Slap Leads To Sex – Part 1


This incident happened recently between me and my aunt when I visited her at her house when no one was there. She is a good looking lady, aged 50. She had the body which no one could say that she’s 50. It was of perfect size everywhere.

So if you remember properly, I am new to Mumbai. But most of my relatives are in Mumbai. Once I went to my family function, and many were happy to see me. I enjoyed a lot with the aunties and girls in there, obviously my cousins but still girls. Everything went great.

I enjoyed a lot of views I had there, aunties in sarees. While some exposing their hips to be sexy, that was enjoyable. At the end of the function, we had to dance. So I had to dance with one of my aunt who was in her saree and she was exposing her hip a lot.

So while dancing a romantic song was played. So she told me to keep my hand on her hip and dance. I never denied her words. I immediately kept my hand on her hip and just below her boobs and danced. I made some steps like lifting her, hugging her, getting my chances to make her boobs crush over me.

That was great and it went with fun because many were dancing and no one bothered to notice my actions. But she is not the heroine of the story. The main heroine is another aunt. While leaving she was talking to my dad. My dad called me and introduced me to her because I don’t know most of my relatives.

My dad introduced me to her and left. She was standing with her husband. She was my close relative and I had never seen her. But I had seen her son 2-3 times before when cousins everyone got together. She asked me to visit her home as I have never been to her home for lunch. I said okay.

Aunt asked for my number so that she’ll call me once for lunch when her son is home. I gave my number. In a few days, I got a forward message from an unknown number. I saw it and ignored it at that moment. Late at night, I texted that number asking who it was.

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In a few minutes, I got a reply from her with her name. So I just said okay and left. The most annoying thing most of the aunties who are not working do is sending us forward messages. So she used to send me at least 3 messages a day and it went on. But I never used to reply.

One day she asked me why I don’t reply to any of the text and the conversation started. We were talking for a few minutes. Then I had to leave and so I left. The next day, she again sent me a forward message. I saw that message immediately but didn’t reply. So she texted me and the convo went like.

She: Hi!
Me: Hi!
She: Sir seems to be a busy man, won’t text us?
Me: No aunty nothing like that. I don’t usually chat.

She: Why you’ll just stare at people, but not talk to them?
I was confused
Me: I don’t understand, what?
She: Nothing forget it.

Me: Tell me, auntie, what?
She: You don’t have a girlfriend, right?
Me: Yes. Why do you ask this now?
She: I saw how you were looking at everyone the other day at function.

I was shell shocked, but I didn’t accept it. So I said like
Me: What did I do? I was looking normally.
She: Oh I saw everything how you danced and how you were looking at people.

I still denied it, surrendering might lead to blackmail
Me: I don’t know what you are talking about, you must get some glasses.
She: Okay, don’t get angry.

And left the convo with fear. The next day she again texted me. We started to chat normally not longer than 5 minutes. Then one Saturday she texted me to come for lunch at her home as her son also took off. So my dad also asked me to go as I never have been to her house.

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I went by train and called my cousin. He came to pick me up and we went home. She gave some mango juice to drink before lunch as it was not prepared yet. I had it and was talking with my cousin. Then my cousin got a call from his manager that he has to come because a client has some issues or so.

So he said sorry and he left. Now I was with her alone whom I did not know a lot. It was odd to me. She came and sat near me while I was watching TV and she started to talk to me. It was a boring topic Then in a few minutes, she said she’s going to take bath before her lunch.

Till now I didn’t have any bad intention on her. She then came out after her bath wearing a shirt and trousers. I could see she was wearing a bra inside. We then had our lunch together. After lunch, we were watching TV for a few minutes. Then she said let’s have some sleep.

So I said, okay I will sleep on the sofa and you go sleep inside. But she insisted me to sleep with her saying, “I’m also like a son to her.” So I accepted and went with her to the bedroom. She said to me to use the bathroom before going to bed, so we both did, but separately.

Then we went to bed. It was a big bed. We slept in a few minutes. While sleeping, aunt crossed her legs over me. But she was sleeping for sure because I could hear her snoring. She was sleeping facing my back. I tried to push her legs off me. I did that and turned facing her.

There was my shock, she was not wearing bra! The shirt was worn properly but her sleeping position made her dress tight and her nipples were visible through the shirt. So I was confused and that woke my dick. I went a bit closer again and she was still sleeping.

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Because my aunt was sleeping I placed my hand over her below her boobs. As soon as I did that, she moved and again crossed her legs over me. I pulled her closer to me. I also went a bit closer. Now I was a lot closer to her boobs. Thankfully she was snoring, which helped me proceed with confidence that she was sleeping.

I tried to remove the shirt button with one hand. I didn’t wish to move the other hand which might shake my body and that might wake her up. I tried to use one hand but that was not possible. So I had to use my mouth.

Now I kept my mouth on the button the aroma of her boobs was awesome.

I removed a few buttons and I got access to her boobs. My bunty was erect the whole time so it started to pain. So I had to lower my shorts and boxer. Now I kept my head close to her boobs and was licking and sucking the nipple, slowly making sure she doesn’t wake up.

Because she was still snoring, I was confidently sucking her boobs. Suddenly, she stopped snoring for a few minutes which freaked the hell of me. So, I stopped sucking my aunt’s boobs immediately.

She then woke up and saw her shirt was halfway opened. I acted like I was sleeping.

But my only fear was my dick was still out in the air. But since we were inside the blanket, that covered it. She saw me sleeping and adjusted her shirt again and took her leg off me but that rubbed over my penis.

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