Son’s Amnesia And Mom’s ‘Care’ – Part 4


This is the fourth part of the story between mom and son. I compare my mom with actress Poonam Bajwa. So think of someone when you read this story. In this, I am going to say about the sex adventure when dad was at home

I and mom started fucking last night. On the next day, we both woke up naked had quick sex. Dad came back home after a business trip. I was acting like a child as mom suggested.

Dad: How is our son, honey?

Po: He still doesn’t remember. But I am encouraging things to do by himself as the doctor suggested

Dad: Good.

Po: He is still a child so we have to be careful in somethings.

Dad: Correct honey it’s not good for him. While going out, be careful.

Po: That’s why I keep him close by.

I hugged her from behind in front of dad and he didn’t mind it. I was poking my dick in her ass. She was wearing a saree. I grabbed her boob sliding my hand into her saree. She was shocked. But dad can’t see it due to the saree. I pressed her boobs a few times and let her go.

After that, we went to the kitchen. “Son, it’s dangerous to do things like that.”

“Don’t worry, mom. Dad is still convinced my memory is lost.”

Po: Yeah but still we have to be careful

Me: Mom I want to fuck you in front of dad.

Po: What? How is that possible?

Me: I have an idea. I am gonna fuck in you in your bedroom in front of dad.

I told my plan to mom.

Po: Ok we can do that.

Night came. Dad and mom entered their room. I followed them and said, “Mom, I am scared.”

Po: Come here honey I told you not to watch that horror movie

Mom hugged me in front of dad.

Po: Come sleep with me.

Dad: Honey what about us?

Po: What?

Dad: I need some time with you.

Po: Don’t worry we can do it after he sleeps.

Dad: What if he wakes up?

Po: Don’t worry. I will handle it

It is going on as per my plan. I know dad will try to fuck that’s when I make my act. I acted like sleeping immediately. Dad went straight to fuck mom in the pussy. He did his best for about 10 minutes. He made a sound and fell on mom. That’s my cue I acted waking up.

Me: Mom, I heard a sound.

Mom and dad got up.

Po: Its nothing, honey.

I came towards mom and hugged her in front of dad. Mom was naked.

Me: I am afraid I heard a sound.

Po: No honey it is nothing.

Dad: Both of you go to sleep. I am tried.

Po: Come honey you can sleep hugging me.

Me: Ok maa.

Mom turned on the night lamp. Mom lay down and I was on top of her. Covered bedsheets till our waist. My head was near mom nipple. I started sucking her boobs in sleep in front of dad.

Dad: What the hell is he doing? He is a grown boy!

Po: Come on, honey. Do you forget he is a small child in his mind?

Dad: But…

Po: No buts. He is our son I fed him when he was born. There’s nothing wrong about it

Dad: Yeah you are right it’s all because of the memory loss.

To my surprise, dad got a crazy idea.

Dad: Hey I got an idea. I will take a photo of him sucking you and make fun of him when his memory comes back.

Mom: Ok take the camera

But I stopped sucking and acted sleeping.

Dad: Oh no he is not sucking.

Po: Nice try, we may get another chance some other time.

Dad: Just wake him up and tell him to suck your tits.

Mom woke me up. I woke up acting drowsy. She placed the nipple near my lip and said suck it. I started to suck again in front of dad and he was recording it.

Po: Stop taking video enough I feel shy.

Dad: Come on honey, it just for fun.

I placed my dick inside her started fucking her slowly under the bedsheet.

Po: Stop recording.

I was still sucking mom’s boobs and fucking her. Dad was recording it not knowing what was happening under the bedsheets. Mom started to moan. Dad was focused on me sucking mom tits not my lower part fucking mom.

Po: Aahh!

Dad: What is it, honey?

Po: He has teeth now, he is not a baby. He bit me.

Mom started to moan due to my fucking in low sound. She controlled herself. But couldn’t maintain her control she slipped a big sound.

Dad: What happened?

Mom recovered fast and made a lie in a sec.

Po: Nothing honey I was just humming a song I heard in today.

I can’t believe my mom was a fast thinker. Dad stopped recording switched off the light slept bedside us. After the lights off I started fucking her fast and lip-locked her from producing sound and came inside her after 30 minutes. We both slept hugging.

The next day dad left early. Mom and I fucked 2 times when dad was not here. Dad came in the evening at 7 pm. Dad was shocked to see what going on. I was sucking mom’s boobs in the hall

Dad: Honey what are you guys doing?

Po: It’s was all your fault.

Dad: What?

Po: Yeah you made me tell him to suck my tits. Now he is asking for whenever he likes. I can’t stop him.

Dad: Yeah probably it’s my fault.

I continued sucking mom’s boobs in front of dad. I was lying on mom’s lap sucking her tits while watching a movie. My dad had a hard-on while seeing me sucking her boob.

Dad: Honey, I need a blowjob.

Po: What? No way our son is here.

Dad: Don’t worry, he won’t understand it

Po: What if he asks for it seeing this?

Dad: Just hide his face with the saree.

Mom hid my face with a saree, grabbed dad’s dick placed in her mouth. But dad can’t hold for 1 minute and just ejects inside mom’s mouth.

Po: Honey at least hold it for a few minutes. Can’t you do that and let me enjoy it little?

Mom insulted dad on spot. I was laughing in my mind.

Dad: Sorry honey I will make it up to you tonight.

Po: Let’s see tonight.

We ate dinner and went to the bedroom. I followed them. Mom removed her dress and was standing in bra and panty in front dad and me.

Me: Mummy I want milk.

Po: Lie down.

She lay down next to me in the middle of me and dad. Mom removed her bra and gave me her nipple to suck. I sucked for a while and I didn’t sleep.

Po: Honey I am horny.

Dad: But he not sleeping.

Po: Yeah I know

Dad: Let’s do it. We have done it many times in front of him when he was a child. Now it’s the same.

Dad came above started fucking her in front of me only for 15 minutes and he leaked inside. Mom didn’t even reach a small orgasm. Mom got angry and insulted dad

Po: Even a child will fuck better than you. You made me eager for sex and leave me dry.

Dad: What? Do you think anyone can do better than me, like our son who is a child by the mind?

Po: Yes, he can do it.

Dad: Ok prove it.

Po: How?

Dad: Let him fuck you.

Po: What the hell are you saying, he is our son.

Dad: Don’t worry about that. I think you are worried that you would lose.

Po: There is no way I would lose.

Dad: I bet that he can’t hold more than 10 minutes.

I know dad is a fun guy. But I don’t know mom can manipulate dad that easily.

Po: Ok what’s the bet? What do I get if I made our son fuck me for more than 1 hour?

Dad: Ok then if you do that, I will buy you a diamond necklace. What if you lose?

Po: I will do anything you want without any complaint for a month.

Dad: Anything?

Po: Anything!

Dad: Even fuck me in the car?

Po: Yes, but I don’t need the necklace. I want a Goa vacation.

Dad: Ok that’s the bet then.

At that time I was acting sleeping.

Dad: Ok he is sleeping. We will make him do it tomorrow.

The next day dad and mom were fighting for the whole day. Night came.

Dad: Do you remember our bet? One hour you have to make him fuck you.

Po: I can do it.

Dad: Let me see.

We entered the bed dad sat in the chair. I jumped into bed. But was acting like a child. Mom was acting like hesitated to fuck her own son.

Dad: What is it, honey? Come on let’s start.

Po: Nothing, just he is our son.

Dad: When it comes to a bet all is fair in love and war.

Mom removed all her dress and was standing naked in front of me and dad. I was controlling my dick by thinking about something else. Dad had hard on after seeing mom

Po: Son, remove your dress.

I got up and I removed my dress standing naked and my dick was limp. Dad laughed and said, “Come on he can’t even have erection seeing you.”

Po: He is a child he doesn’t know about sex right now. I know what to do.

Dad: Do whatever you want.

Po: Remember honey this is all your idea. If I do this he will be asking for it often. I won’t scold him I will just let him fuck me if he asks.

Dad: I know the consequences and I am ready to face it. But you won’t succeed.

Dad was also a gambler who likes to bet. But mom played her cards right and made him fall for her trap.

Dad: Rules. I will start the count the time when you guys start to fuck and blowjob will not be counted.

Po: Ok fine

Mom made me lie down and grabbed my dick and gave a few strokes. I really wanted dad to think he is winning. So I controlled my thoughts. My dick was still limp. Mom gave me a few more strokes, but no use. Dad started to laugh again and said you gonna lose.

Po: I will have the last laugh, honey.

Dad: Let’s see.

Mom placed my dick in her mouth and gave a nice blowjob. It was slow and steady. I started to make sounds. My dick was fully inside her mouth. When my mom removed her mouth it was like a magic trick, limp dick to hard dick. My dick was rock hard and bigger than dads.

Dad was shocked by my dick size. Mom laughed at dad, then she came above me and placed my dick in her pussy and started fucking me. She was moving up and down

Po: Honey did you start the timer.

Dad started the timer and mom was fucking me in cowgirl style. She came down started kissing me in the lip. Dad was watching us eagerly and can’t say anything, it passed fifteen minutes and mom hugged and rolled. Now I was at the top in missionary position.

Po: Come on son move your hip.

I started to move my hip In and out. Mom started to moan like hell to irritate dad

Dad: That won’t irritate me, you still have 40 minutes to go.

Mom grabbed my head started kissing me and I got into the full mood. Now I can’t control. I was ramping her hard and making her scream. It’s about half an hour I was fucking her. She reached an orgasm. I was fucking her mad. She was screaming. I fucked her for another 15 minutes.

Mom stopped me and she stood in all four. She placed my dick and made me fuck her in the doggy style. I was fucking her in doggy style from behind for 20 minutes and the one hour has passed.

Me: Mom I need to pee.

Po: Don’t worry son just do it inside.

I came inside her and fell on the bed.

Po: What’s the time, honey?

Dad: 1 hour 6 minutes 28 secs.

Mom laughed with pride.

Po: I won.

Dad: Ok ok you won. You can go on a Goa trip. I still think it’s beginners’ luck. I like to bet again.

Po: Bet again if you want but it’s all after Goa trip honey. I will continue the story in the next part with new plots. The sex between mom and son. Please like and comment for more stories like this.

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