She: The Picasso Of Seduction – Part 3

Guys, this is a real story. It will have to have at least 3 to 4 parts to get my experience to become an experience for you. This was an incident we fucked each other but before certain things happened to us. We didn’t plan this to happen. In this part, the real fun begins. I will tell you why I call her the Picasso.

My life just turned into one full of incidents. I became a hero for a short period in the colony. And became a hero for Sumitra for a lifetime. That night I brought her to my house from the terrace. As I have narrated in the previous story, her blouse was torn and her boobs in her bra opened.

I made her sit on the sofa in front of me and brought her some water. She was weeping and I went near her to console her. She was sitting I kept my hands on her shoulder. She stood up and hugged me out of her sorrow. And started thanking me. But the situation was not that good for me.

Her boobs out of her blouse were pressed hard against my chest. I didn’t hug her back. But my body started reacting and my dick too. She held me as tight as she could and she felt my erection. I wanted to move away. She looked down and saw my erection. I saw her looking and turned my face away.

As she looked up at me the police came. And everyone in the colony who were busy with the celebration was alerted and came running. Kiran and the man were turned to the police. And that night was over too. I was thinking of the awkward situation that I had just gone through.

She didn’t come to work for two days. And on the third day, she came. The timing she came regularly was perfect for our following events. She used to come after 10.30 am and 2.30 pm. She had two shifts in our house. This was the time when I used to be alone in the house.

Brother went to college and parents to their respective offices. She came to me and started thanking me for that day and she started crying. She apologized for her behavior earlier that day too. They started narrating all her previous incidents with her husband.

It was not the first time he tried to use her to pay off his debts. All that went for long and she was crying. I didn’t go near her this time to avoid repeating the awkward situation. But this time she came and hugged me tightly I was struggling to avoid this. She gave me a really tight hug.

We parted and she started doing her daily chores. I have narrated in the previous story that I watched porn. Some times my time of enjoyment coincided with her timing. I knew that before these incidents she has seen me masturbating many times. Sometimes I used to sleep while masturbating.

And that would be the time she will come to clean my room. I knew she has seen my erected penis over my shorts many times. But the incident had a drastic change in her behavior. She never used to miss an opportunity to rub her body on me or to touch me. Though friendly, it had some reaction on my body.

Yes, she has seen my erection before and I knew about that. But neither I nor she used to react. Though I have tried nothing and tried to be a ‘sakht londa’, it was not the reality. I was physically attracted to her very much. But I was in control. I never tried anything on her.

Everything was going good and regular. After a few months, one day, it was a holiday for my mother. She was watching some TV program. I was masturbating, watching some porn. I was in my room lying on my bed. My dick was erect to maximum and I was shagging. It was about time she would come.

In the middle, I needed to go to the toilet. I resisted, but after some time it was out of control. So I picked up my mobile and with my fully erect penis, I went to the toilet. I started watching porn. I was not enjoying sitting there on my western style commode and masturbating. But it was a compulsion.

It took me 10-15 minutes. I was using my headsets so I wasn’t aware of what was going on outside. I wasn’t finished with my porn too. I came out and went towards my room. I saw my room’s door was closed. I got irritated. It would be my brother in the room. I was angry and forgot about my erect penis.

I marched straight into my room. Fuck, I saw milky white pair of boobs, hourglass-shaped body. Her hair was opened, her boobs were just perfect, white medium sized just to fill the palm and small nipples. Sumitra was standing there with no bra, panty on and her petticoat was dropped down.

She swiftly hid her breasts with her hands as a reflex. I was standing there stunned. I was not moving and was staring at her body. She has white milky thighs, white arms, perfectly oriented fat. She is so white that I can print my arms on her ass by just pressing it. Pure Indian beauty.

She was not expecting me there. She was stunned seeing me. She saw my erect penis and was stunned. I was not moving even a finger. I was just standing there. I started literally drooling. All my ‘sakt londa’ was fucked. She saw me staring at her. My head was blown.

My headphones: “Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me. Don’t cum inside my pussy. Please,  cum in my mouth, yes, yes. Please don’t cum in me. I don’t want to get pregnant. Fuck me harder, harder, yes, harder. Cum in my mouth, cum in my mouth.”

Yes, I was watching my maid standing half-naked, with no bra while porn was being played on my phone. This really messed up the situation my penis jerked few times. She saw it she saw me standing there staring at her naked body with my erect dick. My boxers were wet with my precum too.

I could not stop the porn there nor I could stop her for what she did next. She saw my erect dick with wet boxers and she was aroused. She was standing there with folded hands and hiding her boobs. She released her boobs making me see her boobs clearly.

She had her eyes wide opened as she was standing there and she released her boobs from her arms. She bent down. She bent down and picked up her petticoat. I was just standing there just seeing all this. Her nipples got erect in front of me. As she bent down I could see her boobs hanging.

My dick pulsated a few times and she was enjoying that. She picked up her petticoat and tied it to her waist. Now she had a wicked smile on her face. My dick was pulsating. She started walking towards me with each step her boobs were wobbling. I came into some senses.

I said, “Didi, sorry maine apko dekha nahi.”

She: Ab dekh liya na, ache se.

And she was walking towards me staring at my penis. She was staring at my penis as she would eat it if she gets a chance. She came just in front of me and stood to stare into my eyes. She did something really unexpected. She grabbed my dick over my shorts and started pressing it.

She didn’t stroke it but she started pressing it. I closed my eyes and started enjoying it. I had been watching porn since 45-50 minutes and I was about to cum already and now this bitch was pressing my dick and playing with it. It was too much for me. And she stopped.

I opened my eyes to see what she stopped for. Before I could look at her. Her hands were in my boxers and she held my dick. And gave me a stroke. Just when her hands reached the tip of my dick, I exploded into her hands. She made a moaning sound as she wasn’t expecting an explosion of hot cum into her hands.

I lost my balance and as a reflex, I held her shoulder with one hand and the door with another. The door made a sound.

Mom: Brijesh, don’t go into your room now, Sumitra is changing her clothes.

I didn’t give a reply. I came back to my senses after a few seconds. She was looking at me with disappointment she thought I had cum just with her touch. But the next thing she did was rub my dick head clean and take out my cum from my pants.

She looked at her hands full of my cum hungrily and took a smell of it. She then smiled looking at me and that bitch rubbed all that cum on to her navel. I did go mad looking at that. We didn’t have a conversation in between all these events. Her navel was all my cum. She again looked at her hand. Some was remaining and she licked it.

Mom: Brijesh, where are you?

Again I didn’t give a reply and mom started coming towards us. We heard the sound of her footsteps. She grabbed all her clothes and ran towards the toilet. I fell on to the bed. Literally, I was exhausted, didn’t know what just happened and fell on the bed.

My mom came to my room and saw me laying like I was unconscious. She thought I was sleeping. She called out to Sumitra and she told my mom that she is in the bathroom changing the clothes there. I didn’t reply to anything. And my mom went and continued watching her TV program.

I was laying there exclaimed about what happened just now I was horny as hell and my dick was still raised. I was at its full length. I turned and was looking at the ceiling and thinking all this. She came out of the bathroom looking like a goddess.

She changed to a red saree as she had to attend some family function and was standing there looking at me. My dick was standing like a pole in front of her. She again walked near me. This bitch was horny as hell, I was as well. She came to me quickly.

She was looking hot as hell. She was standing beside me. She bent down towards my face. She stopped just before reaching my face. I could see her white cleavage over her red saree, the view was tempting. She saw me staring at her cleavage.

She pulled down the cut of her blouse intending to show me her cleavage as much as she could. She was smiling seductively and started kissing me on my lips. Fuck, I became mad. I held her head an started kissing her madly. The kiss was so intense that our mouth started slopping.

My mouth, my chin was dripping with our saliva. It was my first ever kiss and I was really bad at it. I almost ate her lips, I was rough. She was enjoying this as she held my dick and gave me a few strokes over my shorts. I arched upwards to reach her hands.

As I arched she broke the kiss and left hold of my dick simultaneously. And started running away. On the way she turned and smiled at me in a seductive way. And she went away. I started thinking about, what the hell is happening in my life. Since this event, she started showing me that she was kind of a nympho.

She went for that day. She came back the next day. She showed no hesitation for seducing me when I was around. She used to rub her hands over my dick every time she got a chance. I was also losing my control each time she touched my dick. This incident changed my life.

Do comment and send reviews on email. Every word I have written is a true incident of my life. Be happy. Be loveful. Email: [email protected] You know it won’t be appropriate to share my original e-mail here. Thank you.

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