Slap Leads To Sex – Part 2


Hey, guys, this is a continuation of the previous story, Slap leads to sex – Part 1, if you haven’t read that yet, please read it to have the full fun.

This is now happening between me and my aunt who is in the same bed with me. While my bunty is sleeping and me sucking her boobies. So now let’s continue to the story.

Because she was still snoring, I confidently was sucking her boobs. Suddenly she stopped snoring in a few minutes. That freaked the hell of me. So I stopped sucking it immediately. She woke up and saw her shirt was halfway opened but I acted like I was sleeping.

But my only fear was my dick was still in out. But we were inside the blanket, that covered it. She saw me sleeping and she adjusted her shirt again. She took her leg off me, and that rubbed over my penis. Although that felt good, now I’m caught. I rubbed for just a second.

I thought she didn’t realize it but she did. She slowly moved the blanket and saw my penis. And there we go, there was a tight slap for me. Woah! I woke up immediately and tears rolled out automatically out of pain. She started to shout and was shouting continuously.

But still, tears were rolling out for me because of the pain. Thankfully she said, she won’t inform my parents as she understands this is the age. Also said to me never try any shit within relations as that might spoil the relations. But I was still crying with my hand on my cheeks and my bunty was still open.

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She told me to stop crying and close my bunty. When I took my hands to close she was shocked. isHer slap left a dark pink mark on my face. So she immediately came close to me and rubbed it putting some saliva. I didn’t put my bunty in. She then went to the kitchen to bring some ice cubes.

She took her t-shirt which was on the hanger and kept over my cheeks. That started to pain a lot and so I shouted. She took it off immediately and she said to me not to shout. I said it was paining but she kept again and so I shouted again. What’s happened after that was, she was teasing me for sex, she said to me later.

She kept her hand back of my neck. She pushed my mouth between her boobs pushing me in tightly and kept those cubes. I was not able to shout and she was so close that my bunty was rubbing her navel and I was enjoying it. And she was also moving.

Now my bunty was rubbing all over her navel and her nipples touched my cheeks. I was not able to control so I grabbed her boobs. She gave a sudden jerk and stopped but said nothing. So I was in a confusion but I started to squeeze those boobs. She didn’t say anything but she didn’t move either.

So I started to lick and squeeze at the same time. She gave a slight moan. There I confirmed she was enjoying it. So I stopped and looked into her eyes and gave a small peck. I was waiting for her reaction. She closed her eyes, so I kissed her again.

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She started to react. She kissed me as well and kept her hands on my head and rub my hair. I went crazy and kept one of my hands on her pussy above her trousers. She again gave a small jerk, I rubber over her trousers. She then pulled her hip back signaling me to insert it inside her trousers.

So I did and was rubbing her pussy and kissing at the same time. She was kissing me wildly, giving no time to breathe. She must have been hungry for sex. So while kissing she also pulled me down to lay on the bed with me on top of her. Then she pushed me down to her pussy. I started to lick it and suck it.

I was enjoying it, it was like I like, hairy. I enjoyed sucking for a very long time until I made her uncomfortable to breathe. If you are reading my stories continuously, then you would know that I love sucking more than fucking. She asked me to stop.

So I went up and started to kiss her. She pulled my trousers down and removed it. So I was on top of her, and both naked and me kissing her and she was hugging me tightly. While kissing she was moving her hip, which made by bunty rub her pussy. So she finally caught my dick and directed it inside.

She was already a lot wet inside because of me sucking it for a long time, it went it smoothly. She gave a loud moan. Woah, that made me a lot horny. I started to pound her very very slowly to feel her, to show some love to her and her pussy. I was feeling every movement.

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Sex is romantic and nice when done slowly. So we were enjoying it and we changed some positions. I was so lost, that I didn’t want to pull it out. I cum inside her. And that’s it I was done after 30 minutes. I fell on her. At first, she didn’t realize that I came inside her.

She was hugging me was kissing my cheeks which were still pink, and kept my cheeks on her boobs. Then she realized that I didn’t pull out and asked me if I pulled it out, I said no. She pushed me down and freaked. But then she said she has a friend who is a doctor so she might help her and again hugged me.

Now we both slept hugging each other and she crossed her leg over me again. People, please share your comments at [email protected] It will be appreciated.

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