Slave To My Mistress From Office – Part 1


Hey guys, my name is Arvind and this is my first story in ISS. I have been a great fan of ISS and the authors for a long time. This is a real story that happened a few years back when I was staying in Bangalore. The story is long and very kinky. So, hold your cocks or start rubbing those beautiful pussies! 😉

This was the summer of 2018 and I was working in a major IT company in Bangalore. I was staying in a 1BHK flat near to the office and doing my every day 9-5 job. Also, that time I was going through my break up. Due to the office work and relationship thing, I was going through a tough time.

Coming to the main character of the story. Swati, she was my project mate. We were working together for 1 year in the project. She is a beautiful girl and fun to work with her.

We were normal friends and she knew about my break-up. So after a week or so after my break-up, Swati came to my desk and started to have a conversation. And it felt good after talking it out.

Later that night, I got a text on my phone. And we chatted for around 2-3 hours in the night.

We talked about all sorts of things. And I came to know she is staying nearby to my flat. So I told her I will pick you up tomorrow for the office.

So it went on for a week, we were getting closer. And started spending more time in the office.

One weekend, she offered me to come to her place and maybe watch some movies and all. I was very excited. So on Friday night, she pinged me in the night.

Swati: Remember, right?!
Me: Yes, I am excited.

Swati: Jada excited mat ho. 😛
Me: Thoda to hun main.

Swati: Ha ha.. Kya kar rahe ho avi phir!
Me: internet surfing

Swati: Kya?
Me: Porn.. 😀 😀

Swati: Arey!! Ha ha.. Good good.
Me: Ha ha.. Kya kar sakte hain avi, koi h nehin na..
Swati: Ha ha.. Wese kya category dekh rahe ho.. 😉

Now I was a little surprised.

Me: Hmm.. Wesa toh kuch specific nehi h. But now on the screen, there is a sexy ass woman wearing yoga pants, and being fucked from behind.

Swati: Uuu.. Sounds sexy!

Now let me tell you guys how my office colleague Swati looks. Swati is 5 ft 5in with a nice round firm ass, sexy waist, and matching pair of boobies.

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Me: You also watch??
Swati: Yeah, sometimes. Don’t tell this to anyone.

Me: Tera kya fav category h?
Swati: Ha ha.. I like jisme thoda story type kuch ho.
Me: Ha ha.. Achha.. Chalo thik h..

As it was already late, we wished a good night and ended our conversation.

But I could not sleep. I thought I was going to download a porn movie from torrent and try to watch with her together. And I did 1 hour of research and downloaded a few movies. I wanted to try my luck.

The next morning, I was excited, packed my stuff, kept my laptop in the bag, and headed towards Swati’s home. She welcomed me with open arms.

After 2 hours of chit-chatting, I told her I have something for her. A surprise!

My colleague was getting curious while I pulled my laptop from the bag. Then I played one of the porn movies which I had downloaded.

The movie started to play and I was getting more nervous in anticipation. And after 10 minutes in the movie, she paused and asked, “Is it a porn movie?” And I said, “You continue to watch, don’t ask me any question!” with a wink.

It was a movie related to a boss fucking her maid. And we both were stuck to the screen, sometimes I would forward to the main part and she would say, “Wait, don’t rush.”

I was getting the hint. Then I asked something naughty. I asked, “Can I masturbate? And don’t look towards me.”

She was like, “Nooo..”

But I started unzipping my pant anyway and she started looking away from me, “Jo karna h tum karo, khali mera bed ganda mat karna..” 😉

Then I was stroking my dick just sitting behind feet away and she was watching the porn, anxiously. Then to tease her I started moaning.

Swati: Kya kar rahe ho tum, mujhe movie pe concentrate karne do!

And I was watching her. She was trying to take a peek and then suddenly, I shifted more towards her field of view. And I was damn sure that she got a peek. Now my co-worker was more comfortable peeking me!

Then the porn was getting over and I was not finished.

Swati: Tera nikla ki nehin! Movie khatam hone wala h!
Me: No.. Nehin nikal raha.. I need some help.

Swati: Bhak!
Me: Please, ek chota sa kaam karo!

Swati: Kya?
Me: Can you bend in front of me, like in a doggy position, facing your ass towards me? I want to see your ass and masturbate!

Swati: Pagal ho kya??
Me: No.. please na do it!! You don’t have to remove your shots! 😉
Swati: Okay, but jaldi karo..

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Swati started to go on doggy position, her super short shots were showing her perfect 36-size ass. And she spread her knees wide. I could see her pussy lines clearly.

Then I was stroking my dick slowly and enjoying the view. To make it spicier, I removed my shorts and tees and threw them in front of her.

Swati: You are getting nakeyy or what!!
Me: You never know!

Then I went towards her, knelt down behind her, between her wide-spread legs.

Swati: Kya kar rahe ho tum !! And started crawling forward!!
Me: Nothing, just taking a closer look.. (and I also followed her)

In the meantime, my 6-inch long and 2.5-in fat dick touched my office colleague’s ass crack!!

Swati stopped moving. I held her waist, a shock wave ran through our bodies. And to my surprise, Swati moved her ass closer towards me. And I started to dry-fuck her over her shorts.

Swati started moaning, “Ahha ah ahh..” and was moving her ass.

Suddenly, Swati told to wait and stood up. Her ass was right in front of me. She held her shorts and panty at a time and bent down to remove it.

In front of me, her ass started to show up more and more and I could see the thin silk panty sticking to her pussy lips. Slowly, the pussy lips got free from the panty, showing the pink wet pussy. There was the sweet smell of pussy and her ass spread all over the room. The room was filled with ecstasy!

Now after the show, my colleague again came on 4 in doggy position. And this time, she spread her legs even more. I could see her ass hole, her wet sticky pussy, her firm round ass perfectly waiting to get drilled.

She bent down even more and placed her head (right cheek) on the floor. And she looked towards me with a “take me” look!

Till now, she had not seen my cock! She wanted the surprise of her life.

And there was pin-drop silence. Waiting for the action!

Now I held her waist, put the tip of my cock, the huge mushroom on her pussy entrance. The warmth of her pussy was making me shiver.

The moment Swati felt the tip of the cock, her whole body gave the goosebumps! And I spanked her right ass cheek hard while only my mushroom was inside her pussy.

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Swati came to senses and looked at me. And without any warning, I pushed the whole dick inside her, holding her waist.

Swati loved the pain and pleasure and a loud moan came out from her, while her eyes were closed.

I kept on fucking her, her pussy was so tight and wet. Thap thap sounds were all over the room.

I was pushing my 6-in dick whole inside her, then pulling out the whole dick, giving her long strokes. Swati had straightened her back. And by every stroke, she was getting spanked. And Swati was moaning like, “Ahhh ahhh ahhh harder harder..”

Me: What?
She: Harder harder..

Me: Harder what??
She: Spank me harder.. Please make my ass red.. Ahhh ahh.
Me: Take it, you bitch.. Take it.. Spanking her very hard.. And my cock was tearing her pussy!!

After a moment, Swati started to squirt. Her back started to arch and she spread all over the floor.

I had to kept hold her waist so that my dick remains inside her. The moment she was coming to normal, I held her hair, pulled her back, and pushed my dick and started fucking intense and hard strokes deep inside her pussy.

Swati: Ah ah ah ah ah. Don’t stop don’t stop.
Me: Take it, you bitch.

After 5 minutes, we both came. I came deep inside her pussy.


End of Part 1

But how I became a slave, her slave, and how I call her mistress now? What happened after that?!! How she dominated me?!! How I loved being a slave to her?

I will submit those in the second part. The female who loves to dominate, peg, and humiliate, stay tuned!

If you can’t wait for the second part, mail me to know!

And feedbacks and thoughts are much appreciated. Mail me arvin[email protected]

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