Sissy darling


Hi friends I m 19 year old boy belong to city this is my first story in which I m going to say u how my life changed
I m 19 fair 5.9 inch n 46 kg slim body from school time only my friends use to tease me saying u look like girl . ur half girl . and they where saying me truth only because I my self use to behave like girl like shaking ass while walking interested in talking to guys sit and piss many more things
When ever I was alone at home I use to wear my sister panties n t shirt walk all around home which really make me feel very happy .
I use to wear her panties her t shirt skirts n legings too when I was having lot of time I even use to put lipstick foundation eye maskra . was just enjoying my life . a secret life .
Days was going busy was not getting chance I was dieing hard to enjoy my life but no chance .
To keep my mind cool I taught to go to society terrace . it was noon time around 3 I went on terrace as I enter on terrace there was no one because of hot sun so I just enter on terrace
As I enter I saw a cloth stand on which three panties three bra and few other clothes was keep for drying . i just got happy by seeing so many panties n bra . I was on top of the world and little tensed too because as I guess this all was belong to last flat .
I just run n push the door and in happiness I was walking near stand looking here n there . I reached near stand I just pick blue panty and matching bra .. I just unzip my pant removed my pant n underwear I sat down so that no can notice from other terrace . I just wore that blue panty . n started rubbing that bra on my face I was just closing my eyes and was enjoying panty on my body and I was lost in my world .
All off sudden I heard door voice which made me alert so without wasting single second I changed the things and sat with my mobile .
I waited for long time but no one was there . but little tensed from where door sound came
To be continued in next part soon
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