Sissy darling 2


Part 2
After some time I came down from terrace to home feeling relax and it was Sunday noon . when I got call from one of uncle from society asking me to come to his place to help him as it was Sunday I was wearing my shorts n t shirt I went up to his home . and I knock the door
Door was opened by uncle saying me to come in
I went inside . he said me can u help me moving furniture from here n there as his family was coming to stay . I said yes why not as I started helping him .
All sudden I was trying to push sofa alone but was unable to push as it was very heavy uncle came from back lean on me and help me . as he lean on me all of sudden I feel something on ass
As I looked at him he smiled at me I just move from there to push another set but same thing happen this time he leaned on me hard I just moved from there and said uncle its hurting me
He started laughing and said me ur acting like women I was just standing silently he came near me n just squeeze my ass . I just moaned ouch and said uncle what r u doing this . he just said me directly I m doing that only which u need
I was just blank . he again run his hand on my ass saying u got lovely ass . I was acting like I don’t know what he mean .
I just said uncle what u doing his wrong I m not that type person . he just came near me n showed a video in which I m wearing panty n playing with bra . I was totally shocked seeing that . . I just started crying n beg him to delete the video but he was not listing me he said me what if I showed to ur parents or do it viral
I just falled on my knees and started begging him .
He came in front of me open his pant and stood asking me to take out his cock . I was just on knee he said do it or I will send this to ur dad .
I just closed my eyes and put my hand in his underwear and pulled his cock . . I was shock to see his huge cock . I just pulled it out n stop
He again order me to play with his cock .I just hold his cock in my hand n started shaking it he was moaning . he was closing his eyes and moaning loudly and then he said me to take in mouth
I beg him saying I never did plz don’t do like this to me he again said me about video I was help less I just try to take it in mouth but his cock smell was so musky I would not take it . he said again take it I said I m unable as its my first time . he just said OK don’t worry I have way . he went to another room wore condom n came and ask me to suck . this time I listen him and took his cock in mouth I got strawberry taste and I got mad and started sucking it hard he was moaning and saying oh suck it hard I was sucking it he was holding my head n was fucking my mouth
To be continued in part 3 coming soon

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