Sexting Leads To Hot Relationship With A Friend


I am Kishan from Bengaluru back in ISS site after a long time. This is a story that happened a few months ago in Mysore. I met this girl when I went to a community meeting in Bengaluru.

Her name was Sheila and she was a beautiful girl. She was 8 years younger than me. I didn’t have any sexual interests with her as she was my fellow volunteer. We met a few times during the meeting and follow-up meetings.

I started texting her out of interest as she and I had many things in common. We used to comment on each other’s WhatsApp statuses. She has a good sense of humor which attracted me towards her more.

I was having many affairs at that time which I openly expressed to her. Initially, she was hesitating to talk to me over the phone but later that changed too.

One day we were talking about something related to sex and I expressed my desire to have sex with someone as it had been months since I last fucked someone. Sheila told me she also feels the need to get physical with someone, but she feels it’s not safe for women to be expressive that way.

Gradually, we moved to sexting and then to phone sex. She told me that we should fuck when we meet next in Bengaluru. I asked her to come to my home so that we can do it.

In January, Sheila came to Bengaluru and to my home. She was wearing a white top and blue pants. We spoke for some time and then I couldn’t control myself from kissing her lips.

I leaned forward to kiss her and Sheila responded. But the problem was she had never kissed a guy properly before! She has sex with her previous boyfriend but that fellow hadn’t shown her.

I realized that I needed to teach her all these. Therefore, I held her hand and pulled her near to me. She came close to my lips. I touched her lips with my tongue and then slowly opened her lips.

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I started exploring her lips, and she did that to me too. We started smooching passionately after this for a few minutes. She was already horny as I could see.

Then we got up and continued smooching. I put my hands on her ass and squeezed it over her pants. I pressed her ass through to her asshole, and she shivered for a few seconds.

I brought my hands to the front and inserted them inside her pant. She opened her pant a little so that I can put my hands easily inside her panty. It was very wet as her pussy was wet. I inserted my index finger and started exploring her pussy. She was shivering and biting her lips when this was happening.

We were in the standing position and I put another finger inside her pussy. It was finger fucking session, and this girl was enjoying every bit of it. She started kissing me more passionately. After a few minutes, she reached her orgasm and said it was the first time that she reached orgasm so soon. I was happy and proud inside.

Then I was showing her my house and she playfully was rubbing her ass and her body against mine. I was moving to a corner and she pushed her ass on my dick which was already hard.

I grabbed her from behind and hugged her tightly cupping her breasts. She had 34D cup breasts and they are wonderful.

I kissed her neck from the backside and uttered these in her ears, “I am going to fuck you now. Remove your pants”.

She obeyed like a cute girl and lowered her pants and underwear to reveal her ass. I removed my boxers and my dick sprang onto her ass. I made her bend over. She took the support of the nearby walls.

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I inserted my dick inside her wet pussy. It was very welcoming and she took my dick completely inside her pussy. I started fucking her in that bent over position for quite some time till both of us became tired. She asked me whether we can move to the bed.

We quickly removed all our clothes, and she was laying on the bed opening her legs. I started kissing her legs, inner thighs, and reached her pussy. It was already soaking wet. As soon as I touched her pussy, she became mad and started shivering.

I licked her pussy slowly by inserting my tongue. Then I inserted my tongue inside her pussy digging deep to taste her pussy juices. She was at the next level asking me to fuck her.

She was like, “Innu late madbeda, please nin tunne na haaku” (don’t delay anymore, please put your dick inside me!)

I slowly opened her pussy lips with my fingers and put my hard sick inside her slowly. Sheila started to move a little and I was able to put it all in. She was already so wet and was enjoying every bit of my dick. I have a 6-inch dick and she felt every inch of it.

We fucked in missionary position for some time and she was enjoying it a lot. She didn’t like to try doggy position which was my favorite but I didn’t force her because we were having so much fun already.

I was sucking her boobs and also pushing my dick deep inside her. Since she was wet, the fucking session was awesome with the sounds of my dick deep inside her going back and forth.

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Then she asked me if she can ride my dick. I readily agreed and came under her. Boy, I didn’t know what talents she had in riding. She took my dick completely inside her pussy and started moving back and forth. Then she started squeezing my dick with her pussy which was amazing.

She then laid on my body and started moving her ass. This made my dick go deep inside her and there was a satisfied face on both of us.

We fucked for some more time in that position until she ejaculated. I train myself to last longer in bed hence I was not ready to ejaculate. We got up, cleaned up, and then watched a film. Later we fucked again that day before she left.

Since then, Sheila has become my sex buddy, and we keep having phone sex, meeting sex whenever we can.

Any girls/ladies who want to contact me for any help can email me at [email protected] Others can mail me here for any of your issues. Thanks for reading.

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