Shy girl’s Submissives adventure on College Campus.


Hi my name is Deepa. I am about to tell me story which is both naughty and thrilling.

So about me I never had a boyfriend and had sex before, I have petite figure but with good tight butt and good size of boobs.

So this starts when I joined my eng. college, the college was in a different city so had to find a hostel as well. So I came to hostle to shift before my college starts. So the hostle warden took me to my room and she said you will share it with a classmate and she is in your branch, so I thought this could be good she might help me in studying.
As soon as warden opened the room I see a very beautiful, tall very fair girl with long hairs sitting next to her laptop.
Warden introduced me to her. Her name is Shambhavi. I always had a soft corner for pretty girls.
So we talked a little bit, she seemed very helpful and serious there was some sort of domination in her tone.
I did as she asked me to, to settle in the room.
To be honest this was the first time I was really nervous of a girl.

The college and classes were to be started in 2 days. I slept that night in a very weird way, whole night i was looking at Shambhavi and was nervous and she looked so beautiful and maybe the hottest girl i have seen in her night dress.
So the next day she introduced me to one of her friend, Japneet she was as gorgeous as her she was very beautiful and i was feeling bit shy in presence of these 2 beauties, so we talked and i felt comfortable with these 2 girls in some time.
As Shambhavi was little taller she asked if we can join our beds as she dies not feel very comfortable on her single bed and i did as she asked.
The next day our classes started we got ready and went to classes and we attended all the classes and this continued to a week. Shambhavi, Japneet and me became very good friends and then one thurday night we both Shambhavi and me were very tired as we returned after attending classes. We both fell on our beds to take rest we both were so tired that we didn’t even change our clothes and were lying on our beds.
I was so tired that. Might have taken a nap. Suddenly i felt little cold on my tummy, i see that Shambhavi’s one hand is on my tummy, i was wearing a white shirt and it was moved little upside , but Shambhavi looked as if she was still in a sleep, so i didn’t mind and didn’t mover her hand moreover thought of such a hot lady touching my body was Irresistible.
But then i felt her hand moving a bit i didn’t react i don’t know why but i felt sensation of excitement..
She then moved her hands upwards and started to unbutton my shirt, my eyes were closed and now i was getting horny a little bit.
She somehow managed to open all my buttons and now my bare tummy and was exposed i felt shy and embarrassed but did not want it to stop.
She now started to caress by belly and a i felt a shiver in my whole body.
She moved her hands downwards and reached towards my jeans button, i knew whats gonna happen i thought maybe i should stop her maybe it’s too much but couldn’t gather the courage and then she kept her one long leg around my legs.
Now i couldn’t move much and she unbuttoned my jeans.
But suddenly we hear a knock on the door and Shambhavi stood up and amstarted reaching for the door, i got scared and stated getting dressed and button my shirt. Shambhavi turned back before opening the door looked at me maybe to make sure if I am dressed then opened tge door and it was Japneet.
I felt a sense of relief and also little unsatisfaction don’t know what that was.
Then Japneet called us to have walk in the campus it was almost dinner time, we three roamed around the campus had some tea talked avout few classes and boys.
But I was having very confusing feeling at that time that maybe i should stay away from Shambhavi and ask for another room maybe.
Shambhavi was touching my shoulders with hers while walking and i didn’t know if i should let her touch me or not.
Then we went to mess for the dinner and met few other girls, Shambhavi and Japneet were started discussing and whispering things in each other’s ear and laughing i started getting nervous i was sitting on the otherside of the table and couldn’t hear them.
we went to see and meet other ppl in the campus that night and whole time Shambhavi abd Japneet were holding hands and roaming the whole campus.
Then came the night, i was thinking i should sleep in someone else’s room but i didn’t know many girls in college to ask this.
i went to my room and Japneet came along. Japneet and Shambhavi went straight to balcony and were chatting, talking about guys and studies and all other things i changed in to my night clothes and stated to nake myself ready for the sleep. Japneet and Shambhavi were still in balcony talking.
I was lying and was with my phone and in some time i started feeling tired and falling asleep.
After sometime i think japneet came and adjusted herself on my right side and Shambhavi on the right on her bed, i am slim and little short Japneet was able to adjust.
I thought she will maybe sleep here tonight also my heartbeat was racing.
Within few minutes i felt Japneet hand over my arms and i was in a shock but also excited and then came Shambhavi’s hand on my legs i was wearing shorts she started caressing my leg.
i was wearing a tshirt top and felt Japneet’s hand caressing my arms slowly Japneet eas pulling my top upwards and Shambhavi my shorts downwards i was so hot at that time, could not think of anyother thing than what these are going to do with me.
Now i was again acting that I am asleep but maybe both knew i wasn’t.
Japneet was able to unhook my bra from the back and i didn’t move my eyes were still closed.
Shbhavi at the same time pulled down the shorts first with her hands and then with her leg.
I was already wet and was feeling very embarrassed.
Japneet slowly pulled up my top and was about to expose my bare breasts and Shambhavi’s hand were now on my panties.
I would be lying if i say i was not on the cloud seven at that moment.
Shambhavi put her hands in my panties and oh my god i was feeling something i have never felt before and Japneet exposed my breasts and her one hand was on my left boob and started squeezing it and now i sarted moving a bit in pleasure i was laying one one side they slowly pushed me and now i was laying straight with my breats exposed and panties were harldly covering my pussy.
By now Shambhavi clearly knew how wet I am.
And with one pull Shambhavi pulled my panties down and here i was laying all naked with these 2 girls who i just know from couple of weeks.
Now Japneet started playing with my clit and Shambhavi lips on nipples.
and then Shambhavi started sucking on them and i started mouning with my eyes still closed.
i heard girls laughing i couldn’t see my self but i am sure i was all red.
Shambhavi started to finger me with long fingers and Japneet started kissing my lips and i was Mouning quite loudly i just couldn’t control and also at the same time was worried if someone outside of the room may hear me.
I still didn’t have courage to open my eyes.
And Shambhavi started licking my pussy and Japneet stated kissing allover my body I didn’t want this nught to ever end and Now shambhavi came to the top and gave me a very long kiss i opened my eyes and Shambhavi started kissing my neck i wad so wet felt like something is leaking from my pussy. Now Japneet open her top took off her Bra she had huge boobs and asked me to lick and said aau baccha and like a kid I sucked.
Shambhavi took her clothes off too and i was stunned by looking at her body.
but they were still controlling or Dominating the whole thing.
They kissed each other and me.
Japneet took her jeans and then panties and asked to lick i was not sure what to do and then i felt Shambhavi’s hand from the back pushing my head to lick japneet so i did as asked this was my first time doing something like this, to be honest it didn’t feel that bad now Cam Shambhavi with very clean and shaven pussy she asked to lick and with out any hesitation i started licking and making sure she enjoys it.
At same time Japneet and Shambhavi were kissing and licking each other and after sometime they started fingering me in both holes and licking my boobs and my neck and then they stopped i think i came too maybe thats why they stopped they both got dressed by laying on the bed itself and when i reached out to get dress both took my clothes and threw them from the bed and hugged me and asked to sleep so they were asking me to sleep like this only i didn’t know what to do so i did as they asked.
And then came the day and a new journey yo my very thrilling sexual adventures began which i could have never imagined in my life.
I would post further story of how i became so submissive to the pleasure that i could not stop.

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Jasmeet Singh
Jasmeet Singh
9 months ago

Oh my god what a Story, can’t wait for the next part to come.