Son’s Amnesia And Mom’s ‘Care’ – Part 3


This is the third part. In the last two parts, I acted like I lost all my memory and acted as a small boy. Mom took care of me as a child and which turned into lust and sex. Now my mom can’t stay without my dick. (I compare my mom with Poonam Bajwa. Just a small change in character.)

So I planned to regain my memory. I was in the same bed with my mom, naked. I woke up all sudden with a big sound. Mom was shocked and woke up.

Po: What is it, son? What happened?

Me: Why am I naked and why are you naked?

I acted as if I don’t remember anything. Mom got it.

Po: Do you remember everything? What is your age?

Me: Don’t be silly, mom. I am 19.

Mom explained to me everything. I acted as if I don’t remember being a small child. She left the sex part out. Mom was restless she needs my dick.

Po: Ok son you should take rest for at least for a month.

Me: Ok mom. I am having a headache. Can I have tea?

Mom gave me tea. That day passed. But I can see mom’s frustration in her face. At night, I went to my room and slept. I woke up at 8 and mom was awake. I could see mom is in deep thought to seduce me. I know mom will make her first move.

Me: Good morning, maa.

Po: Good morning, sweetheart.

Mom came hugged me and gave me a kiss on my cheeks and her boobs crushed in my chest. We ate breakfast and mom was cleaning the house. She was showing her cleavage deliberately. That was a nice view. It a difference to see a woman with a dress and without a dress.

After finishing the housework she came to me and kissed me again.

Me: What is it, mom? You are so affectionate today.

Po: For the past month I was taking care of you as a small child. You asked me for a kiss and hug every time. But you forgot. But I can’t forget. That’s not fair.

Me: It’s ok, mom. You can hug me and kiss me any time you want.

She came close, hugged me and kissed me on my lips. I was shocked by mom move. But I know she has some ideas.

Me: Mom you kissed me on the lips.

Po: It’s all because of you.

Me: What?

Po: Yes son. One day you watched an English movie with me and saw a French kiss. Then annoyed me for kissing you like that. I kissed your lips. Thereafter we usually kiss like that. Don’t you like it?

Me: Mom I liked it but it’s different and weird.

Po: It’s nothing wrong, honey.

I was rock hard.

Po: If you feel weird, you kiss me on the lips. It will make you feel better.

Me: Ok mom. (acting hesitant, I kissed her)

Po: How is it?

Me: I liked it.

Po: We can do it whenever you like.

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Me: Ok, mom.

The day passed and soon it was night. At 8 pm, I was chilling on the sofa. Mom came and sit near me. I usually lie down in mom’s lap and I did it. Mom suddenly kissed me. It was amazing. “Do you like it, son?” She was teasing me. After dinner, I was ready to go to sleep but mom called me.

Po: Son, come to sleep with me.

Me: I am not a small boy anymore, maa.

Mom started to act like crying. “You used to sleep with me hugging every day for the past 1 month. Now I feel lonely,” and she was crying. Wow mom trying her best to seduce me.

Me: Don’t cry, mom. I will sleep with you.

I came to my parents’ bedroom. Mom removed her saree in front of me and she usually sleeps in bra and panty. I was in shorts no underwear. Then mom came near me and said, “How about a good night kiss?” She hugged me and kissed me on the lips.

Oh wow, what a kiss! I can feel her skin. My hand was near her ass. I want to press it. My dick grew and it was poking her. Then we slept hugging together. And mom didn’t make many moves. I think she expects a move from me. So I thought of an idea, even make her more craving for sex.

The next morning, as usual, she woke up early. When I woke she was preparing food in the kitchen. I came to her and hugged her from behind. “Mom, I liked the kiss yesterday night. Can you kiss me again?”

Po: Sure son.

I hugged her this time and kissed her on the lips for almost 5 minutes. I grabbed her ass above the saree. She hugged me tightly. I made my move now it’s mom’s turn. After breakfast, I was planning to take a bath.

Po: I will give you an oil bath today.

Me: Ok, mom.

First I entered and mom followed me.

Me: Mom wait outside I will change to a towel.

Po: Come on, son, I have seen you naked.

Me: But mom…

Po: No buts just remove your clothes and I am going to remove mine.

I was standing naked and mom removed her saree was in blouse and petticoat.

Po: Sit on the chair.

She started applying oil on my head. I can see her cleavage which is before my face. My dick started to rise and mom saw that. I tried to hide it but mom saw that. Its ok son it ok to get dick raised for boys like your age.

Mom was applying oil in the body and came down. I stopped her and said I can put oil down there.

Po: Don’t stop me. I am your mom.

Me: Ok, mom.

She grabbed my dick and put some oil and stroked it a few times. It was an awesome feeling. Mom made her move of grabbing my dick. Now it’s my turn. It was going like chess. Mom again rubbing oil on my chest. Now I got an idea and I acted as I slipped. I grabbed mom for support.

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“Sorry, mom, I slipped.”

“It’s ok, son.”

“Oh, no, mom, your blouse got oil.”

“It’s ok.”

She then removed her blouse and petticoat. She was not wearing any bra and panties. I was shocked by moms to move. We both are naked.

Po: I think I have to take a bath with you.

She started pouring water on me washing the oil off and she grabbed my dick once in a while. My dick was still hard. Then I got into the shower and mom accompanied me.

Me: Mom can I have a hug now?

Po: Of course, honey.

We hugged and my dick was touching her navel.

Po: Do you need a kiss?

Me: Yes, please.

Mom knew that she can seduce me right now. We kissed and took a bath together. Then we left the bathroom. The day passed quickly and it was night. It’s time for a climax and I know mom will make her move. But I want to make mine first.

I entered her bedroom. She was removing her saree. I grabbed her from behind and kissed near the neck and that sent chills all over her body. She turned her face and kissed me I was still behind her.

My hands were in the navel. I slowly raised my hand and grabbed her left boob with the right hand. I can feel her nipple stiff. She smiled and said, “You naughty boy!”

Me: I have a beautiful mom.

Po: Is that so?

Me: Mom, you are beautiful.

Po: Thank you, dear.

I jumped into the bed. Mom removed her blouse and petticoat. She was only in panty. Doesn’t have a bra.

Me: Why are you naked?

Po: Come on, son, you have seen me naked.

Me: Yeah but

Jo: I have told you no buts. If you want you can remove your dress be comfortable

Me: Yeah you are right.

I removed my t-shirt and shorts. I was in my underwear. Then mom came to bed and took the bedsheets put it over our body. It was a single bedsheet for two people. We both almost naked expect our underwear.

She came to me and hugged me. It sent a spark inside my body and my dick was rock hard. It was near her pussy. We both were moving. I was dry humping her.

Po: Son, is that your dick?

Me: Yeah, it’s very hard. I can’t control it.

Po: No problem. It’s normal for your age.

She kissed me and I responded by kissing her. Then we lip locked and I couldn’t control myself. I removed my underwear and I was poking her above her panty. She slipped her panty down. I came above her and kissed her hard and continued humping her.

She was high in the mood and she was moaning with pleasure. I thought I should make her fuck me. I grabbed her and roll around, made her top of me. She was sitting on my dick. She started moving her hips rubbing my dick with her pussy. All of a sudden my dick entered her. She stopped moving.

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Po: Don’t move, son. I think your dick entered my pussy.

Me: It feels comfortable.

Po: You feel just comfortable? Can I get it out?

Me: No, it feels good. Can you stay like that?

Po: Yeah it feels good, but it’s wrong.

Me: How is it wrong when it feels good?

As we are speaking mom was moving her hip. We are justifying that nothing is wrong and fucking while speaking. I grabbed her boobs start squeezing them and she was moaning. She reached a climax I can feel her juice flowing on my dick. She lay down on me.

Po: I love you, son.

Me: I love you, mom.

I was still hard we were fucking for 20 minutes. I again rolled and made her come down. Now I am above her. I started moving my hip slowly in and out, in and out like that. I grabbed her one boob and pressing and sucking the other. She started moaning again

Po: Oh my god, don’t stop.

I was increasing my speed, fucking her hard making her scream in pleasure. She wrapped her leg around my waist. I was fucking her with full force and was about cum

Me: Mom, I am about to cum.

Po: Do it, son, do it inside me.

I came inside her fell on her boobs and she also reached orgasm again. We were gasping for air. Then we slept hugging each other. The next day I was woken up by mom with a warm blowjob. Then we did it again for an hour.

Po: We can do this anytime you want.

Me: But how can we fuck when dad comes back tomorrow?

Po: Don’t worry, son. I didn’t say to dad about you recovering from memory loss. You can just act like a small child when dad is around.

Me: Wow, that’s a good idea.

Po: He won’t mind even you sleep with me.

Ok, guys, I will continue the story in the next part hope you guys liked it. For more stories like this please comment and like.

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