Sheeya Fucked By Old Tuition Master


Hi, everyone. Thanks for the support. This is a story that spans 15 years back and I was still in college. I was very young and my sex appetite was growing enormously. I had overgrown huge boobs and big ass. My boobs started poking out of my clothes and my ass could be made out of any skirt.

My mom was a busy person and hardly had time to take care of me till night. I convinced her to leave me alone at home as it is safer. And that was my chance of having maximum fun with men who used to come home for sales, bills, food delivery.

My bust had grown enormously too soon and my ass was out of proportion. I really looked like a cute baby face teen but with huge aunty type boobs and ass. As I narrated in my previous story, I am really fond of old men, that too perverted old men.

Our landlord started noticing me and I noticed his eyes licking my body. I couldn’t buy new clothes. My old ones really couldn’t hold my assets and most of them were above knee length. I too didn’t ask for new ones as I took pleasure in people’s attention to my body.

I had fun with shopkeepers as I was extra cute with them by showing my big bum and boobs. I wore old skirts that were really short. People could see the boundary of my ass and cleavage. I used to wear very short shorts like boy panties and small tees.

The shopkeepers used to give me a discount or I would not pay at all saying I forgot my purse or money at home. They would not charge by saying nice things and trying to caress my milky, silky big thighs or my ass.

One day I heard some people speaking about a tuition master nearby. He had been complained by girls for touching them and trying his best to have fun with them. I couldn’t resist as I have a big thing for horny, pervert old men.

I heard them saying, “Just think if that old pervert gets a girl like Sheeya. He will bang her day and night.” I was ecstatic hearing this. I followed them to get more details. I got his name, Chowdhry sahab. I thought my mom must know his whereabouts.

I never needed help in studies. I used to bunk college and yet pass as my college exams. The principal used to get my special love every term. That night during dinner, I asked my mom for his details. She was surprised about me inquiring about a tuition teacher.

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But she thought its good for me and got his details and address. I convinced her to get him for home tuition and she felt it would be nice. But he was adamant initially as he wanted me to be there with other girls at his home
where he can try his best.

I knew I had to convince him to come to my home. So the next day I wore my sexiest white short only covering my ass and tiny tees till my navel. I wore two pigtails like cute teens. I went to his house during day time with no one around.

He was very surprised to see me and his erection could be seen from lungi raised above knees. He was dark, almost bald with few white hairs and he had a thick dick. I said, “Hi Sir, namaste. I am Sheeya. My mother inquired about tuition. May I come in?”

His eyes were fixed on beautiful round, soft, silky, white and milky thighs. I looked like a very cute flower. He eyed me from top to bottom, literally looking at my overgrown boobs tightly adjusted in my tees and big butt exploding in those shorts.

He said, “It’s not tuition time, but come inside,” and he rushed me inside. I told him about how my mother would not allow me to travel alone as she has to go to the office. I stay alone at home during the daytime. He was lost in my body. Then suddenly stood up and asked me to sit nearby as he couldn’t hear me.

I bit my finger and sat near him with a smile. I started again with why I need him for home tuition. All that time he would caress me around legs and shoulders. He finally agreed and there was a knock on the door. Some giggling girls had come for tuition after college.

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I bid him goodbye and noticed a wet watch on his lungi. I too was wet from all that heat. The next day, I was ready. I smuggled a few beer bottles using girls who went to college. I dressed as hot as possible. As usual, I wore two pigtail hairstyle.

A tight yellow top barely covering my breasts and green short with again barely covering my ass and leaving my milky thighs exposed. I heard a knock on the door, and asked, “Who is it?” He replied, “Chaudhry sir, is it Sheeya?” I was ecstatic, I opened the door and stood there holding the door.

He was stunned and I could see in his smile. He wanted to bang me non-stop. I got my books and sat next to him. He was so not in the mood to teach. “Sheeya! come beta sit on my lap. We will start with social studies.” I went and sat on his lap. I could straight away felt his hot rod poking my soft, sweet, bubble butts.

I rolled my eyes in pleasure. He held me on my stomach and started grinding while pretending to teach. After a while, I stood up and asked, “It’s very hot here, do you want something to drink?” He was confused and replied, “Get me anything!”

I said, “Come to living room and I will show you what we have.” He followed me and saw a bottle of cold beer, some snacks, cigarettes, and a bed, all arranged properly. He asked who drinks in your home. I replied, “No one, this is for special guests.” He was so ecstatic.

He sat on the chair, poured beer in his glass, lit a cigarette and signaled me to come near. I came and stood near him. He drank and smoked a puff, put his glass down. He pulled me near him and kissed on my boobs. I was in seventh heaven but pretended to know nothing and play innocent.

He said, “Turn around,” and I obeyed. He drank again, smoke a few puffs and kept enjoying my back. He slowly put his arm around me and started licking my butt, biting my thighs and made me sit on his lap. He stripped himself completely naked.

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I could see his black body with the thick dick still not fully raised. Now I was sitting on his lap and he was fully rubbing his dick against my ass, my thighs. I started moaning and he kept drinking beer. Finally, he tore my top and striped by shorts. I was completely naked with overgrown boobs and butt bouncing.

He licked me from top to bottom, sucking my brown nipples, licking asshole, biting my butts. I sat on my knees and gave him a bottle. I asked him to drink and smoke while I suck his dick and balls. He started to enjoy it so much. I sucked his dick while he drank beer.

I pushed hard and deep throated while he enjoyed his drink. He moaned like a monster. He could not resist more he took me to bed and started to lick my pussy and it was my turn to moan. He fucked me with his tongue and fingered me.

I opened my legs wide and he pushed his dick inside. I screamed with joy. He fucked me in missionary style, then asked to sit in the doggy style. He held me with my pigtails and started ramming his thick black dick into me for a long time. But he was going soft and could not finish.

So I sat on knees again and started sucking till he cums. After sucking and using my hands, he suddenly exploded on face and boobs with a big load of cum. He didn’t have sex for a while. I was so happy and took a selfie with him. I sat on him with cum all over my body and took a cute picture.

He left happy. I got up, cleaned and started getting ready for another adventure.

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