Sexy Housemaid Anjali – Part 2

“My nephews will be coming tomorrow,” said Suresh one night as they both lay in bed exhausted after their lovemaking session. Anjali was running her hands over her lover’s chest hair playfully, her head resting on his biceps. She raised her eyebrows when her mind registered what he said.

“What? Why?”, she asked, clearly not excited by this new development. Their arrangement was perfect till now; she would come to work for him in the evening and finish her work by nighttime.

After that, they would make love till midnight. Suresh lived alone, so they could fuck wherever they wanted. In the living room, in the bedroom, on the couch, up against the wall..wherever they wanted.

“Relax, my sex slave. It’s only for a couple of weeks. Just until the summer holidays’ end”, said a smiling Suresh, realizing that she wanted him all for herself. He pinched her brown nipple and gave it a slight twist.

Anjali seductively bit her lower lip. “Don’t get so possessive. I own you.. not the other way around”, he said, getting on top of her again.

“Already?”, she asked, as it could not have been more than fifteen minutes since he climaxed inside her.

“Spread your legs, bitch”, he commanded. “Let me drill you some more.”

“As you wish master”, Anjali giggled, wrapping her legs around his waist.

And thus began round two.


Suresh wanted to come home early that day. If he could get home before his nephews get there, then he could spend some sexy time with Anjali.

The younger one Pranav, who was 19 years old, would insist on sleeping in his uncle’s bed, so bedtime sex was not an option. But alas, things didn’t go according to plan.

A riot broke out at a political gathering and the district police had to diffuse the situation. At about 6:30 in the evening, he got a call from his brother saying that he had dropped his kids off at his place. All hope was lost.

He got home really late that evening. Some light from the flickering street lamps showed him that it was almost 9 o’ clock on his watch. He didn’t have to ring the doorbell as the door was already open. Pranav was sitting on the couch, playing a game on his gameboy console. He didn’t even notice his uncle come in.

“Hey Pranav, it’s been so long”, said Suresh, casually sitting next to his nephew on the couch.

Pranav gave him a quick glance and then turned away. “Hey”, he said, not taking his eyes off the game.

“It’s been so long. How old are you now?” he asked, pinching his cheeks.

“19.” the boy answered.

“By the way. Where’s your elder brother.. where’s Kiran?”

“He went out for a walk.”

Suresh’s face lit up. “So.. he’s not here?”

“I don’t think so..No.”

Suresh was ecstatic. ‘This is my only chance for some action today’, he thought.

Without wasting another second, he rushed to the kitchen to find his lover. Pulling back the curtain that covered the door frame, he walked in to find his maid sitting on a plastic chair, in front of a table, chopping some veggies.

She was wearing a tight black sleeveless blouse and a red skirt with some white flower designs that he bought her a few days back.

Closing the curtain, Suresh walked into the kitchen. What he forgot was that the curtain didn’t completely cover the kitchen door. It covered only three-quarters of it, leaving a small gap between the floor and the ends of the curtain and the door was in a straight line to the couch.

“NO!!” yelled Pranav. He lost the current level and furiously threw the gameboy away. “Stupid game”, he mumbled.

“Get up bitch. We don’t have a lot of time,” said Suresh. Pranav could see up to their knees through the space.

The woman got up or she was pulled up, he didn’t see properly. She was standing with her back facing his uncle. He put the chair aside first. Then, as he watched, the maid’s skirt fell to the floor, circling her feet. Her underwear was pulled way down below her knees by his uncle.

He heard slapping noises next and the maid cried. ‘Is he hurting her?’ he thought. His uncle’s pants fell down next, along with his underwear.

“Are you ready, my slave?” he heard him ask. “Yes, master.” the maid replied.

His uncle stood really close to the maid at first and then started rocking his body back and forth. “Aah.. aah..aah..oh master.” said the maid.

‘Is this a game. She seems to be enjoying it.’ Pranav thought.

“Fuck! Ooh, aah.. hmm, fuck me master, harder. Oh, I was waiting for this all day.” she said, standing on her toes.

His uncle increased his speed and he could hear him panting vigorously. The maid’s feet were lifted off the floor a couple of times, sometimes more than a few inches, with her underwear still clinging on to her fleshy legs.

The woman was crying more loudly now but she kept saying she wanted more and begged his uncle not to stop. “Moan BITCH! MOOOAAAN!”

The table started wobbling back and forth along with his uncle’s thrusts. Pranav was afraid that the legs were going to break. He heard the slapping noises again and it was always accompanied by a loud moan from the maid. “You like that, don’t you slut?” his uncle asked and slapped again. “AAH!, Hmm.. yes.”

The moans continued and the table wobbled for another five minutes after which he heard his uncle groan loudly. He gave the maid one final push that lifted her feet well off the floor and the table moved a couple of inches forward making an unpleasant shrieking noise.

It all stopped after that. Pranav saw the maid pull up her underwear. She turned around and then he heard kissing sounds. He picked up his gameboy and left the scene immediately. ‘What was that all about?’ he wondered.

Kiran, Pranav’s elder brother, returned after his walk at about 9:30. He was a rather thin boy. Pranav was watching some cartoons as his gameboy was busted.

Suresh was in the dining room, having supper with Anjali; they both looked exhausted. After the meal, they had to decide who was going to sleep where. Pranav was going to sleep with his uncle. Kiran was a really mean big brother so sleeping alongside him was not an option.

“Ok, it is decided then. I and Pranav in the master bedroom and Anjali and Kiran in the guest bedroom” said Suresh.

Kiran was excited. ‘I get to sleep with this sexy chechi. Thank you lord.. I won’t waste this opportunity’ he thought. He could see the nipples pointing out of her blouse. ‘She’s not even wearing a bra.’

“Does anyone have a problem with this arrangement?”

“No uncle. I’m fine with it.” said Kiran.

“Ok. Then it is decided.”

“Why don’t you go to bed Kiran. I have some more chores to do.” said Anjali.

“Ok chechi.”

The guest bedroom was a moderate one. A queen-sized bed in the centre of the room with a drawer right next to it.

Kiran took off his shirt and got onto the bed. The light was still on. He got under the bedsheets and waited. Anjali walked into the room after about half an hour. Kiran appeared to be asleep by then. She tied her black hair into a bun and switched off the lights.

Anjali was lying on her back with Kiran to her left side. She fell into a deep sleep soon after saying some prayers.

Kiran was waiting for this. He sat up quietly and leaned over to the drawer on his side. Switching on the lamp, he slowly wiggled to her side of the bed. The lamp shed some light on Anjali’s gorgeous face, giving it a resplendent golden glow.

Kiran pulled back the bedsheet that covered her beautiful body. ‘What a thick figure.’

He gazed in wonder at the shapely bulge of her blouse and the graceful smoothness of her belly. He leaned in closer and kissed her cleavage. Then, cupping both her breasts, he kissed her navel, licking every inch of it. He couldn’t control himself any longer.

He had to see what was underneath her blouse. He unbuttoned it one by one, careful not to wake her up. Taking a deep breath, he opened the blouse. Kiran’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets in the dark.

‘She has the tits of a pornstar!’ He felt like he was going to cum just by looking at them.

Quietly removing both his shorts and his underwear, Kiran sat on top of her. His cock was already stiff. First, he kneaded her tits in his hands; then, putting one in his mouth, he sucked on it as if it was a ripe mango. “OH Suresh!” she mumbled in her sleep. ‘Suresh? Is my uncle fucking her?’ he paused.

‘You are such a slut chechi.’ Kiran placed his cock between her breasts and squished them both together, sandwiching his erect tool between them.

Then, he slowly rocked his body back and forth, tit-fucking her. A spherical glob of his precum fell on her chest. It was like a dream come true. He never felt this good before.

His penis was pulsing hot, penetrating the tight space between her breasts. Completely lost in the moment, he twisted her nipples hard causing Anjali to wake up with a start. What she saw was a young man panting and groaning, forcing himself on her. “KIRAN.. WHAT ARE YOUR DOING?” she looked at him horrified.

“Just a few more strokes chechi and..aah..”

He pressed her tits down hard as his penis exploded like a volcano, covering her sun-bathed face with his cum. Anjali pushed him off of her and sat up straight. “What did you do?”

“I am sorry, chechi. I couldn’t control myself when I saw your boobs,” he said sincerely. Anjali stared at him in disbelief and then realizing that her blouse was still open, she covered herself up.

“It’s disgusting what you just did. Oh god, it’s in my hair. GO TO SLEEP. I need to wash my face.” she said, getting out of the bed and walking into the attached bathroom.

Kiran dozed off by the time she got back. He was sleeping naked with a smile carved on his face. ‘I didn’t even get the chance to properly scold him. Maybe it’s his age. He is too curious.’ she thought.


Kiran woke up late the next day. Left for him on the drawer was a cup of tea. The steam rising out of it told him that it was still hot.

After drinking his tea, he got out of bed and put on his clothes. He wanted to see Anjali right away. What would her reaction be when she sees him? Did she tell uncle about what happened last night?

Suresh was in the dining room, eating his morning breakfast. “Good morning, Kiran. Did you sleep well?”

“Good morning, uncle. It was really hot last night,” said Kiran.

“Hmm. It was.”

“How come you’re still here uncle? Don’t you have to go to the station today?”

“No. I have to go to Ernakulam for an urgent matter. I will leave tonight.”

“So you won’t be here tonight?” asked Kiran, trying to hide the fact that he was excited by the news.

“No. I won’t be. Anjali will look after you both. I’ve already talked to her about it.” said the policeman.

Kiran walked into the kitchen. Anjali was making chapatis. Staring at her ass already made his cock hard. ‘I have to hit that ass tonight’. Tiptoeing to her slowly, Kiran squeezed her butt-cheeks lightly, startling her. “What are you doing now?” she asked, clearly pissed off.

“You have such a firm ass chechi. Thank you for last night.”

“Thank you? You forced yourself on me. If I had told your uncle you would be in big trouble.”

“It’s nice that you didn’t.” He hugged her from behind, grinding his cock against her ass.

“ANJALI. TWO MORE CHAPATIS.” came Suresh’s voice from the dining room.

“COMING SIR,” she replied breaking free from Kiran’s hold. “If you do anything like that again, I swear I’ll tell him,” she warned him.

“Ok chechi,” Kiran said with a smile and slapped her ass as she walked past him. She turned around and gave him a scowl before exiting the kitchen.


Suresh already left for the train station. Anjali and the boys were having supper. Pranav wouldn’t sleep alone so Anjali decided to give him company.

“So what about me? I’m scared of the dark too,” said Kiran.

“No, you’re not. You’re going to sleep alone in the guest bedroom,” said Anjali.

“Chechi, I’m not lying. I have never slept alone in my life.”

“There’s a first time for everything. My decision is final.” Anjali said sternly. Kiran didn’t say anything further.

Pranav drifted off to sleep easily that night. Anjali lay beside him, thinking about what happened the other night.

‘The guts of that kid. He’s only my son’s age and he wants to fuck me.’ she thought.

Anjali wasn’t awake when the door to the master bedroom was opened that night. She was fast asleep.

Kiran walked in stealthily and stood by her side of the bed, watching her sleep. He opened the window curtains, letting the silver moonlight flood the room.

Anjali was wearing a half-sleeve blue blouse and a black petticoat today. As he took off his clothes, his eyes ran along the curves of her busty body, partially covered by a blanket. Her bra-strap was sticking out of her blouse.

‘So.. she wore a bra tonight huh? HOT!’ She was sleeping on her side tonight, facing Pranav who was to her left.

Kiran, now naked, nudged in beside her and groped her breasts from behind. ‘God, they’re so soft. Almost feels like candy.’ He threw the blanket to Pranav’s side and spooned her, grinding his cock against her ass. ‘OH! That feels so good.’

The maid woke up from her slumber, shocked to find someone’s hand on her breast. “Let go of me Kiran or I’ll call your uncle right now,” she whispered, trying to free herself from his grip. But Kiran held on to her breasts tight like he was holding on for dear life.

“Calm down, chechi. We have some unfinished business don’t you think?”

“Lower your voice. Your brother is sleeping. You’ll wake him up.”

“Then stop resisting and just enjoy this,” he said and kissed her neck while his fingers unbuttoned her blouse. Finding his kisses repulsive, she twisted and turned her head. This just made it hotter for Kiran. He kissed and licked her neck while his right hand moved down her waist, sliding under her petticoat.

Anjali closed her eyes and parted her lips when his fingers entered her panty and touched her clit.

“Stop it Kiran.” He kissed her cheek and answered with his fingers, inserting two of them in her cunt.

“Ooh!” she moaned. Aroused, she rubbed her thighs together.

“You are so hot. chechi.” he whispered in her ear and gave her another kiss on the cheek while he started to fuck her with his fingers. The thought of a schoolboy taking advantage of her made her cheeks flush a brilliant red hue. She moaned a bit more.

Kiran took his hand out of her petticoat and untied it with his sticky fingers. He sat up on the bed and pulled down her garment all the way. Her thighs were so thick! He was about to remove her white panty but Anjali resisted, holding onto her underwear. “NO! What if Pranav wakes up?” she asked.

Kiran thought for a moment. “Don’t worry. We’ll cover ourselves with the blanket. He won’t see a thing. But first I need to see your ass chechi.”

Kiran put a pillow under her crotch and made her lie on her belly. He then pulled down her underwear. “Wow, chechi. It’s like two watermelons.”

His hands did everything they could to her ass while his tongue slid down her butt-crack and circled around her asshole. Anjali held onto his head and sighed while he licked and kissed her most private places.

After he was finished with her ass, he got up and covered her body with the blanket. Lying on her belly, Anjali took off her blouse while Kiran got underneath the blanket.

Positioning his cock next to her cunt, he laid on top of her gently. Popping his head from under the blanket – which was pulled all the way up to Anjali’s neck – he kissed behind her ear and penetrated her slowly. She gasped and held onto the wooden bars of the bed’s headrest.

He kept it inside for some time, feeling her wetness and warmth. Anjali moaned when he took it out and pushed it in again. “Oh fuck, chechi. This feels soo good,” he said amidst his grunts as he started pumping her.

Pranav woke up to the sound of his brother’s crotch hitting Anjali’s ass. SHMAP, SHMAP, SHMAP, SHMAP, SHMAP, SHMAP, SHMAP.. The bed was shaking noticeably. He rubbed his eyes and looked around.

‘Kiran? What is he doing here?’ He saw his brother lying on top of the moaning maid. He could only see their heads and a little bit of their backside, the rest were covered meticulously.

“Ee! Ee! Ee!” he heard his brother say as he rode her. The maid’s hair was all a mess; it was tied up earlier. His brother’s face was contorted in pleasure as he moved back and forth on top of the maid and she was making the same noises she made the other day.

‘Where is her blouse?’ he wondered. Her face was buried in the pillow. He watched his brother unhook her bra and kiss her backside passionately.

“What is he doing to you, chechi?” Pranav asked innocently. Anjali almost jumped when she heard this.

“Oh no. Pranav.. Kiran.. stop.” She was about to get up when Kiran pushed her down forcibly.

“NO! We’re not stopping anything,” he said continuing to pump her while he held down her head.

“Mind your own business. Don’t look over here,” he said to his brother.

“But, I’m really thirsty. I need some water.” he said.

“Then go to the kitchen and get some. Stop disturbing us.” Kiran told his brother and pushed his hand under her bra.

Pranav got off the bed and walked to the door. “OH.. Fuck. I’m gonna fuck you every day, chechi.” he heard his brother say.

After Pranav left, Kiran stopped his thrusts and asked Anjali to turn around, taking off her bra as soon as she did and tossing it to the floor. Her magnificent tits were out in the open for him to feast on.

After giving his chechi’s melons the attention they needed, he proceeded to fuck her missionary style. His lean frame between her thick legs and his hands were resting on hers, fingers interlocked together.

Pranav got back soon enough and was surprised to see the maid’s bra lying on the floor. They seemed to have changed position too and the bed was shaking more violently. His brother kissed her lips every now and then and sucked on her earlobes.

“Aah.. aah.. aah.. faster Kiran faster..” she pleaded. Pranav got onto the bed and stared at them in wonder. Kiran didn’t even realize that his brother was back until Anjali pointed it out in between her moans.

“What the fuck are you looking at?” Kiran asked. Pranav just looked on, wondering what was happening under the sheets. “What? You want to watch? Fine!” In one swift motion, Kiran pulled off the blanket and tossed it to the floor. “Here! Watch me fuck chechi.”

“KIRAN..WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?” asked Anjali and she was about to get up to cover herself but Kiran pushed her down again.

“Stay down, chechi! I’m not finished.”

“But Pranav..”

“He won’t understand anything.”

Pranav watched in shock. They were both completely naked! And his brother’s thingy was entering chechi’s hole. ‘Is he hurting her? He is also drinking milk from chechi’s breasts.’

The maid wrapped her legs around the boy’s waist and thrust herself onto his cock harder. He was taken by surprise.

“Pranav watching us is making you hornier, chechi?” he asked.

“Mmmm..” she replied.

Kiran now started thrusting as deep as he could and Anjali helped him. He rested his face on Anjali’s pillow next to her head and just drilled her like a beast while he held down her wrists.

“AAAH..MMM..YES.. HA..HA..HUH..OMG..” she moaned like a slut. Having watched enough Pranav turned sideways away from the action.

The maid’s screams were getting louder so he covered his ears with the pillow. Anjali couldn’t hold on any longer. She climaxed hard moaning for a full ten seconds as her fingernails dug into the mattress. Her juices squirting out didn’t stop Pranav.

He lifted her legs onto his shoulders and gritted his teeth, trying to hold on for as long as he could. He gave her five hard thrusts before emptying his ball-sack inside her.

“AAAAAAAAH!!!” they both moaned in unison and Kiran fell asleep on his chechi’s breasts.

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