Son’s Amnesia And Mom’s ‘Care’ – Part 6


This is the sixth part of the story. I compare women in the story to the actresses. My Poonam Bajwa and her friend Nayantara. We both had a great time in Goa. My mom accomplished her goal of trapping Nayantara. In this story, I am going to say some exciting things happened after we came back from Goa.

I and mom would fuck in front of dad. But I would act like I cum fast like in 5 minutes and made my mom say you can do more than that in front of dad.

Dad was laughing at mom. But didn’t know my plan. After dad leaves, I fuck her for more than an hour. I just want to laugh at dad. But mom had other ideas. My mom is more cunning than me.

We were acting for almost a week and dad convinced himself that I can’t satisfy mom anymore. Dad thought he would win this time if he bet with mom.

Dad: I can see you guys fuck more often.

Po: Yeah he is more than a man you could be.

Dad: I can see he could not fuck you more than 10 minutes and I can do better than that.

Po: I don’t think so.

Dad: Wanna bet?

Po: Don’t you remember you lost to me last time?

Dad: This time it’s gonna be different.

Mom: Ok I am ready for the bet.

Dad: If I win you should stop fucking him and fuck every client I know for improving my business.

Po: What if you lose?

Dad: You can do anything you want.

Po: You have to transfer 75 % of the company share to my name.

Dad: No, you can have 60%.

Po: Deal.

Mom owns 25 % of the company share. But she wants more now.

Po: When shall we play?

Dad: Tomorrow night.

The next day came. Shall we start? The rules are the same but this we count how many minutes both dad and I fuck mom, and count the total minutes together Now it not only about time, it is the total time of 3 rounds.

First, dad took a turn. But to our surprise dad took Viagra.

Po: Wow, good idea honey will it help?

Dad: You will see.

Po: Don’t come inside me.

Dad: Ok ok.

Dad started straight to fucking due to the Viagra he was holding up for almost 20 minutes. Mom was also enjoying it. He only fucks her in missionary position, and he continued for a total of 55 minutes 6 secs. And came on mom’s belly.

Mom called me, “Come here son can we play our game?” Mom was acting like speaking to a child as you all know for dad I didn’t regain my memory till now.

Me: Yes, mom.

I was already rock hard watching dad fuck mom.

Po: How do you wanna play son?

Dad: What are you asking him for?

Po: I taught him many positions and he fucks me as he wishes.

Dad: Ok let’s see.

I smiled inside and I grabbed mom by waist and lifted her and placed her near the wall, started fucking her. Dad was shocked to see my strength. To tell about the difference is mine is bigger and thicker than dads.

I was ramping her in full force and but just wanna let dad win the first round. So I fucked her fast at full force and kissing her. She came on me due to fast fuck. She was moaning a lot.

When I was about to cum I came outside let mom down. My time was 32 minutes 55 secs. Dad was happy that I couldn’t hold for long. This motivated dad.

Dad: I am gonna win and you are going to be a whore.

Po: Let us see about that

Dad regained his strength due to Viagra. He rammed her again in a missionary position. But he was doing it slowly so he can last long. He even managed to fuck for almost 30 minutes. His time was 29 minutes 43 secs. Dad came in her belly again and fell in bed due to tiredness.

After a few minutes, my turn came. I made her in all fours and started fucking her in the doggy style. I was slow this time and I want to make it a record-breaking.

Mom started to scream. You can hear the sound of my hip hitting her butt. She was moaning. I grabbed her boobs and pressing her while fucking. She was moaning with pleasure. But I want it to be more intimate. I started kissing slowly on her back.

Then I pulled her upwards and kissed her in lips. She liked it very much.

Po: You naughty son (in my ears).

Mom pushed me down and came above me and started moving slowly only her hips. She took hold of my hand and placed it in her boobs. I started to press her boobs. Mom came down I started sucking one boob and pressing the other. It was about an hour she came twice and she was about to reach another orgasm.

Po: Son I am going to cum again.

She couldn’t speak clearly, she came and collapsed on me. I was still fucking her, I was trusting her upwards. Then I turned her around and started fucking her in missionary position.

Dad: How can you last this long? It has been 1 hour 15 minutes.

I have already beaten dad and have a lead. I cum after 5 more minutes. Dad took another dose of Viagra

Po: It’s not fair and not good for you remember.

Dad: I know what I am doing shut up and spread your legs.

Dad also started fucking mom in the doggy style, thinking this will let him last long. Mom was in heaven fucked by two men in the house alternatively. Dad tried his best for 1 hour and 3 minutes and came.

Dad: I know you can’t beat me now son.

Now, dad was challenging me directly. I pushed mom down and came between her legs. I raised her leg and place it above my shoulder. I inserted my dick slowly and started to fuck her. She started to moan immediately because this position was new to her.

Dad was also shocked to see different moves and how do I know.

Dad: How does he know different moves?

Po: I taught him everything.

Mom made up a lie. Mom was screaming.

Po: Come on son show your dad you are a man.

I pounding her was so into it and she let her leg down from the shoulder and warped her leg around my waist. I was moving to and fro. She reached an orgasm.

Po: Son, do me in a different position.

I grabbed mom and picked up and sat near the edge of the bed. Mom was in my lap. We started kissing and cuddling while mom was moving her hip up and down.

Dad: You never kissed me like that. (Dad was becoming jealous of me)

Mom: You never fucked me like your son.

It was almost 1 hour. I want to show I can fuck better than him. Mom came again.

I told mom to stand up.

Po: Are you going cum?

Me: No, I want a different position.

Po: Ok.

We both stand up and made her stay close to the wall and raised her one leg started fucking her.

Po: Oh my God, you are a beast. Your dad is nothing compared to you.

I fucked her for 1 hour 30 minutes and I deliberately came inside her in front of dad.

Mom won the bet and the next day dad transferred the share of the company as mom told. Now, mom holds most of the company share. But dad still manages the company.

I will continue the story in the next part with two more introductions and more fucking to be done in the coming story. Please comment and like for more stories like this.

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