slowly, in heavenly pleasure she bit my lips. She started to move her hand towards my cock and started to rub it slowly. Now she pushed me and asked me to carry her to her bedroom. So I carried and took her to the bedroom and put her on the bed.

I was on top of her and I started to kiss her on the lips and press her boobs.  I removed her dress and made her lie. I started kissing her on the neck and slowly moving towards her boobs. I took one nipple and started to suck it gently and was pressing the other one tightly.

She was in pleasure and said, “Romba nalla iruku daw innum nalla sappu daw.” Now she pushed me and removed my dress and started to kiss all over my body. As she reached down slowly she started to remove my pants. After removing my pants she placed her lips on my dick and gave my cock a kiss.

Then she took my cock in her hand and started stroking it very slowly. After a few minutes, I asked her to lick my dick. She suddenly went to the kitchen and brought the chocolate that I brought her. She opened it and took some of the chocolate and started to apply it on my cock.

She came closer to my dick and started to lick it which was covered in chocolate. When she licked my cock it was a heavenly feeling. She sucked my cock very nicely and licked and ate all the chocolate around my dick. After about 15 minutes of blowjob, I felt like cumming.

So I said to her that I was about to cum she said, “ Vaailaye adi daw.” I came in her mouth. Now her mouth was full of cum and I asked her to drink it. She drank it fully. Now she lay on the bed. I was sucking and kissing her body slowly.

Then I moved one of my hand towards her skirt and removed her skirt and panties. Her pussy was shaved and clean. Now both were lying naked on the bed. As I kissed and sucked her I placed my hand in her pussy, it was fully wet. Now I started to rub her pussy.

She slowly started to moan. I entered one finger inside her pussy and she gave a moaning sound. I started to finger her and she was moaning after a few minutes of fingering. I again started to kiss her hips stomach and slowly came down to her pussy. I gave a kiss she gave a slight sexy sound.

She looked at me and said, “Nakku daw kedi paiyaa.” Then I slowly entered my tongue in her pussy and started to lick her pussy gently. She was in a very high mood and was moaning in a very sexy tone. She pushed my head towards her pussy. After some time she came and I licked all the pussy juice.

By this time my dick got erect fully and was ready for another round. And now again I was licking her pussy. She pushed my head away.  I was now on top of her and we were in missionary position. I placed my dick close to her pussy and started to rub against her pussy.

She was moaning in pleasure. I kissed her and slowly placed my dick in her vagina. I gave a slight push but as her pussy was very tight my penis didn’t go in. Again I slowly placed my cock and pushed it. Now the top of my penis was inside her and she shouted in pain.

Then I lip-locked her and slowly pushed my penis slowly inside her. in pain, she bit my lips. And now my cock was fully inside her. Her pussy was very tight and was squeezing my cock. Slowly I started to fuck her and she was moaning. I started to increase the speed now she was moaning heavily.

After some time we changed position. Now she was on top of me and was riding me. She was enjoying the pleasure and was moaning sexily. After 30 minutes of sex, I was about to cum. I told that I was about to cum. I took my cock out and came on her pussy.

Like this, we had another session of sex in the doggy style and other positions. After that, I left for home. After this incident, we had sex whenever there was nobody in the house and enjoyed.

In my next incident, I will tell you about how I had sex with a woman after I became a callboy. For feedback, girls and unsatisfied women who need sex in Chennai can text me in hangouts or mail me to [email protected]

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