Sexting My Mother – Part 6


Hello, My Dear Readers. Thank you for all the positive feedback on the previous parts.

Before I get into the story, I would like to say that the series ‘Sexting My Mother’ is nearing its end. And, my biggest, and most punctual, work till date, is heading towards its climax. The next part will, in all probability, be the last episode.

I know there will be a few who are disappointed about having no ‘real sex’ in this story. I am sorry to say there won’t be any of it, even in the final episode. I will be staying true to the title.

I have been spending so much time writing this series. I have read it so many times. I have reached a point where I cannot really say if the story is any more interesting or not. So forgive me if it is not up to the mark. But, the effort put in has been no less.

Also, this episode is comparatively even smaller, but I am very hopeful of you liking it. I feel the characters are in a space where they would want to hurry up with the proceedings. And so, an episode that feels to have ended quickly makes more sense at this point.

The following is a series of text messages between Ayan and his mother, Mona. As it is an immediate continuation, reading the earlier part may make this more exciting.
Happy Reading!

Ayan: Oh, Fucking shit! This is crazy! Mom! Is that really you?
Mona: It is very well your mother, Ayan!
Ayan: I cannot believe it. I just cannot. I have never imagined seeing you like this.

Mona: You don’t believe it is me? Haven’t you already seen me wearing this nighty? You have, Ayan, so many times. All those days you slept really late, watching TV. And, I came down to check on me. I have had this pink sleeveless nighty on me, on so many occasions. Don’t tell me you have never noticed that!

Ayan: Mom…
Ayan: It is indeed me, Ayan. It is your mother, in the photo.
Ayan: I still cannot believe this is happening, Mom.

Mona: What is it that you cannot believe? Did you not think I will dare to send you a picture of my vagina?
Ayan: No! Just… No!

Mona: Why? You sent me a picture of your penis. So, why should I not return the favor! Or Is it like you thought your Mom will never finger her pussy. You stroke your cock when you don’t have any ‘real’ source of pleasure, don’t you?! So, why can’t I? Even I have my needs, Ayan. How can you forget that?

Ayan: It’s nothing like that, Mom. I am not at all blaming you. That is not what I am trying to do.
Mona: Then, what is it? Tell me.
Ayan: I don’t know, Mom. It’s that I never thought we would be doing this.

Mona: You don’t want this? Do you really want to stop?
Ayan: It’s not that, either, Mom. I mean, I am just…

Mona: Tell me what it is? Are you ashamed of me? Because I fingered my pussy?! Do you belong to the group of men who think a woman should cum only when a man wants her to?
Ayan: No, Mom. I am not ashamed of you. It is normal! All women do that.

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Mona: Ahana, too?
Ayan: Err… Yes, Mom
Mom: She enjoys it?

Ayan: Yes, Mom. Everybody fingers their pussy these days. Every woman satisfies herself.
Mona: Your other girlfriends, as-well?
Ayan: Yes, Mom.

Mona: So, I also am just like them.
Ayan: Mom…
Mona: I am also just like your girlfriends.

Ayan: This is very normal, Mom. It is a part of life now.
Mona: Have you ever fingered any of them?
Ayan: Mom?!

Mona: Tell me.
Ayan: Yes, Mom.
Mona: All three have had your fingers inside their pussies?
Ayan: Yes, Mom.

Mona: Will you push your fingers inside mine, too?
Ayan: Mom…
Mona: Will you? I am just like them, right?
Ayan: You are not my girlfriend, Mom.

Mona: What if I was your girlfriend?
Ayan: Mom, stop. This is all too much for me. I need some time to take in all this.
Mona: You don’t have to be shy, Ayan. Not anymore.
Ayan: Please…

Mona: What is it that is bothering you? You still don’t think it was really me in that picture?
Ayan: It’s not that, Mom
Mona: You did not like my pussy? You don’t think my holes are worth your time? I can send you a close-up picture of my pussy if you want to have a better look.

Ayan: Please, that is not needed.
Mona: Why? Isn’t that normal too? Your girlfriends must have sent you tons of their pussy pictures. Why can’t I then?
Ayan: I just don’t know what to tell you I am still a little startled seeing you like that.

Mona: But, why? You have already seen pussies of other women. And, looking at what you have inside your pants, I am sure it is not just your 3 girlfriends who would have exchanged sleazy images with you. How many pussies have you seen, Ayan?

Ayan: I have been in any kind of sexual relationship with only these three girls, Mom. I don’t try to woo and bed women, Mom. I am not somebody like that.
Mona: Well, Okay. I know, my son. But, still. The size of your manhood It’s something so… Hhmmm, Let’s not talk about it again.

Ayan: Yes. Please.
Mona: Ayan You never told me much about the other two girls in your life. I have a clear picture of Ahaana and how things are between you two. Haha. Yes but, what about the other two? What were their names?
Ayan: Is that even important, Mom? I do not even talk to them now.

Mona: But, still, tell me their names You may not be talking to them. But I am sure you must be thinking of all the hot stuff you did with them
Ayan: Come on, Mom. I just don’t understand you.

Mona: Hahaha. What? That is also extremely normal To find gratification thinking about all the good times. But it’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it. Just tell me how the pussies of all your girlfriends looked
Ayan: Is that really needed, Mom?

Mona: Tell me, Ayan
Ayan: Why?
Mona: I just want to know.

Ayan: Mom. Okay! Ahaana has a rare, perfectly tight pussy.
Mona: Hahaha, I could guess that. And, neatly trimmed too. She definitely needed something special to demand your love. Hahaha. And what about the other two?

Ayan: Okay. As much as I enjoyed having my fingers inside the pussies of the other two girls, Viveka and Tiya, I often felt they had very loose pussies, that mostly looked ugly.
Mona: Hahaha. Oh, Ayan. Haha! That sounds so harsh. Poor those two. But it is definitely their fault that they could not make themselves useful for you. I still cannot believe they did not make you stretch their holes!

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Ayan: Mom.
Mona: But. Ahaana, Viveka, Tiya All your girlfriends have such fancy names. It must be so much fun calling out their names during the act!
Ayan: Come-on, Mom.

Mona: Oh, please, I can just imagine how it would be. You must be giving Ahaana a lot of “Ahhh Yeaahhh Ahaanaaa Yeaahhhh!” And, Tiya must have got a lot of “Show Me Your Tight Tits Tiya!” Something tells me that Viveka is one of those “Suck My Dick You Shameless Cock Hungry Viveka Bitch!” type.

Ayan: Mom!
Mona: Hahaha. Am I right about your girlfriends?
Ayan: You only know their names, Mom

Mona: Maybe, I only know their fancy names But, nothing wrong in guessing what my son gave them! Hahaha.
Ayan: Those are not very fancy names, Mom.
Mona: Yeah? You don’t think so? Hhmmm. How do you like my name, Ayan? Mona feels so ordinary.
Ayan: No, Mom. Mona is such a nice name. It is the kind of name women of my generation have.

Mona: Haha, Ohh. I am glad my son thinks so.
Ayan: I always liked your name
Mona: And?
Ayan: And? What?

Mona: And What else do you think about your Mom? What do you think about your Mom’s …You know! And?
Ayan: Think about what, Mom? What is with this ‘AND’?
Mona: Just tell me, Ayan. And?
Ayan: And what, Mom?

Mona: And…
Ayan: What?!
Mona: Fine! What about your Mom’s pussy? What kind of pussy do you think I have?
Ayan: Mom…

Mona: Tell me, Ayan. How is my pussy?
Ayan: Mom.
Mona: Please, Ayan
Ayan: Err…Yours still looks very young, Mom. That is all I want to say.

Mona: Hahaha. Maybe because it is too early in the day. Just 6:50 AM Maybe that is why my aged pussy looks so young to my son
Ayan: It is only the face and skin that looks younger, and more vibrant in the mornings, Mom. All the other parts of our body stay the same, the whole day.

Mona: Hahaha. My dear son seems to have greatly liked my pussy Caring to defend the goodness, like how a hot-headed young lad would do when his lass’s modesty is in danger.
Ayan: That is not what I meant. I was only talking science, Mom.
Mona: Yeah?

Ayan: Yes!
Mona: Did you like my pussy, Ayan?
Ayan: Mom…
Mona: Tell me you like it. I know you do.

Ayan: Mom…
Mona: Say it, please!
Ayan: I like it, Mom.
Mona: Tell me you like my pussy.

Ayan: I like your pussy.
Mona: You can do it better. Please, Ayan
Ayan: I like your pussy, Mom!
Mona: Is it the best pussy you have ever seen?

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Ayan: Mom, Please…
Mona: Tell me it is, Ayan! Tell me your mother’s pussy is the best you have ever seen!
Ayan: Your pussy is the best pussy I have ever seen, Mom!

Mona: Say that again! Tell me my pussy is better than Ahaana’s. Tell me your mother’s pussy is better than your girlfriend’s. Tell me your mother’s pussy is what you need. Tell me you want to stuff your big thick dick inside your mother’s pussy!

Ayan: Mom, Is this really you? I feel like I have been hit on the head. I feel like I am not able to think or react properly.

Ayan was typing another message when he received one more picture from his mother, Mona. A picture that changed everything, forever. Ayan had just been blessed with an image that showed his mother’s extremely charming face, thick, black wavy hair, and, most importantly, her completely naked body.

Her nighty that covered a little of her humility had happily disappeared this time around, and her 34-26-34 sized curvy body was exhibited in its full glory. Honestly, her lusty face was enough to make anybody die fapping to. The small yet very easily noticeable, black mole just above her thick pink lips, only made her more enticing.

While she was on the floor last time, she was standing, engaging in her erotic act this time. Her firm tits waited to be grabbed, groped, and loved, and she still had a good number of her fingers inside her twat, forcing her mouth wide open in ecstasy.
Ayan: Oh, Fuck!

It was Mona. It was definitely Mona now. It really was his mother. Her son had no more reason to doubt if it was his mother. And, he made sure he appreciated his mother’s special gesture. Ayan zoomed in on every inch of his mother’s tempting body as if his entire life depended on it.

He had never seen anything so attractive and anybody so beautiful. He could not stop admiring his mother’s bare self. Mona had lost control over herself long ago. She had been sexually taunting her son and pushing him to his limits. And, now, Ayan too had completely lost the very little amount of say he had on his ‘deeds’.

Ayan already knew how he wanted this conversation to end. He very well knew what he wanted once they were done exchanging texts. But, now, he also knew how badly he wanted it to begin.

To Be Continued.

I really hope you liked this story. Please do send me your feedback and comments on [email protected]

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