Sexting With My Mallu Junior Anita In Chennai


Hi all, I have been a reader of ISS for quite some time and I thought I’ll also share my stories with you people. To start with, my name is Mathew and am 28 years old from Kerala. I am going to share with you the incident that happened between me and my junior Anita when I was doing my degree in Chennai.

So this happened back in 2010 when I was doing my degree 2nd year in Chennai. I used to stay in a flat with my classmate Madan, who was from Chennai. One day he showed me a pic of one of our juniors and told me that she was from Kerala and her name was Anita.

She was such a traditional Mallu girl with such sexy assets. From next morning onwards Madan and I used to go and stand near the 1st year block. Madan used to keep smiling and waving at Anita every time she used to pass by. I used to check her out. She had 34 size boobs which used to make me go crazy.

On a September night after a couple of drinks with my friends, I was surfing Facebook. I decided to send a friend request to Anita on Facebook. To my surprise, she accepted it within minutes. Then I decided to try my luck and dropped a ‘Hey’ for which she replied with a ‘Hi’.

That was a bit of a surprise for me. Then the chat went as follow:

Me: So do you know me?

Anita: Yes, of course, you are always there at our block trying to find someone!

Me: Haha. I hope you know who that someone is. BTW I am Mathew your senior and from your same hometown.

Anita: Oh, I am Anita your junior, even though you know ‘everything’ about me.

Me: Haha, not ‘everything’ though. So whats up? How’s college and Chennai? Getting used to hostel and stuff huh?

So let me fast forward the chat. The chat then went on to her talking about her family, hostel life and the usual favorite actors’ food and things.

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Me: So what’s making you stay up late at night? Chatting with a boyfriend?

Anita: Haha. I was listening to music before and now chatting with you.

Me: So you mean to say you don’t have a boyfriend, eh?

Anita: Haha couldn’t find any of my types.

Me: So what does your type means?

Anita: Well. I am not looking for any boyfriend. I am here to enjoy the freedom that I have finally got

Me: Well you don’t need a boyfriend for ‘enjoying’.

Anita: What do you mean by ‘enjoying’?

It was getting late at night. I was already having boner seeing her pics. So I decided to try my luck.

Me: Well, for me enjoying means going for a drive, movie and have ‘fun’ if possible.

Anita: What is this ‘fun’ for you?

Me: Haha don’t tell me you are not understanding what I am saying.

Anita: Lol. Do you mean making out? Is that the fun that you meant?

Me: Well yes. You can have friends with benefits here so that you can enjoy your freedom with fun and without any commitments.

Anita: Well well. I don’t know if that can be a good option here.

Me: Well there is no harm in trying out.

Anita: Well how can we know if someone is the right person to be friends with benefits relationship. I mean how safe can that be.

Me: Well, it’s a mutual understanding and for mutual satisfaction. Well, I can help you if you want. (trying my luck again)

Anita: Well how? I mean, how can you satisfy me now?

Me: Let me share something with you.

(I decided to send a selfie without a t-shirt.)

Anita: That’s nice.

Me: Now send me something to make me satisfied.

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Anita: Eh, like what?

Me: Like what I had sent?

Anita: Eh, ok. But please make sure no one is seeing these pics.

Then she sent me a pic showing her cleavage. I had an instant boner.

Me: Wow, you wanna see something more I asked?

Anita: Yes, if that’s ok for you.

I was waiting for this, so I decided to give it a go and then sent her a pic of my erect dick.

Anita: OMG Mathew. This is the first time I am seeing this.

Me: can see it every day for real if we can be friends with benefits.

Anita: I don’t know what to say. I am still looking at your pic.

Me: Hey now since that I have sent you something to look at. Why don’t you send me something to look at?

Anita: What do you want me to send?

Me: Well, I would love to see your boobs. I have been wanting to see them from the day I saw you first.

(No reply from her for another 10 minutes, which made me confused thinking if I went a little too quick,)

Me: Hello you still there?

Anita: Here you go.

Saying this she sent me her pic with boobs. I had water in my mouth seeing that cutie and her naked boobs. I went straight to the washroom and started to masturbate. I took a photo of that and send to her.

Anita: Wow, it did help ‘my friend’, a lot I guess.

Me: I wish you were here now. It could have been more satisfying.

Anita: What more do you need from me now, bae?

Me: I so badly want you to give me a blowjob. I really want your lips to be around my dick.

Anita: I wish I could give that to you.but how? Since I am in the hostel I can’t come out at night know dear.

Me: Well then. Why don’t we go for a drive or a movie? Whichever you prefer.

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Anita: Well, you don’t know. Let’s go for a movie, so that nobody sees us on road, but wont the theater be crowded?

Me: Don’t worry. I will make sure we book the last row and will take 5 tickets from the corner. So that no one disturbs us.

Anita: Okay dear, as you say. But I am a little scared since this is my first time. So please adjust if things are not going as per your expectations.

Me: Don’t worry, my friend. I’ll make sure everything is fine and comfortable for you. So I have booked for an English movie tomorrow at 3 in the noon. You pick an auto and reach the mall. I’ll wait there for you.

Anita: But what will I tell my friends if they ask?

Me: Tell them your relatives are in town and you are going to meet them and will be back by 7.

Anita: Ok dear, as you say. I am excited and nervous about tomorrow.

Me: Me too, and I have already got another boner now. (sent a pic of a dick)

Anita: Too much to handle for today. I can’t wait to make ‘my friend’ happy tomorrow. I can’t wait, baby. Goodnight then. Sweet dreams about tomorrow.

Me: Goodnight dear. Don’t think I’ll have much sleep tonight.

So that how we went to sleep on a September night in 2010. Send in your feedback to [email protected] I’ll explain the incident that happened the next day in my next story. Now since I am working in Kerala, any girls interested to have some good fun can mail me.

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