Simple Lesson For Simple-Minded Son



Sanju moaned in ecstasy when Madhu sucked his penis for the first time. She was running her tongue along her twenty-year-old son’s uncircumcised penis as he caressed her long black hair.

Madhu licked her son’s balls and foreskin and flicked his orifice with her tongue which made him gasp. His ball-sacks were hairy and had a musky odor.

Madhu was only wearing a bra and was completely naked beneath. Her son’s peepee was so wet from her drool that it made wet plops for every suck she sucked his cute cock. Sanju’s breathing got heavier from all the pleasure hormones raging inside his horny head.

His hands reached for his mother’s boobs and started caressing it from both sides. Madhu gave a faint moan. When Sanju tried to find the areola over Madhu’s bra, she removed his hands from her tits. But he tried to reach for it again while resting his head over hers.

“Let us go to our bed honey.”

“Hmmmmm..yaass..” was all he could say.

Sanju was nuzzling and kissing Madhu’s neck on the way to their bedroom. She could feel his wiener poking at her hips still hard from the fellatio he just received.

In the bed, Madhu made him lie on his back and asked him to close his eyes. A moment later, she called his name. Sanju couldn’t believe his own eyes. His mom was standing there completely naked and he found himself staring at her breasts. He have seen her tits a few times while bathing and when he tried to play with them she wouldn’t allow.

Madhu’s boobs were a bit saggy but beautiful enough to give him an instant boner at its sight.

Madhu lowered her body and spread both his legs on either side. Sanju’s whole body twitched a second when Madhu kissed the tip of his dick. She took her son’s dick in her mouth and started pumping once again. This time Sanju tried to push his mom’s head deeper into his cock and moved his ass in rhythm to match her suck.

“Maaa..thisss…Soo goood..aaaaa!!”

When Madhu noticed her son’s orgasm was nearing, she started sucking faster and Sanju’s moans were getting louder. Finally, he gave a shudder and his whole body was twitching for a few seconds from the first-ever orgasm he just experienced.

Madhu embraced Sanju tightly over her naked boobs. He was breathing heavily and his semi-hard penis was softly twitching. She lied beside him and took his hand to pleasure herself by rubbing his palm over her pussy.

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Madhu was already wet down there and the bed was getting soaked from all the juices leaking from her cunt. He was watching his mother masturbating for the first time. He gently nuzzled at her tits.

“Ma…Can I..suck them?”

Sanju pointed at her boobs. The way he asked was so cute she could not deny him. He was always curious about her breasts during his bathing sessions. She hugged him tightly and pressed his face between her tits. He took that for yes and started sucking her nipples like a baby hungry for milk.

Sanju was caressing one boob whilst ravaging the other. When his teeth touch her nipple sometimes, her whole body shuddered for a second. He took his own time to enjoy licking all over her mounds.

When he got bored with her tits, he started moving downwards. He kissed all over her flat stomach and drooled all over her t-shaped navel. He got aroused all again when he reached her pussy. Her weewee was emanating a motherly scent and freshly trimmed. Sanju licked her cunt like tasting his favorite ice-cream.

“It is kinda salty..but I like it, ma.”

“Taste it all you want honey..Lick all over it.”

“Can you lick my peepee again momma? Please?”

Madhu giggled. She taught her son the word ‘peepee’ for his man part when he was learning about the human body for the first time. He also asked the name for the female part, so she told him it was ‘weewee’. He never went to school or only had few friends nearby his house. So she has to teach him everything by herself.

“I will honey..but now lick min..ssaaaahhh!”

Sanju started eating his mother’s cunt like he never been fed. Her pussy was meaty and plumpy. He loved the taste and he could feel the heat rising between her thighs. He felt so special pleasuring his mother this way.

She traced her finger over her pussy to show her clit and asked him to lick it. Like a good son he was, Sanju obeyed. He slurped over her clit and tried to take her whole pussy in his mouth.

Madhu was so thrilled about her hole getting eaten by her son who came out of that same hole 20 years ago.

Sanju had down-syndrome and all his life he was suffering from learning disability. He was a bit overweight and had an ugly face. His father divorced Madhu when he realized his son was retarded. So the responsibility fell upon her to raise Sanju all by herself.

But today his simple-minded son came sobbing through the door because someone in our neighborhood made fun of how he is never going to get a girl in his life.

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Madhu tried to console him but he didn’t stop crying. She hugged him tightly and kissed him on his cheeks to show her support. Sanju responded to the hug by holding her tightly and started caressing her ass over her saree.

She could feel his prick getting hard and he was brushing his lips over her neck. It doesn’t matter she thought. It was her duty to keep her son happy she told herself. So she decided to give him a blowjob and it escalated quickly from there. Sanju had already stopped eating her cunt when she came back to her senses.

“Are you happy, Sanju?”

“I am..Ma” he whimpered. Madhu pulled him up and placed his fat body between her legs. She was ready for another orgasm.

“Sanju.. I am going to teach you something new.. But you should not tell anyone about this.”

“I won’t ma..”

“Very good..and if you keep being a good boy, we can do this anytime you want.”

“Can I suck them anytime I want?” Sanju pressed her boobs.

“Yeah baby..You can suck them anytime you want. Also if you sucked my weewee for me I will suck your peepee for you.”

“It was sooo nice mama..That thing you did with your tongue on my..”


“Balls..yes ma..balls..”

“I am going to show something better than that tongue thing baby..We are going to have sex.”


“Yeah, sex..But remember you can only use that word in our house. You shouldn’t use it anywhere especially with your friends.”

“I will remember ma.”

Madhu slid her hand between them and started jerking his member again. He got hard in no time. She asked him to put his penis inside the hole he was licking before. She guided his hot 6-inch stick into her moist cunny and it went inside smoothly. She let out a faint moan and he gasped the moment when his cock went completely inside her hole.

“Now move your hips like this that.”

For Sanju, this was a whole new different sensation than the tongue thing his mom did. It felt like his mommy was sucking his peepee with the hole she had down there. In no time he was humping his penis into her cunt passionately.

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“Is this called sex ma..?”

“Yeah baby..we are having sex..”

“It is so warm inside your weewee ma..I feel like I am gonna pee.”

Madhu knows he can produce semen. But she has no reason to worry because she was on her pills.

“It’s nothing, honey..don’t worry about it.”

This time he orgasmed faster than the blowjob. Madhu loved the way her son’s hard cock felt inside her lady parts and his cute fat ass resting between her legs.

Both of them were panting and holding each other tightly feeling their nakedness. She pushed him beside her onto the bed. His peepee was glistening and throbbing. She took his cock in her mouth and started cleaning it with her tongue.

She could feel his manhood getting big inside her mouth which made the cleaning easier. She didn’t leave a spot on his penis except for her saliva.

“Ma..I am feeling sleepy.”

“It’s ok, baby. Sleep now. We can have sex on the morrow.”

“I love having sex with you, ma.”

“Me too, baby. Give your mother a good night kiss.”

Today it wasn’t a mother-son kiss. It was deeper than that. They were kissing in a way they never did before. Sanju noticed her lips were so soft and sweet. They were out of breath when they were done kissing and he was drooling all over his mouth.

“What is this kiss, ma?”

“It’s called a french kiss baby. Would you love that for your goodnight kiss every day?”

“Yeah ma!..Every day!!”

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