Sexy Indian Wife And Husband’s Friend Rohit


Hi all, I am Sneha and this is my sex story of how I ended up having sex with my husband’s school friend. I am 26 years old and I work as a flight attendant. My husband Sumit works in an IT company. As I am in the airline industry, I need to always look good and hence I have maintained myself pretty well.

My currents stats are 34C-28-32. I am 5’8 and have shoulder-length straight black hair with brown streaks.

One day, my husband informed me that his friend Rohit was coming to spend some time with us. I had never met him and so, I was excited. Sumit went to the airport to receive his friend. Meanwhile, I was busy preparing lunch.

Then I decided to quickly take a bath and get ready. I decided to wear a nice light blue chiffon saree with sleeveless white blouse. I tied my hair as a bun. Soon my husband’s friend arrived. He did not look bad. In fact, he was kind of good.

I hugged my husband’s friend and then we sat down and started talking. After some time, I asked the boys to come to the dining table to have lunch.

They both sat down and I started serving. While serving Rohit, I hadn’t realized that my pallu had dropped. Then I noticed my husband’s friend staring at my cleavage!

I looked at my husband. Sumit was busy on his phone and didn’t notice anything. Rohit didn’t realize that I saw him checking out my cleavage. I thought perhaps it might be a mistake and so, I just let it go.

After having lunch, we all decided to have out afternoon nap.

We woke up in the evening and my husband decided that we should go to a hookah lounge. So, we all got ready. I wore a low-neck tank top and short skirt.

We reached the lounge and got a place. It was a small sofa for two and single seater. My husband and I sat on the sofa and Rohit on the single seater.

We ordered drinks and started smoking the hookah. The DJ was playing great tracks and it was really fun. We soon started drinking and talking. The lounge lights were dimmed and many around us started to dance. Sumit and Rohit then went to get shots for us. When they returned, Rohit was going to sit in the one seater.

Sumit: Hey Rohit, you don’t have to sit alone every time. Come and sit on the sofa.

I was a bit hesitant, but then said, “Yes Rohit, come here and sit next to me.”

The sofa wasn’t that big and our legs were touching each other along with our sides. My hubby’s friend sat left of me and my naked left arm was now in contact with his right arm. Each time we moved, it rubbed against each other.

As we were already a bit high, it didn’t bother us much. Since my husband and I were sharing one hookah, now Rohit and I were sharing that. As soon as Rohit finished using the hookah, I took it to take a blow. I saw a bit of saliva on the mouth tip of the hookah. I realized it was Rohit’s.

I first thought to wipe it, but decided to just use it as is! That was the first time I tasted his saliva. (At that time, I didn’t realize I was going to taste a lot more than just saliva!)

My husband had gone to the loo and Rohit and I were talking. He was making me laugh like crazy and we both were just high and laughing. In all this, all of a sudden, I felt a hand on my left thigh! It was warm and since the AC was on, it felt a bit nice. It was Rohit.

We both were laughing so much and I don’t know if he placed it purposefully or if it was just accident. My husband’s friend was moving his hand slowly and continued to talk and then removed it to pick up his drink from the table. I wondered what had happened, but I was also quite high and didn’t think much. We came back that night and slept.

The next morning Sumit said he had to go to work for some time and would be back in the afternoon. I got up and decided to make tea for Rohit and me. I quickly wore my nightie. It was a short satin gown just above my thighs. I was wearing only a panty.

I took the tea and went to our guest room where my husband’s friend was. I knocked and entered and was shocked. Rohit was on the ground doing pushups and was only in his underwear. He immediately saw me and got up.

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Rohit: Sorry bhabhi, didn’t know you were coming. I usually get up everyday and do pushups.

Me: Oh no Rohit, I am sorry. Should’t have come in.

During all this, Rohit never tried to wear anything. He just continued standing in his underwear.

I saw that he had already checked me out and I think he had a boner. I just left the tea there and left. A lot of thoughts were going in my mind. I just couldn’t get my husband’s friend out of my mind. His crotch with a swollen dick was running in my mind. Also, he had a nice athletic physique.

I was married and thinking about my husband’s friend’s body was wrong. I immediately decided to go and take a bath. I won’t lie but I touched myself thinking about my husband’s friend. His body and erection were making me a bit hot. I quickly wrapped the towel around me and came out and just shouted. It was Rohit!

Me: Rohit, what are you doing here?

Rohit: Bhabhi, actually I had come to apologize and didn’t realize you had gone to shower.

Our eyes met and slowly Rohit lowered his eyes and scanned me from top to the bottom. I was barely covered in a white towel and boobs were almost out. No to mention my wet thighs were on display. He had realized that I knew he was checking me out. There was silence in the room.

Me: Rohit could you please excuse me, I would like to dress.

I wore a short red low neck backless dress and came out. Meanwhile, Rohit came and said that Sumit asked us to meet at the lunch place directly as he will be late. I was a bit irritated with Sumit, but then we went out.

We met at the restaurant and I sat with Sumit and Rohit sat opposite to us. I tried avoiding eye contact with him, but we just ended up seeing each other.

I wasn’t too hungry so didn’t each much. Sumit returned to work and Rohit and I came back home. I went to my room. I changed to my tank top and shorts. After some time, Rohit came to my room and knocked.

Rohit: Bhabhi, it’s me. Can I come in?

Me: Yes

Rohit: Bhabhi, I was getting bored so thought of having a beer. If you don’t mind, can you give me company?

Initially I didn’t want to, but then I thought he would be feeling bored as Sumit was at work, so thought of giving him company.

Me: Hmm.. ok.

Rohit: Cool..what will you drink?

ME: Dunno..get me something good.

Rohit: Bhabhi, wait I will make an awesome drink for you.

After a few minutes –

Rohit: Here bhabhi, try this and tell me how it is?

Me: Wow it is amazing. It is yum.

We started drinking and he started sharing his stories. We finally started to open up with each other. We both were a bit high.

Rohit: Bhabhi, do you wanna play Truth-dare-shot?

Me: What is that?

Rohit: It’s simple, either you accept a truth or dare or if you skip, you have to drink two shots.

ME: Ok. You first – truth or dare?

Rohit: Truth.

Me: That day when you saw me in the towel, did you check me out?

As soon as I asked this, Rohit’s face became red. He was a bit embarrassed.

Me: So you wanna answer or take two shots?

Rohit: Hmmm..I did check you out.

Me: Aahaa.. Checking out your friend’s wife.

Rohit: Now your turn, truth or dare?

Me: Truth.

Rohit: How did you feel now when I said I was checking you out?

Me: Hmm.. Well, I will take two shots.

I quickly drank two shots. I was already high before these shots. I felt the alcohol kicking in.

Me: Truth or dare?

Rohit: Truth.

Me: Did you like seeing me in the towel?

Rohit: Hmmmm.. Yes, I liked it.

Rohit: Truth or dare?

As I was quite high, I wanted to see what Rohit gave for a dare.

Me: Dare.

Rohit: Aah dare.. I want you to take off your top!

I immediately took off my top and threw it to my my husband’s friend. He was shocked to see me do it. I could see him checking out my white milky breasts in black bra.

Me: Truth or dare?

Rohit: Truth.

Me: Do you like my breasts?

Rohit: I like them.. (I could see the lust in his eyes growing for my body)

I smiled at him and told him I will go for dare.

Rohit: Take off your shorts.

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I knew he would ask that, so I immediately took it off. My husband’s buddy was now getting a hard on seeing me in bra and panty.

Me: Truth or dare?

Rohit: Truth.

Me: Do you wanna fuck me?

Rohit: Yes, real hard.

I knew if I took a dare, he would ask me to strip, but I wanted to tease him more.

Me: I want to go for truth.

Rohit: Oh, I thought it would be a dare. Fine. What do you like more, your breasts being sucked or bitten?

Me: I want them to be sucked first and then nipples to be bitten hard. (I said this by caressing my breasts!)

Me: Truth or dare?

Rohit: Truth.

I was already horny and high with the shots. I really wanted to see my husband’s friend take off his clothes, but he again selected truth.

Me: Have you ever masturbated thinking about me, if yes then what did you think?

Rohit: Yes, many times. Most of the times, I have imagined taking a shower with you and then pushing you against the wall and pumping your soft ass from behind. You have no idea how much I cum each time I dream fuck you!

Hearing this, my right hand instantly went to my pussy and I started to slowly rub it over my panty.

Me: I want dare, Rohit.

Rohit: Come here and sit on my lap and play the rest of the game.

I got up and went and sat on his lap. He placed his hand on my waist and gave a tight press.

Rohit: Oh! You smell so sexy!

I so wanted my husband’s friend to kiss me and caress my breasts. I slowly grinded my ass on his crotch and felt his hard cock. I brought my lips close to his and asked.

Me: Truth or dare?

Rohit: Truth.

Me: Why aren’t you fucking me? I am almost naked on your lap?

Rohit: To have the sexy beautiful wife of my best friend almost naked on lap is such a seductive sexy feeling. I wanna make that pussy of yours drip before I ravage your sexy body. And don’t you worry. I am going to pound you hard. I just wanna see how much longer I can control till I suck those juicy lips of yours. You have no idea how much I have wanted to see you naked.

Rohit kept moving his hands on my naked back.

Rohit: What do you want babe..Truth or dare?

Me: Truth.

Rohit: I always noticed you wearing low neck clothes in front of me. Was it on purpose?

I moved closer and leaned over him so that my breasts were now crushing against his chest. In a sexy voice, I said –

Me: Yes. When the best friend of your husband scans your body and never leaves an opportunity to touch her body.. You ought to play with him a bit.

I moved my hair on one side and took out my tongue and slowly licked Rohit’s lips.

Rohit: You are one naughty whore.

The touch of Rohit’s lips and his words were making me drip. I wanted him in me bad. He inserted his hand inside my bra and cupped my left breast.

I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan.

Rohit: You have such big, soft, smooth breast. Who else has played with this whore other than Sumit?

Me: Oh come on Rohit, do you think I am sleeping with everyone?

Rohit: Sluts like you need the fire in your pussy to be quenched. I am sure you have been pounded hard by many men.

Saying this, my husband’s friend lifted me in his arms and pushed me against the wall and started sucking my lips. I inserted my tongue and we both were busy sucking, licking each other like crazy.

Rohit bit my lips and sucked my tongue. He started sucking and licking my neck and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed his wet tongue licking me everywhere. With his right hand, he was squeezing my breasts and sucking my cleavage.

I pushed his head harder and wanted him to suck and bite my soft milky breasts. I moaned and Rohit bit me harder.

I had wound my legs around his waist and loved being caressed by him. Nothing makes a woman more horny than a man squeezing her tits and sucking and biting them hard. After kissing each other like crazy for 15 minutes, he carried me and placed me on the sofa.

I quickly got up and made my man sit back and relax. My pussy was wet and swollen. My lips and tongue wanted my husband’s friend hard rock manhood. I wanted to taste his love juice.

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I got down on my knees and bit my lower lip and started to undo his belt. All the time, I continued to look at him sexily. With my slow soft moans, I continued to unzip his pant. And there it was! The monster making a huge tent in his underwear.

The precum had already made a wet patch and immediately, I took out my tongue and licked the wet spot. I felt the tip of my husband’s friend cock over his underwear and licked it. Then I grabbed his cock and slowly started rubbing…

Me: Ohhhhhh baby do you like my soft hands hun.. Let me please you tonight, baby.

I started to lick his inner thighs near his cock. The warm wet tongue on his thigh was making Rohit mad. I continued to caress my husband’s best friend’s hard penis over the underwear and let my tongue lick and suck his thighs.

I was now getting out of control and really wanted his cock. So, I pulled his underwear down and his throbbing cock hit my lips. His sticky precum was all over my lips. I looked at him and slowly licked my lips. The pungent taste of his precum made me more horny.

I slowly slid his foreskin down and took out my tongue and started to lick his cock head – wet, smooth and tasty. His cock head was so big and red and wet. I immediately took it in my mouth and started to suck it like crazy. The slurping sounds of my sucks were filled in the room.

Meanwhile, my husband’s friend grabbed my hair and started to push my head down. With his each thrust, his rock hard cock went deeper and I could feel his cock entering my throat. I started to choke but he just pulled my hair even tighter and shoved it down my mouth!

Now I started choking badly and within seconds, I felt the burst of the thick warm sticky musty cum of my husband’s friend in my mouth and throat. It was so much but the taste was so sexy and amazing.

So, my mouth was filled with my husband’s friend’s cum and he even sprayed it on my lips and face. I continued to lick it off my face.

Even before I could take my breath, Rohit picked me up and took me to the bedroom and dropped on the bed. He went and had a couple of tequila shots and came and smooched me. He poured the entire tequila in my mouth and we started to suck each other’s tongue and lips.

He started squeezing my breasts and then he tore my panty. He rubbed on my pussy. Then I felt my husband’s friend placing his hard cock in my pussy and in a jerk, he penetrated me! His enormous cock made me give out a loud moan.

Rohit started pumping me hard and I just hugged him tightly and crossed my legs around him. The more he pumped, the louder I moaned.

He was going non-stop and I was enjoying every bit of my husband’s friend manhood pumping my wet pussy.

He pulled my hair hard and looked into my eyes, “Enjoying it, you slut? I will not leave you tonight till I unload all my cum in my best friend’s hot wife’s pussy. You sexy cunt, you have teased me so much by exposing your deep cleavages, touching me and making it look accidental. I know whores like you.”

Me: Yes Rohit, go deeper and fuck me hard. I am your whore and will always be. Just own me as your bitch and satisfy this naked cunt.

He started biting me on my breast and his pumping became faster and harder. I couldn’t take it any longer all of a sudden, we both climaxed and Rohit fell over me.

Then he got up and rubbed the dripping cum from his cock on my lips. He held my hair and rubbed his cock all over my face. My face was covered with my husband’s friend’s cum.

He then came and lied next to me and I hugged him and we dozed off.

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