Should I Or Should I Not – Part 2


Hi everyone, those who haven’t read my previous part, please do read it. I will continue the story below.

I walked and stood next to her side. All nervous.

Me: This is really good. Did you make this painting?

S: Yes, it took me one week to finish it.

Me: Wow, you need to make one for me as well.

S: Sure.

There was complete silence for a minute. Both of us wanted something but we were scared. Scared of the consequences or what if the other person reacts the opposite.

S: Well, then let’s go. We are getting late I guess. Saying this she turned.

In my head, “No, how do I stop her?” That’s when I looked closely at her. she had an amazing ass. I don’t know the measurements but they were so fucking tight I just wanted to grab and squeeze them.

“Hey Sneha, I need to use the washroom.” She turned back. “It’s inside the bedroom to your right,” she said.

Me: I think the room is locked.

She: No, it’s just closed try it and see.

Me: Can you please show me? I am kinda scared to barge in some stranger’s bathroom.

S: Haha, darpok! Come with me.

Saying this she opened the bedroom and walked me to the bathroom door.

S: Is this enough or do you want me to come inside as well?

Me: That would be nice, why don’t you come?

S: I am serious.

Me: Me too, come and help please, what if someone abducts me inside.

S: Very funny, saying this she went inside the washroom. Come come.

Both of us were seeing till where this is going to play. I also went to the washroom and stood in front of the commode.

S: Well?

Me: I need to pee.

S: Then do it.

Me: I thought you were going to help me?

S: Oh yeah, right. Some near me let me unzip your pants.

I went near her and stood, she unbuckled my jeans and pulled down the zip. Both looked at each other not sure if we should go a bit further. She looked like she started thinking a lot. Not wasting the opportunity I told her, “Please do it fast I need to pee.”

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S: Chee.

Saying this she ran away outside the bathroom and stood near the dining table, her back was towards me. This was the last chance I would get with her and I wanted to take full advantage of this. I got an idea. I took off all my clothes. My fair and shaved dick popped out, standing at 90 degrees pointing towards the lovely angel.

I slowly sneaked behind her and hugged her from the back. Since she was taller than me, my dick came between her legs. She was unaware that I was naked. She laughed and said, “What’s up? I said, “Hey look you became a boy, you got a dick.”

She looked down and got shocked. Maybe she wanted to register on what’s happening and took a few seconds. I put my hands on her boobs from behind and squeezed them. she put her head behind and rested it on my chest. Nothing was said between us. Maybe both of us wanted the same thing.

Her breasts were so soft, maybe the size was 34. I turned her around. And gave her a kiss on her forehead, cheeks and then lips. We kissed for around 10 minutes nonstop. My hands were lying on her hips and I slowly dragged her top up and up and removed her. He stood in front of me in her white bra and jeans.

I was totally out of control, I removed her bra and freed those white boobies outside their cage. They were having pink nipples on them. I was mesmerized looking at them. I immediately pinched the left nipple and put my mouth on the right and started sucking on it.

My hands were roaming on her ass and squeezing them. I unbuttoned her jeans while sucking her nipples and freed her of it. She was standing in front of me in her matching panties. I slowly released her nipples from my mouth and kissed her boobs, both right and left.

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Slowly started kissing down and down till I reached her belly button. I put my tongue inside her belly button. She pulled my hair, I guess she was in ecstasy. I kissed down and down till I reached her panty line. I put my tongue out and licked it from the side. I pulled her panties with my teeth down slowly.

My heavy breathing from my nostrils giving her hot and smooth body goosebumps. She was standing stark naked in front of me. There was very little hair in her pussy. She was as white as milk. I went near her mound and took a deep breath, devouring her wetness.

I touched her pussy with my tongue and she shivered. I gave a couple of kisses and dug my face between her legs. She had to take the support of the table behind and her eyes were closed. My tongue was twisting and twirling inside her pussy and making her scream.

She pulled me up and we were in yet another kiss. Her hands went down trying to get hold of my cock. Her eyes widened when she touched and felt the length and girth of it. She got down on her knees and took my cock in my mouth. I could see it going in and out of her mouth. She looked up at my face.

That amazing feeling when a girl is giving you a blowjob and looks at you with her eyes slightly up. It turns you on even more. She was squeezing my balls and sucking my dick so fast. Her one hand was behind on my ass. her nails piercing my skin. That pain adding to my pleasure.

I growled and she understood that I was cumming. I held her head and came inside her mouth, squirting loads and loads of semen into her mouth. I think she didn’t expect this. She swallowed a bit of it and ran to the washroom and spat the remaining.

When she looked up in the mirror I was standing behind her smiling. She gave a smile. I parted her legs a little and applied a little spit in her pussy. Which I found wasn’t necessary since she was dripping wet already, she was scared and told me it’s her first time. I asked her should I withdraw.

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S: No, I want you to be my first.

She had tears in her eyes, I tried putting it inside her, but it was very tight. I turned her towards me, kissed her lips and pushed my dick inside her. She let out a scream and buried her nails on my back. I couldn’t get the entire dick inside her. But I kept thrusting it in and out.

After a minute, I pushed it all inside. I looked at her and I could see tears in her eyes, her eyes closed. She wanted the initial pain to go soon. After a minute or so, she started yelling, “Fuck me harder, baby. Fuck my cunt.” I turned her towards the mirror.

I was fucking her pussy from the back watching her boobs moving up and down in the mirror in front of us. Twitching her nipples in between. After some time she let out a growl and she came. I didn’t stop. I kept pumping her until I ejected the same load of cum I did the first time inside her pussy.

We both looked at each other, kissed and fell down on the bathroom floor with my cum oozing out of her pussy. We cleaned the bathroom floor from the blood and cum. We wore our clothes after cuddling for some time. On the way back, we took an Ipill and waited for another chance to fuck.

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