Sex With My WhatsApp Friend


Hi friends, I am Saurabh and I am from Pune. This is my first story about my sexual experience with my friend. Before I start, I want to tell you that I am an open minded guy. Ok, to begin with, this story is about a friend of mine, Priya(name changed).

We happened to meet on a WhatsApp group for a discussion of a project in January 2017. After this, we discussed a few points on personal chat regarding the doubts. Days passed and we became good virtual friends. She started discussing her friends, family, and other related stuff with me.

So one day I asked her whether she has a boyfriend. She said she had one but she left him as he just kissed her once and never got her satisfied. I thought I should talk but maybe this is not the right time and moved on. Days passed by and one fine day she was in the mood of masti. But I was a bit disturbed.

She consoled me a bit and also laughed at the situation. (This was all going on WhatsApp). So I just sent her a smiling smiley. She also copy-pasted the same. I sent her another smiley and she sent me back the same one. Now I thought this is my chance. So I sent her a wink and she sent me the same.

Then I sent her a kiss. With my heart racing like a train! Then she sent a laughing smiley with ‘as expected’. As I was a bit angry too, I said, “What I can do then if you are just copying me?” She said, “You can’t do anything else?” I replied, “I can do anything.”

She: What you will do?

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I thought a lot before typing this and finally sent, II will press your boobs.” She immediately replied with a laughing smiley, “Why you want to press my boobs?” I said, “You are hot and I wanna enjoy them.” She replied, “What else you wanna do?”

I was on cloud nine till then thinking of all the fantasies I had buried inside me. I said, “I will suck them to the fullest and also pinch your nipples.” She liked it! Then I broke all the barriers and started talking all about sex. I said, “I will remove your panty and lick your pussy, and also finger it.”

That day we chatted a lot and she also sent me her hot pics which increased my fantasies. After that sex chat became our everyday routine. She wanted to meet me at the earliest and get this fulfilled quickly. So we made a movie plan. To avoid public, we booked the most flop movie at that time.

She came to Pune and we hugged as if we had been partners since ages. We quickly went to the theatre and went to our ‘Corner seat’. The entire theatre was empty which made us all the more tension free. The movie started and the lights went off.

I turned towards her, held her face with both of my hands and kissed on her lip. And the taste was so good. Then she opened her lips and kissed my lower lip. Then we started off in full swing and started kissing heavily. She gave out sweet moans in between.

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Then I slowly caressed her shoulders and started moving my hand slightly downwards. She was wearing a top and leggings. She said put your hand inside my top. I slowly put my hand inside her cleavage. I cannot describe it, it was a dream come true!

I then held her left boob and started pressing it slowly. She closed her eyes and kept giving soft moans. Her boobs were quite big for her age of 23. I kept playing with her boobs for a while and also pinched her nipples. I then unzipped my pants and put her hand on my dick.

It had become erect for a long time. She also started rubbing her hands on my dick. What a feeling it was! With my other hand, I touched her navel and pinched it softly. She gave a loud moan. Then I put my hand on her leggings and she grew even hornier. Then I put my hand inside her leggings.

I felt the soft silky panty. I slid my hand inside it and finally, I was there. Her lovely shaved pussy was the slave of my hands. I rubbed her pussy in rounds and then slowly moved my finger inside it. Then she screamed and I held her mouth so that the theatre staff doesn’t come inside.

After the interval. I straight away put my hand inside her top and another hand inside her panty. She started moaning again. I rubbed my finger back and forth and she simply couldn’t resist it. Now as the theatre was completely empty. I held her by her arms and pulled her on my seat. Now she was on my lap.

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I grabbed both her boobs from behind and put my dick inside her pussy from below. Indeed it felt much more satisfying then I had expected. I asked her to slow down as she would enjoy it more. She slowed down. And yes she began to like it even more, as each muscle of my outside was rubbing her inside.

I kissed her neck from behind and she loved it all. Finally, I asked her to get up and put her down and cummed on her face. She licked it all and loved the taste. The show was about to be over so she quickly adjusted her dress and I also zipped my pants. Finally, the show finished and we came out of the theatre.

Before leaving we went for lunch and she hugged me tightly and kissed me passionately. After that, we continued our sex chat but haven’t met yet. So, guys, this was my story, please let me know if you liked it and also share your feedback on this.

Also, if you want to fulfill any of your sexual fantasies, feel free to mail me at [email protected]

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