Son’s Amnesia And Mom’s ‘Care’ – Part 8


This is the eighth part of the story. I compare the woman in the story to an actress. You can think of someone when you read this. In the last part, I fucked my aunt Poonam Pandey (actress). While fucking my aunt, her daughter Yashika watched as staying in the darkness.

But I saw her. This part is about fucking Yashika.

Coming to the story. I fucked my aunt in the hall. I went to my room where mom was sleeping. She heard me entering the room. She woke up. My mom Poonam Bajwa (actress).

Po: Son why are you late?

I smiled.

Po: You naughty boy you fucked your aunt.

Me: Yeah I fucked her as I planned.

Po: Tell me how did you fuck her?

Me: I told her that you do some things with me, that made aunt curious.

I narrated how I fucked aunt (please read the last part). While telling her the story mom got into the mood. She started to stroke my dick.

Me: Mom what are you doing?

Mom: Nothing, you continue the story.

Me: Ok you naughty.

I continued the story and mom came down started giving me a blowjob. Wow, that was amazing. I came in her mouth when I finished the story about how I fucked aunt. Mom teasingly asked do you want more.

Me: Yes, please.

She came above me and inserted my dick in her pussy and started moving up and down. Wow, we fucked for more than 30 minutes. We both reached an orgasm and slept hugging.

The next day I was planning to make my move on Yashika. But I don’t know what to do. Acting like a child will not be enough. When I was trying hard to figure out an idea, luck favored me to fuck Yashika. Mom came and called aunt

Po: Sister, come here.

Aunt: What is it?

Po: Do you forget we have a marriage function in our relation.

Aunt: Oh my God, I forgot.

Po: Get ready we can go. Is Yashika coming?

Aunt: I don’t think she will come.

Po: Ok I will get ready, you also go and get ready.

Mom went to her room. But my aunt grabbed my hand and dragged me to her room and gave me a kiss in my lip.

Aunt: I don’t have time, please fuck me in the bathroom.

We entered the bathroom she removed my clothes and hers as well.

Aunt: Wow your dick is rock hard already.

She opened the shower and the water was flowing over us. She bent down to the wall showing her ass to me.

Aunt: Come, fuck me.

I grabbed her hips and entered my dick inside her pussy. Aunt urged me to do fast. I rammed her as fast I could. She came within 10 minutes but I didn’t. She stopped me.

Aunt: Enough, for now, I have to get ready or else your mom will scold me.

Me: But I didn’t finish.

Aunt: I promise you I will fuck as much you want after I return from marriage function.

We came out of the room. She rinsed me and I put on the old clothes and came to the hall. My dick was still erect like a flag pole. Aunt and mom left after a while. I and Yashika were alone at home. I don’t how to approach her. To my surprise, she approached me.

Yashika: What are you doing?

Me: Nothing.

Yashika: Wanna play a game with me?

Me: What game?

Yashika: Spin the bottle.

Me: I don’t know how to play that game.

Yashika: It’s easy I will teach you. First, we sit opposite each other and keep a bottle in the middle. One of us has to spin the bottle. If the bottle points either of us he or she has to remove one of their clothes.

Me: What happens after all the dress is removed?

Yashika: One who lost all the dress has to do whatever the other person says for an hour, ok.

While I was trying to find a way to seduce her, she has devised a plan to seduce me.

Me: Ok I understand.

We started to play. She spun the bottle first. It pointed no one. My turn I spun it pointed Yashika, she removed her t-shirt. She was now in a bra and shorts. What a sight her boobs are trying to jump out. Then she spun again she lost, now she removed her shorts. She was in bra and panty.

But I think I have more luck. I really want to know what will she do if she wins. So I intentionally played the game so I lose. I spun the bottle the slowly it pointed towards me. I removed my t-shirt. She spun again she lost. She removed her bra. Her boobs burst out.

I could not control myself. My dick was rock hard. She saw that and gave a sexy smile. I spun the bottle I lost this time. I removed my shorts. Now I am in underwear only and she is in panty. One more round one of us wins.

It was her turn she was watching my dick under the innerwear the whole time. She spun the bottle and it spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning. It slows down. It pointed towards me. I lost. I removed my underwear and standing naked in front of her. She was breathing heavily.

Yashika: I won you have to do whatever I say, ok?

Me: Ok.

My dick was standing straight towards her face. She got up told me to follow her. She came to her room. I followed her like a puppy. She removed her panty and lay down on the bed.

Yashika: Come here and lick my pussy.

Wow, what interesting turn off event. I know where it is going. I started to lick her pussy. She was already soaking wet in there. She started to moan. I entered my tongue as much I could. She couldn’t control and she screamed and came on my face. I licked all her juice.

Yashika: Stop licking.

I stopped and was thinking about what she is going to say next.

Yashika: Stand up, close your eyes, you should not open your eyes.

I closed my eyes. I could feel her hot breath on my dick. She touched my dick and started to feel it. She was giving me a handjob. She slowly licked the pre-cum from the tip of my dick.

I have fucked three different women but I never had this feeling. Wow, it was amazing. She was licking my dick and then placed in her mouth and started blowing me slowly. I was left dry by her mother in the halfway. So I came quickly in her mouth within 2 minutes

Yashika: What you too can’t control for 5 minutes?

She was insulting me. That made me angry.

Yashika: I saw you fuck mom for 30 minutes. Is it just a beginner’s luck?

Oh, she made me angrier I tried myself to control. But she teased me more.

Yashika: My boyfriend is better than you. He can at least hold for 5 minutes when I give him a blowjob. At least you gave me a nice licking.

I didn’t say a word.

Yashika: Get out of my room, dog.

She pulled the last string, that’s it.

I grabbed her and kissed her in lips.

Yashika: Stop it.

She tried to resist first then resistance reduced. She started to kiss me back. I pressed her ass hard. My dick was hard again.

Yashika: What? Are you hard again?

I pushed her to the bed while kissing her near her earlobes. She started to moan. I didn’t speak a word I inserted my index finger in her pussy and pressing her boob. Wow, she was a virgin. She tried to stop me. I had my full weight on her.

Yashika: No please stop I am a virgin. I have never let my boyfriend more than licking.

I was not in the mood to listen to her. I have a virgin pussy to break. When I felt my index finger go freely. I inserted two fingers. She tried to escape but couldn’t. I was sucking her boobs. She was breathing fast. After a while, she reached an orgasm. She came all over my hand.

Her pussy was all wet she tired and breathing heavily. I used the chance to place my dick above her pussy. I could see the fear on her face but I didn’t mind it. I pushed my dick little it was so tight. Just tip of my dick entered, she started to scream in pain.

Yashika: Please take it out, please, please.

I pushed again dick entered little more.

Yashika: Please stop, please stop.

She was resisting more. I liked it.

Me: Ok I will take it out.

She relaxed a bit with my words. I slowly took my dick out till the tip of the dick. As she was relaxed. I made a big push my dick entered. More than half of my dick entered her pussy. She was screaming in pain and I didn’t care.

Yashika: Please stop don’t move it’s paining.

Me: Ok, I will stop.

I paused for a moment to make her relax. After a few seconds, she relaxed again. Again I made a big push. She screamed more than the first and I took her virginity. She couldn’t say any word. She was in shock.

I started to fuck her slowly. She also started to recover and enjoy it. After a few more strokes, she started to moan in pleasure.

Me: Do you want me to take it out?

Yashika: Please don’t take it out, please fuck me more.

Me: Don’t you want me to stop?

Yashika: No please please don’t stop.

Me: Do you like it?

Yashika: Yes yes please fuck me.

I increased my speed. I fucked her for more than 30 minutes. She reached orgasm many times. I was about to cum.

Me: I am about to cum where shall I cum inside or outside.

Yashika: It’s a safe time cum inside, no problem.

I rammed her hard and cummed inside after a few big strokes.

Wow, what a feeling to fuck a virgin pussy. I will continue the story in the next part. I hope you guys liked it. Please like and comment for more stories like this.

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