Sexting My Mother – Part 4


Hello, My Dear Readers. Thank you so much for the very positive feedback. I am so thankful to all of you for being patient and staying interested in the plot.

Similar to the previous story, this is also a long story – one that puts more light on the eagerness of the participants. This is a series of text messages between Ayan and his mother, Mona.

As it is an immediate continuation, reading the earlier parts may make this more exciting. Happy Reading!

Mona has received the picture her son, Ayan, sent her. And she has just opened it.

Mona: Why are you so hard, son? I have never seen anything like this before!

Ayan: Oh. Come on, Mom. Just leave it. You don’t have to comment on it, Please. I have sent you the picture you wanted. Now, delete it!

Mona: And… Are you naked? You are completely naked, aren’t you?

Ayan: Let’s talk about something else, Mom. Please! Or let’s just sleep for whatever little time we have until sunrise.

Mona: Yeah? You want to sleep, now? You feel sleepy all of a sudden?

Ayan: You asked me to send you the picture, Mom. I did that. Let’s please stop this conversation, right here.

Mona: You feel guilty about it?

Ayan: This is just not right, Mom.

Mona: You realized that only after you send the picture of your penis? And that too twice! You feel bad about it only now?

Ayan: Mom! We should stop this!

Mona: Yes…Yes… We should. We really should stop this.

Ayan: Yeah.

Mona: Yes. I really think we should stop this. And right now! This is going a little too far…

Ayan: Yes, Mom. Please.

Mona: But, I have two things to ask you, Ayan.

Ayan: What now?

Mona: Firstly, I did not ask you to remove your top. And, secondly and more importantly, I don’t think I asked you for a picture of your hard cock.

Ayan: Mom.

Mona: Correct me if I am wrong, Ayan. I just don’t really remember asking you to do it. After all, all this while, you were telling me you were only doing what I wanted you to. I mean, what I ‘insisted’ you to do.

Ayan: We should just stop this.

Mona: The first picture itself had your veins starting to get pumped, and your penis looked very happy to be displayed like that. This time, you are very very erect, Ayan.

Ayan: Mom, please.

Mona: What?

Ayan: It is normal.

Mona: What is normal, Ayan? Sending your mother a picture of your erect penis is normal? I did not know!

Ayan: Ohh Mom. Not this, again. Why is that you keep making me feel at fault? Whatever you say does not seem to matter. I am only trying to do as you say!

Mona: Hahaha. I can’t believe you still dare to tell me that. Maybe, you have been doing only what you always wanted to do, throughout our conversation.

Ayan: Mom, Please!

Mona: What?

Ayan: Okay. I am sorry about removing my tank top, and being in the nude when I clicked the picture. I just got carried away. I am really sorry. It just happened. I don’t know what got into me. I am sorry, Mom.

Mona: I know, Ayan. I can guess what must have happened. And, I don’t blame you. Maybe, if I was in your place, I too would have done something similar.

Ayan: I am extremely sorry, Mom.

Mona: But, what I don’t understand is… How can this keep happening to you? You said you made a mistake when you send me a picture of your penis, the first time, too, and you said you regret it. You said it was a mistake. And, I believed you.

Ayan: It was a mistake, Mom.

Mona: Then, what about now? This is the second time you are sending me a picture of your penis. Agreed, you can say I asked you for it. But, you could have chosen not to, just like you claim you wished. I don’t think it was a mistake this time. I think you are liking this. Sending your naked picture to your mother. Like you always wanted to do it.

Ayan: No, Mom! Please, stop it. That is not true, Mom. I have never wanted anything like that.

Mona: I cannot imagine the fact that you are fully naked, right now, as you text me.

Ayan: Please, Mom. I am sorry. Just give me a minute. I will put my clothes back, immediately.

Mona: Don’t. Just don’t take a break from this conversation, unless I tell you to. I am not done talking to you.

Ayan: Just a second, Mom. Please. I feel so embarrassed, already.

Mona: What difference will that make, Ayan? Why even bother putting your clothes back, now!

Ayan: I am sorry, Mom.

Mona: Have you done this before, as-well? Were you naked any of the other times we talked on the phone? You have been, right? I think you have always done this, with me, Ayan.

Ayan: Please, Mom. Believe me. I have never done this before. Please forgive me for this. I am sorry.

Mona: Okay. Fine. I forgive you for being naked. But, what about your extremely erect manhood, Ayan? You really owe me an explanation with that. I have never ever heard about anybody having such a raging hard-on. Did you just use a performance enhancing supplement before sending your own mother a picture of your penis?

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Ayan: No, Mom. Please don’t say anything like that.

Mona: Then what is it?

Ayan: I only held it in my hand, for a second, before taking the picture. It was already very erect.

Mona: You must have been stroking it, all the while you texted me.

Ayan: No, Mom. I did not touch it at all. I took it in my hand, only when you asked me for a picture. It was hard, already.

Mona: There is no way a penis will go so hard, without even being touched.

Ayan: Mine does, Mom.

Mona: No. That is not possible.

Ayan: Yes, Mom. Mine really does.

Mona: Is it something else, Ayan? You don’t have to hide anything with me, anymore.

Ayan: Something else? Like what, Mom? It is really nothing.

Mona: Is it the fact that you were sending the picture to your mother that got you excited? You can be honest, Ayan. I won’t mind if you tell me the truth.

Ayan: No, Mom. It is nothing like that.

Mona: Or did you just think something like you are sending it to a mature, lonely, unsatisfied woman, you might have a chance with?

Ayan: Oh, please. Mom. Come on… Don’t do this to me.

Mona: Maybe… You played with it, a little bit after I asked you for the picture, the second time.

Ayan: No, Mom. Seriously!

Mona: Then, how is it that you are so hard? Ayan?

Ayan: I don’t know, Mom.

Mona: You are very sure it is not because you sent it to me?

Ayan: Yes, Mom.

Mona: Wait. Let me ask you something else, now.

Ayan: What is it, Mom?

Mona: If we were having this conversation for real… I mean face to face… Directly… Will you still have the guts to show me your penis?

Ayan: What?

Mona: Will you show me your penis, Ayan, if I was right in front of you?

Ayan: Oh, Mom… Like real? Please, Mom. You know that will never happen.

Mona: Hahaha. Let’s see… Hahaha… Leave it, then!

Ayan: Hmmm…

Mona: So, you are telling me your penis is always this hard?

Ayan: Mostly.

Mona: Is it like you always walk around with a penis so hard?

Ayan: That is not what I said, Mom.

Mona: Hahaha. When do you normally have a hard-on, Ayan? Maybe, you can skip that question. Just tell me when does it turn this hard!

Ayan: Mom!

Mona: Tell me, Ayan. You don’t have to feel shy. Not now. And, not anymore.

Ayan: When I am with my girlfriends, I guess.

Mona: Girlfriends? Like you have many!

Ayan: Not many. Just three.

Mona: Ayan! I never knew there was a Romeo in you. And, you still have them all together? Hahaha. Oh, you are one naughty boy!

Ayan: No, Mom. Not all of them together.

Mona: So, only one now. But, what I cannot understand is that who is so stupid to break up with you? What happened?

Ayan: Errr… It’s nothing, Mom.

Mona: It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me the details. But tell me this. Did you send your naked pictures to all three of them?

Ayan: Stop it, Mom.

Mona: No, wait, why? Why would you send them pictures when you can show them your penis in real! You exposed yourself in front of them, didn’t you?

Ayan: Why are you asking me all this, Mom?

Mona: Did you ever have sex, Ayan? You had sex with all 3 of them, right?

Ayan: No, Mom.

Mona: Now, are you going to tell me that you are a virgin?

Ayan: Mom, It is like…

Mona: You did have sex with them!

Ayan: Yes, Mom. I did have sex. I am sorry.

Mona: With all 3?

Ayan: No, Mom. With my current girlfriend, only.

Mona: What is her name? You serious about her?

Ayan: Her name is Ahaana. I really like her. I am sorry, Mom. A lot has happened over the last few months.

Mona: No. No. It is okay. It is nothing you have to apologize for. Tell me what happened. I want to know what my son has been doing,

Ayan: I can’t, Mom. How can I tell you all this?

Mona: She came home? And, I did not even know?

Ayan: No, Mom.

Mona: So, she is your college mate?

Ayan: She is not in my college. But studies in the girls’ college nearby.

Mona: So, you went to her house?

Ayan: No, Mom. Hhmmm… Actually, she has a car. We made out inside her car. And, also had sex a few times.

Mona: Hahaha. Oh my, Ayan!

Ayan: What, Mom?

Mona: How did you manage to?

Ayan: I knew her well before we started dating, Mom. And, after my second break up, we were just casually talking, and I felt she was the kind of person I wanted. And even she felt the same. So, that is how.

Mona: Hahahaha. Oh my Ayan. That is not what I meant.

Ayan: Err… What else did you mean, Mom?

Mona: Hahaha. What I really asked was, how did you manage to have sex inside a car?

Ayan: Mom.

Mona: So, Ahaana gets you this hard?

Ayan: Yes. Most of the time.

Mona: When she is naked or otherwise too?

Ayan: Whenever she is with me, I guess.

Mona: Oh my. How does she look?

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Ayan: She looks good, Mom. I like her.

Mona: More beautiful than your mother?

Ayan: I don’t know, Mom. I haven’t really thought about it like that.

Mona: Is she very hot?

Ayan: Kinda.

Mona: Hotter than me?

Ayan: Mom. I don’t know.

Mona: What about her assets? Does she have big sexy boobs? Is she thick and curvy?

Ayan: Mom. She has a good body, Mom. She is like everybody else.

Mona: She has a body similar to mine?

Ayan: I don’t know, Mom.

Mona: What do you mean by you don’t know? You know how my body is. And you know how her body is. You would have compared her body to someone else’s when you saw her naked the first time!

Ayan: I just don’t know, Mom! I don’t think a lot when I am with her.

Mona: I understand. And, I can also imagine how good a time Ahaana must be having. She must be addicted to you. Your Dad is only 4 inches, and I still miss him so much. I cannot stop thinking about how badly Ahaana must be craving for your meat, every second. I don’t think another man can ever fill your place.

Ayan: Why, Mom? What makes you say all this?

Mona: Your Dad can be replaced, Ayan. Any man would do. They are all the same. But once you are inside a woman, somebody as big as you, Ayan, she will never feel another man. You are special. And I am so proud of you, Son.

Ayan: Mom.

Mona: But, I am also sad that I am so unlucky.

Ayan: But, Why?

Mona: Because I can never have you.

Ayan: Oh my, Mom! I cannot believe you said that. You don’t mean it, do you? Please say you don’t!

Mona: Were you thinking of her when you send me the picture, Ayan?

Ayan: No. Mom. We should end this. This is not okay.

Mona: How is your penis so hard then?

Ayan: I don’t know, Mom. You won’t get an answer because you keep asking me the same question a million times. I really don’t know.

Mona: Tell me what exactly you had in your mind when you took that picture?

Ayan: Nothing at all, Mom. I was only trying to fit the whole of my penis in the picture. That is all I was thinking about.

Mona: WOW!

Ayan: MOM!

Mona: I mean. What? How is it that you have such a big penis, Ayan? You grew up in front of me, and yet I never noticed. I never thought…

Ayan: Ohh Mom.

Mona: It makes me wonder how you managed to have sex inside a car even more. Did you have enough space? Your penis alone needs so much space. Hahaha. How is Ahaana managing to take you in? I bet only half of your big tool is going inside her.

Ayan: You are only making me feel more miserable, Mom.

Mona: Why, Ayan? I am not trying to make you feel bad. You should be happy I am telling you all this. And I think there is one more thing I should tell you, now. Whatever the reason is behind your unbelievable erection, I am glad you took the effort to send me the picture. That is easily the best sight anybody can have at 6:00 AM. I am looking at it, after every text I send you.

Ayan: I don’t know what to reply. I just don’t understand what all this means, Mom. I only wish you would stop looking at the picture, and delete it.

Mona: Hahaha. I will. Maybe if you tell me what made you so hard and excited, I will think about deleting the picture. There definitely must have been something in your mind.

Ayan: Why are you asking me this, again and again? Every-time I feel we are done with this, you bring it back. I really did not have anything in my mind.

Mona: Don’t lie, Ayan.

Ayan: I am not lying, Mom. This is the truth, and I have been repeating this, for almost an hour, now.

Mona: Okay, fine. Then, tell me this… Did you imagine me in my nighty, any time during our conversation?

Ayan: No, Mom.

Mona: That is a lie! You did, a little.

Ayan: Errr… A little, yes. But, only because we talked about it.

Mona: Aaha! Somebody has finally started talking. And did you like me in it? How did I look, Ayan?

Ayan: Mom. I just thought about it. I did not really picture you in it.

Mona: Tell me the truth, Ayan. You must have imagined me doing something wearing a nighty. Maybe, talking to you in a nighty that was a little too thin, and also a little too revealing around the bust. Or, maybe I walked around the house in a nighty that showed a little too much of my legs. Or maybe I was sharing a bed with you, and sleeping in one of the baby-doll nighties that made me look almost uncovered.

Ayan: No! Never! I never thought of anything like that.

Mona: Well, then, why don’t you try doing it, now?

Ayan: What? Why? No Mom. I don’t want to.

Mona: Is it like you don’t want to, or you are not able to? I will send you a picture of me in one of my nighties if that can help.

Ayan: Mom, That is totally unwanted. You are only making this worse. I don’t want to imagine or see you in one of your nighties.

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Mona: I am not showing you a picture of my vagina like you showed me your dick! I am only sending you a picture wearing my regular nightwear. And, according to me, you have already thought something very nasty about me, in one of them.

Ayan: No, Mom. Please! I did not. And, I never will. I don’t want to. Why would I ever?

Mona: Relax, Ayan. You don’t have to react like this. I was just trying to figure out what must have been the reason.

Ayan: Just stop this, Mom.

Mona: Did you imagine me to be one of your girlfriends? Or someone you are flirting with? Or someone you are just having fun with?

Ayan: Stop it, Mom. This is not funny anymore. Try reading all these texts one more time, and you will realize how meaningless it is. And, if anybody was reading this, they would feel the same.

Mona: Why are you still so shy talking to me? And, who else is going to read our messages? And if at all somebody reads this, they will understand!

Ayan: I feel uncomfortable.

Mona: Why?

Ayan: Because you are my mother.

Mona: And, sending your mother a photo of your naked hard cock is something that makes you feel extremely conformable?

Ayan: You asked me for the picture, Mom.

Mona: Did I?

Ayan: You did!

Mona: Did I? Really?

Ayan: Yes. You asked for it. You wanted it!

Mona: And, you gave me?

Ayan: Yes I gave you. Because you asked.

Mona: So, you will really give me anything I want! You were indeed very serious when you said that!

Ayan: What is this, Mom?

Mona: If you really wanted to, you would have left this conversation long back, Ayan.

Ayan: I don’t want you to be alone. I don’t want you to feel lonely. That is all.

Mona: If that was the case, you would not be giving me promises you cannot fulfill. Further hurting me!

Ayan: I haven’t given you any promises I cannot fulfill. And, I have not hurt you.

Mona: Well, yes. You have kept your word, so far. And, I appreciate you for that. But, are you sure you can continue doing it? Give me an answer, Ayan.

Ayan: Yes, I am sure. I know what I have promised. And, that is also the only reason I am doing everything you are asking me to. But, you and I, both, know I did not want to send you those pictures.

Mona: Maybe, it is just that you haven’t realized it yet. You want this to continue as much as I want. Or, even more, than I want it. You are just waiting for me to ask you for more.

Ayan: That is not true, Mom.

Mona: You can object, Ayan. But, you very well know what the truth is. You know you want this too.

Ayan: No, Mom.

Mona: What you want to believe does not really matter, Ayan. You made a promise, and you are giving me everything I want.

Ayan: What?

Mona: Send me a video, Ayan. Make it fast! Let’s not waste time arguing.

Ayan: What video?

Mona: A video of you stroking your hard dick!

Ayan: This cannot be happening. I cannot believe you want that from me, Mom.

Mona: Hahaha. Don’t waste time, trying to make yourself believe what I want from you. Let me confirm it for you already. I want to see my son stroke his cock. I want to see his meat in action. Just send me the video. Right Now!

Though at a very slow pace, Ayan had already been unknowingly stroking his erect cock, non-stop, the last few minutes. It started in a very organic manner, and he had no idea that he was playing with his prick.

But, when his mother asked him for a video of the same, he just did not know if he really wanted to do it. Or, maybe he just did not know how much he wanted to do it as she had said.

As he focused on his new task and stroked his cock faster, he was only continuing the act his sub-conscious mind had forced him to already do. Also giving himself a lot of pleasure, as he shot the 30-second long video.

His foreskin retracted up and down, causing more blood to pump into his penis, and within a few seconds, his hot-rod was almost ready to explode.

Not even bothering to check the video he had shot, Ayan immediately send it to his mother, who very keenly waited for more of her son’s pleasing vulgarity

To be continued.

I really hope you all liked this story. Please do send me your feedback and comments to [email protected]

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