Sissy darling 3


Hi let me continue my part 3
I was sucking his cock with strawberry flavoured condom . as I was sucking his cock was just growing bigger n bigger he was also pushing his cock in my mouth by holding my head .
Soon he cummed in condom n just stopped fucking my mouth . I was just on my knees he just sat on sofa asked me to come I just went near him thinking now what he will do . he just asked me to turn . as I turn he just pulled my shorts n started squeezing my ass . I was just moaning I was just feeling amazing a current was flowing in my body . I just started moaning .
He just said me to bend down as I bend he just open my ass cheeks n started running his finger I was just on top of world .
He tired to insert one of his finger in my ass hole which gave me hard pain . I just started to move in front as It hurted me . he just said me that he want to fuck me
I just said what . he said yes he want to fuck me but after I get ready as a girl . I again reply what u mean . he said I want u to get ready like a girl n he want me to love n fuck hard . I was happy in my heart but tensed too . he said me by next weak he will do shopping for me n will call u . n even said me if u tried to be smart or didn’t came he will send that video too my dad .
Next part to be continued in part 4
Where u will come to know what all I did n happen

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