Slutty Telugu Wife Enjoyed By Neighbor’s Son And His Friends!


Hello guys, how are you? This is Mahi again with the continuation of the last part. For those who don’t know me, I am Mahi, form Hyderabad, mother to a son and wife.

I am 47 years old and working as a maths teacher in a government school in Hyderabad. You can read my previous stories by clicking here. Read these to understand what’s in this story.

Coming to the story, you guys must be remembering the night where my neighbour’s son was on a video call and was enjoying the view of me getting fucked in all holes by my hubby and neighbour. Now he is in town. This happened rather quickly than I anticipated.

After that night, I and my hubby always had threesome sex with my neighbour and of course, I used to invite him over too when my hubby was away.

We used to have rough sex sessions, 69, doggy and a lot of other erotic adventures. We once did complete bondage, just me and my neighbour. I was tied with my hands behind and up in the air to a pole. He enjoyed my body so much that day.

Now, my neighbour told me that his son wants to have a long sex session with me. I could not say anything as I was just brought to this kind of kinky sex world. I was calm but I liked the thought of it. But never said it to him.

So his son called me once and talked horny over the phone and I kept rather silent. He sent me his nudes and all.

Keeping that aside, I and my neighbour planned a whole day for sex and we started it early in the morning at 4 am. I was waiting for him in the bedroom. Suddenly, the light went off and I asked if it was a power cut. There was no sound but I heard someone talking. So I went out to check with the towel wrapped around my waist.

To my surprise, as soon as I reached the hallway, I felt a hand on my butt and I shouted. My neighbour said, “it’s fine, it’s me”.

He took me to the living room and made me sit on the couch. He took out the towel from my body and started kissing me. He had his fingers over my pussy. I was excited and so I stretched my legs wide.

My neighbour then went to bring some sex toys. So, I was waiting. Suddenly, a hand touched my vagina and I thought it was him. But it was not! The fingers went deep into my vagina and I shouted. My neighbour came and told me to enjoy it.

Now I understood that something big was happening around me and then the lights came back. To my surprise, there were 4 young college students standing nude in front of me.

I did not know what to do and started shouting. My neighbour’s son got me from behind around my waist. His name was Raj. Raj said to me that he wants to fuck me in front of his friends so he brought them with him.

I was searching for my neighbour. He was sitting on the chair at the dining table and enjoying the scene with his dick in his hand, ready to shag.

Raj yelled in Telugu, “Cheddilu vippi dheenni dhengadra antey modda pattukoni kurchunnaru entra” (I am asking you guys to fuck this bitch but you stand there holding your tools and doing nothing) to his friends.

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My neighbour laughed at that. I was trying to cover my boobs, but my nipples were still hard. Everyone noticed it and gave a naughty smile at me.

My neighbor’s son calmly put me down on my knees exposing my boobs to his friends. Raj then went to the bedroom to get a few things. Meanwhile, his friends Rahul and Arvan came near to me and started kissing and pressing my boobs. I could see their dicks strong as iron rods from the outside of their underwear.

Raj then arrived with a few strings and asked me to wear them. I could not wear them myself. So I was made to wear them by Rahul and Sattu. Out of all of them, Sattu was the silent-type but he handled me rough.

As soon I wore the strings with just my belly and neck covered in those, Sattu held my hair back and kissed my boobs and nipples hard. He was wild on me and watching him do that, turned on my neighbour. He yelled, “Nail her down from behind”.

But Rahul was in no hurry. He went down to my vagina and spread my legs wide. They made me sit down on the floor. Sattu was still holding my hair back and pressing my boobs. So I took my hand’s support behind.

Rahul slowly brought his mouth to my vagina and started sniffing my pussy. I was a little excited but scared at the same time. Arvan was enjoying the view with my neighbor now. Raj took his phone and started recording the entire session.

Rahul meanwhile made me wet down there and Sattu made my nipple red with pulling and sucking. I still was a little nervous as I had never done all this on camera and in front of strangers.

So I asked them not to record. But Raj said, “No no Mahi lanja (slut), I am going to leave this on this shelf to record the entire session.

Arvan came and put his dick on my lips. I took it slowly into my mouth and sucked it half but then I coughed it out. Seeing that, he spanked me. He then gave his dick again and asked me to take it my hands, caress it and suck it like ice cream.

Sattu all of a sudden let go of my hair and pulled my left nipple hard enough to make me scream. Arvan put his dick in my mouth. Sattu said, “Yes aunty, suck it. It’s okay.”

Meanwhile, Rahul came up to my belly and smooched it slowly which eased my pain. I thought I was getting into it.

Arvan started to increase the speed of mouth-fucking. He mouth-fucked me for quite a while. Rahul was enjoying my lower body and Sattu was pulling my nipples even harder. My neighbor and his son were enjoying the hot scene of Telugu wife being gangbanged by young guys.

After a while, I was coughing again and asked for water. I drank some water and Rahul then brought his dick to my face. I was being treated like a slut with 4 customers.

I took his dick in, sucked it real good and soon, he came inside my mouth. I was spitting it out but Raj saw it and stopped me, “You drink and eat what we give you”.

Sattu then lied down and asked me to put my asshole right at his face. I did not understand. Rahul and Arvan made me stand up and helped me sit on Sattu’s face. I understood the position now and lifted myself up a bit with the support of my knees. Now Sattu can lick my asshole.

Sattu started licking my asshole nice and good. You guys know how good I like getting fucked in the ass, so I was enjoying it and moaning frequently. Raj heard it and went crazy. He yelled, “The bitch likes it” in Telugu.

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Arvan and Rahul could not control and took my each boob in their mouth. Now my pussy was pointing at Raj. He took out his dick. Oh my god! He had a 9-inch thick dick just like his father. My neighbor said, “Fuck her hard and don’t spill early”.

Raj came closer and adjusted himself to my pussy’s position. He placed his dick near my clitoris and started rubbing there. I was in clouds, heaven and beyond it.

I moaned, “Aaaaaahhhhhhmmmaaaa.. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh..”

He got excited and started rubbing it hard. I was moaning loudly that others got excited too. Rahul and Arvan started pulling and sucking my nipples even harder and Sattu started finger fucking my asshole with two fingers. I was in heaven.

Raj stopped and started inserting his dick in my pussy.

“Waitttttt!”, I shouted. “Where is the condom”, I asked.

Everyone smiled at me and said, We are fucking you raw, bitch”. And the next second, he pushed his dick inside me. Godddd, I was in heaven!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.. Ammmmmmaaaaaaahhhhhh..”

He gave a few hard pushes and then took it out. I asked him to put it back. He came in hard again and started to fuck me like a pro. I enjoyed his 9-inch thick dick fully and moaned loud for every single stroke.

I orgasmed first. Raj took his dick out and showed it to everyone and got the phone to record my liquids on the camera.

Sattu took a few drops of my orgasmic juice and tasted it. He got excited and came onto me like a dog and started to fuck me rough. I like rough but this was different. He held my nipples hard and put his entire body weight on my chest. Rahul and Arvan held my hands down on the floor and Raj spread my legs apart.

I was shouting with pain and moaning at the same time. Suddenly, he stopped and Arvan took my asshole and Rahul my pussy and Sattu my mouth in doggy position. They fucked me in that position for very long that I could not even breath properly many times. Then they took a short break and started their strokes again.

I came twice with all the hard strokes. Arvan came in ass and Sattu came in my mouth.

Now it was Raj’s turn. He came to me and said, “Your hubby is in the video call with my daddy and he knows what is happening with you”.

I got sacred and I suddenly took Rahul’s dick out of my pussy. I asked him not to lie. He smiled and said, “I am not lying”. I was terrified and could not move. My kajal from my eyes was all over my face.

I saw Arvan coming to get me. I stood up. My neighbour held my hands behind my back. He took his dick out and pulled my left leg up in the air fucked me in that position.

Arvan and Sattu were getting ready for their next session. My neighbour spanked my boobs hard and made them red. He then went down and licked my pussy. It had dried up a little. So, Sattu got some oil from the bedroom. My neighbour poured some in his hands. He went down rubbed all over my asshole and pussy.

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Meanwhile, Arvan brought carrots from the fridge. My neighbor took one long thick carrot and started inserting it into my asshole. I could not at all enjoy it as the carrot was cold.

A few strokes later, it went inside completely. I still could not enjoy it. So, my neighbor took another carrot and inserted both at the same time. That was like two dicks at a time!

I was then carried to the bedroom and my hands were tied to the bedpost.

First came my neighbor and he fucked me in all holes even though he came 4 times. Next came best friends Rahul and Sattu. They called me Pinni and fucked me in my asshole and pussy like mad dogs and changed their positions alternatively.

They brought me some and fed me. They gave me a break for 15 minutes.

Then it was Sattu and Raj’s turn. They asked me to moan and shout as louder as I can. I could not do it in the beginning but eventually, I had to do.

Raj and Rahul fucked me imagining that I was their maths teacher and pounded me very hard. Raj took viagra to fuck me non-stop for an hour.

Rahul cummed while I took his dick in my mouth. But Raj could not stop. He kept fucking me in my pussy asshole in various positions – missionary, doggy, cowgirl, etc. He could not be stopped by anyone as he was high on viagra. His dick was strong and showed no clue of going down.

He made me suck it, swallow it, kiss it and take in every possible hole my body had. He went rogue as he could not cum. Finally, I was made into doggy by Sattu and Raj started to fuck my asshole while fingering my pussy at the same time. He came in my asshole after 15-20 minutes in that position.

After that, I was not able to move at all. All of them were tired and so they left me in the bedroom.

I will never forget and I cannot forget that day. I was fucked by 4 strangers and 1 person I knew. I did not know Raj had these intentions about me.

Later I came to know that after watching his dad and my hubby having threesome sex with me, he got this idea. So he teamed up with his friends and planned to fuck me in a forest first. But, my neighbor set up in my home.

As Raj said, all this was known to my husband and he did not say anything.

That was the next part of the previous one guys. If you have any feedback or comments to give, mail me at [email protected]

Some sexy and incest stories to follow. Stay tuned and as always, keep shagging.

Thanks and bye!

Your slutty Mahi.

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