Sindhi Girl In Mechanical Engineering Interview


Tensions were sky-high as it was the placement season! Every person on the campus was in the library, talking to themselves answering made up interview questions, in the computer lab researching the companies, putting up a bold face when inside they were scared.

Quite the opposite for me, I wasn’t scared of things like these, ever. I just thought, what is going to happen will happen and therefore no point in worrying about it.

I anyway, was not a very bright student, nor was I particularly good at speaking or defending my standpoint, which usually is the gist of interviews. Anyway, a very few companies came for recruiting, out of which fewer were good and worth joining. I was thus taking this very lightly.

Talking about me, I was always an average student in the class. I attended some lectures, most I didn’t. The only plus point I had was that I was one of the 3 girls in a batch of 65 boys, and I was good looking. Yes, I was a GIRL in the MECHANICAL ENGINEERING department!

Now, I am not talking here just about my innocent cute face, but I had a great body too. I had a small waist with bigger than average tight boobs and a plump soft ass, which wiggled as I walked.

My body was totally hairless and I was taller than average at 5’4″. But coming from a traditional Sindhi family, I always wore salwar kameez, loose t-shirts, and kurtis which never accentuated my body. Therefore no one knew that I had a phenomenal body.

I did get advances from some boys in class due to my good looks but never paid much attention to them.

Coming back to the interview day, it was the best company, a dream company, for which students prepare for months, the one which hires only 2 people (if we’re lucky). It was to come for an interview, encompassing 3 rounds which would run the entire day, on Thursday.

I knew I didn’t have a shot, but my mom wanted me to just sit in and get a flavor of how things go.

“What a drag!” I thought, “I don’t even have any clothes to wear for the interview”.

Finally after much debate with mom, on Monday (3 days before the interview), I placed an order for a white short formal shirt, which didn’t require tucking in and a black skirt, which ended just above my knees (or so I thought). Both of which I ordered in M (Medium) size, without giving much thought to it.

As luck would have it, the prime delivery got delayed and the order which was going to arrive on Tuesday, actually arrived on Wednesday afternoon, and I had the interview on Thursday, the very next day.

I hurriedly opened the packet, told my mom that I was trying on the clothes and closed my bedroom door. I took out the black skirt first and tried it on..and to my dismay, it was really tight and much shorter than expected!! The skirt which was to end just above my knees ended up at least 9 inches above my knees! My entire legs were exposed.

Hailing from a conservative Sindhi family, it was a big deal wearing a skirt and shirt as formal attire for the interview, but this skirt was almost slutty! Almost like the stuff SoBo girls wear to late-night parties.

A 100-thoughts were running in my mind. Should I exchange this? Will the package arrive on time? Should I skip the interview? But the biggest question was, how to face mom? I was sure she would be very angry to know that I had goofed up in ordering clothes and would have to hear an earful. Shivering, I reached out to try the formal white shirt.

I took off the sleeveless t-shirt I was wearing, pulled out the shirt from its cover, unbuttoned it, wore it and it was a real struggle. How tight the skirt was, was nothing compared to the shirt.

First of all, I struggled to put my arms in, once they were in, it was a more intense struggle to button myself. It was so tight that the buttons were not getting done at all. I had to pull my tummy in, to do the lower buttons, and really stretch the second from the top button to get the shirt to close around my boobs.

My boobs stretched hard against the second button as if just waiting for an opportunity to be set free. No matter what I did the first button could not be fastened, because the shirt stretched too tightly around my shoulders.

I quit struggling and looked at myself in the full-length mirror. I was looking like one of those secretaries in a porn film, a better comparison would be the foreign girl in the song ‘Pungi’ from the Bollywood movie ‘Agent Vinod’; only that girl had her shirt tucked in and I in my nonsensical decision had opted for a short shirt which was non-tuckable.

Think of me in a crop top length white shirt, a very tight one, the first button opened, my cleavage giving a sneak peek, a short black shirt, that too fitting snugly around the upper part of my thighs and barefoot, hair open.

I looked at myself and for the first time thought something of the sort “I am hot. Anyone would be seduced looking at me like this.”

For the first time, I had a feeling of arousal. I felt the warmth from within as if my body had lava inside. I started sweating and breathing heavily (which was difficult in this shirt).

I started thinking about how it would be like to go out like this, how the boys would go crazy. How would it feel being seen like this, all eyes scanning each inch of my body? I was hell turned on.

On an impulse, I started posing, bending down as if to pick something up, exposing even more of my legs. I imagined bending ahead to help someone with a particular sum and giving them a clear display of my boobs and bra. Stretching upward reaching out for the book kept on the top shelf and someone holding me by my slim waist.

Many more scenarios like these started flowing into my mind and I ended up getting hornier and hornier. After 20 minutes of playing around like these, I was kind of exhausted and sat down in front of the mirror with my legs crossed.

The conservative Sindhi girl who was too afraid to wear formals was completely transformed into an adventurous, horny female. Suddenly, I felt my panties becoming wet, 2 drops of ejaculate trickling down my legs.

I suddenly panicked remembering that my mom was right next door in the kitchen. I took off my crumpled clothes in a hurry, put them in a plastic cover, opened the door and acted as if everything was fine.

My mom asked, “Are the clothes fine?”. Remembering the 2 drops which were still somewhere near my calf, I said, “Yeah, perfectly fine”. Mom was happy, “Good, all the best for the interview then,” she said.

“Guess I was wearing my slutty formal outfit to the interview after all,” I thought, as the moistness inside my pussy returned.

To be continued.

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