South Indian Mature Lady Into The Incest World With Her Father-In-Law


Hey all readers. This is Mahi again with another one of my experiences. For those who don’t know me, I am Mahi, 47 years old, a high school government teacher and mother to a son. I live in Hyderabad, india. You can check my past stories in my profile. My sizes are 36-34-38.

The last experiences I published were regarding my neighbor, hubby, and my neighbor’s son. Well, this time it’s different and more personal. And one of my favorites too.

So I had threesome and gangbang with my neighbor and his son’s friends. Then I had to continue it as I had strong urges after these incidents. So every week or so, I had sessions with multiple guys who are friends with my neighbor’s son. And I have to satisfy my glory hole with a mature man.

So I had sessions with my neighbor also. Among all these sessions and multiple new guys from my neighbor’s son, there was one experience that was the most awkward in the beginning. But eventually became the most sensual of all. Now I got the hang of handling new dicks into my glory holes.

I was enjoying all the attention of my neighbor, the new kids and my hubby over the phone. But it was my father in law who took me to the next level. Yes, you heard it right, my hubby’s dad.

He is a single windowed elderly man living in the countryside of Telangana. He used to visit me and my son whenever time permitted. He became single as my mother in law passed away recently and was living alone. I never thought our relationship will end up sensual in the bedroom. But there it was.

To begin with, he is in his late 60’s with muscular built as he used to work a lot in the field. Taller than me and kind towards me always from the beginning. He visited me one day when I was at home correcting half yearly papers of tenth standard kids. He called me from the bus stand and asked me if I was home. I said yes.

We never had any personal shared moments before but this happened. He knocked on the door and asked me how I was doing. He asked about his grandson and son. I said everything is fine. He entered the house and kept silent. He sat on the couch.

I went into the kitchen to get water and tea for him. He took the glass and drank water and asked me to heat a bucket of water for bathing. Then we did not have an automatic geyser in our bathroom. So we used to use a normal stick heater to heat water.

I went into my bedroom and took out the heater. I put it in the bucket and was checking for soap and shampoo in the cupboards. I was wearing a saree with every inner inside. I bend over to access the bottom drawer where I put my extra soaps. Suddenly I felt a hand on my butts.

I turned over and was shocked to see my father-in-law’s hand on my ass rubbing them. I said what happened. He said, “It’s fine just stay like that and don’t open your mouth.” I was terrified and my heart went pounding. I said, “Water is hot, you can bath now.”

But he held my neck with his other hand and held in that bent position and was rubbing my ass smoothly. He switched hands. He slowly started to move his left hand onto my hips and to my breasts and pressing them over my blouse. I asked what’s wrong and kept resisting his actions.

He held my neck hard with his right hand and rubbed his left hand slowly over my left nipple. I want to enjoy this action. But somewhere my mind is not accepting it. He slowly released the pressure on my neck and started to rub my back. His left hand unhooked my blouse.

He lifted my bra for my left breast to come out. My heart raced like a horse and I could not move with the action and all feelings raging inside me. Both my hands were inside the drawer still acting to find soaps and shampoo. Then my father in law touched my left nipple.

It went rock-solid in a second. I felt the urge to let him do something to me. But I couldn’t. His right hand now lifted my saree until right butt and was caressing my inner thigh. I couldn’t bend in that position any longer. But I did not want to face him with all this stuff going on.

He wears a ‘pancha’, people in villages wear, kind of like lungi but different. He took out his tool and was rubbing it on my right butt over my underwear. All of a sudden he pinched my left nipple and grabbed my left breast. And also he unpinned my saree and my petticoat.

So I am in my underwear and half-opened blouse and bra in my bathroom with my father in law. He quickly opened my blouse and bra. I could not help but cover my breasts with my hands. He stood me up and turned around. By the time I turned around he already was half nude down below.

I could not believe my eyes. He had a 9-inch black dick out of his lungi. He took my hand and placed it on it to give it thrust. It was rock solid. I could not control so I gave in myself. I stroked it with one hand and the other hand was covering my right boob.

He held my left breast tight and pinched the nipple. I gave out a quick loud squeak and he liked it and gave a smile. So I allowed him to undo my petticoat and underwear. I was completely nude in front of my father in law. He saw my shaved pussy and touched it. I was completely flowing with juices by then.

He held my head and made me stand on my knees. I understood and took his dick into my mouth. I touched his dick head with skin on with my lips covered. I guess he did not like it as he peeled his skin back and asked me to open my mouth. I did as he said. I obeyed him.

He held my head and pushed until his 9-inch dick touched my deep down throat. I already started gagging but he was not willing to take it out. So I had to take it in and out. He was fucking my mouth. I don’t know about other elder generation men but he had pretty long stamina.

He mouth fucked me for about 15 to 20 minutes. He asked me how I felt. I said nothing. He lifted me and started to rub my pussy lips with one hand and rub my nipples with the other hand. I was quietly putting out moans. Then he took off his clothes and carried me into my bedroom.

He put me on my back on the bed. I was waiting to let him do something to me as I was craving new dicks and wild fantasies. And yes he did naughty things to me. He spread my legs and started licking my clitoris softly. I screamed. He slowly started fingering my pussy while licking my clitoris.

I was in heaven shouting and yelling and screaming for more. As his left hand was free he grabbed my boob. He rubbed and pinched my nipple so hard that I kept yelling for all that he was doing. He did this to me until I was completely out of stamina. I think he sucked the life out of me for about an hour.

Just his fingers and lips on my hole and in my hole. I have no clue how many times I came inside his mouth. He just kept sucking and fingering. I thought maybe he was starving of sex for so long. As he saw me without energy laying on the bed just moaning, he came out of the glory hole and asked me if I wanted more.

I nodded my head and said nothing. He understood and he changed himself to 69 position and offered his best tool. It was like a solid rock sticking out of his body with pubic hair around it. I did not mind the hair and I took his dick into my mouth slowly. He started biting my pussy lips like a mad dog.

I cannot control the urge and I started licking his dick head like icecream. He liked it I think and he started to enjoy it. He stopped licking mine and enjoying what I was doing. He just rubbed my pussy for as long as I sucked his dick. After so long sucking he cum in my mouth.

I did not know if I have to drink it or to spit it out. But I can’t spit it out as he would think otherwise and so I drank it like water. As soon as he was done with his sperm inside my mouth he started fingering with three fingers. Man, it was amazing. I felt like I was being fucked by some bull’s dick.

He didn’t stop rubbing my clitoris with his tongue. I couldn’t scream as he stuck his dick deep inside my mouth. I was struggling and liking and enjoying it at the same time. While he was fucking with three fingers, his little finger rubbed around my asshole too.

I never imagined that he would also like to fuck in the ass. But I wanted to see where he can go with this. So I kept struggling under his dick. He kept teasing me with his three fingers in my glory hole and his little finger around my asshole. Tongue on the clitoris, fingers in pussy and asshole.

So my three points of pleasure are being ripped off like a mad dog by my father in law. I was under his dick, swallowing it and trying to suck it. And meanwhile, I came in twice but he didn’t seem to care for my cum. He only cared about his pleasure and me getting fucked up.

Now he asked to get on him but in the same 69 position. He slid onto his back while I came on him with his tool still inside my mouth. Now he got clear access to my pussy and asshole. Now he started to put his fingers in my asshole. But he never stopped rubbing it.

Finally, he managed to put in his two fingers at a time in my asshole. He slapped my ass cheeks and made them red. He finger fucked me in my asshole for so long that my asshole had nothing to spit out. He asked me to get up and got some time to breathe up.

Meanwhile I looked on the bed. It’s all wet from my juices. He smiled at me and asked for some water. I went nude to the kitchen and brought some water and he drank it. He then grabbed my waist and kissed it smoothly. I held his head strongly against my waist and boobs so he can suck them.

He put my nipples in and started to suck them like a baby. I looked into his eyes and he knew I wanted it deeply. So he asked me like on the bed on my right side. He took my left leg into his shoulder and started to rub his dick on my pussy lips and clitoris.

I was in fucking heaven all day. I was waiting for some dick to enter the glory hole. And now it was time for me to enjoy it and so I laid back completely. But to my surprise, he inserted his dick into my asshole and started fucking it hard and rough.

Oh my god, you have to feel a 9-inch dick to know how it feels in the asshole. It’s amazing how it goes inside and runs all the inner walls. I was shouting in pain and he did not care. I was enjoying it all. He came inside my ass a large load and was about to take out. I stopped him and asked him to do it again.

He took it out anyway and put his three fingers this time and started fucking it. I liked what he was doing to me despite being my father in law. He held my breast and started pressing hard. I was enjoying it with my eyes closed. He asked me to take out my mangalsutra and keep it aside.

So I took it and kept aside. He took his dick and put at the entrance of my hole, waiting for me to ask to fuck me. He kept looking into my eyes while fucking my asshole with his fingers. I know he wants me to ask for it but I hesitated a bit. But I couldn’t control it. I asked him please fuck me in English.

He smiled and slapped on my nipples. He then inserted his dick and I started to moan like a crazy bitch. He fucked me rough in that position for about close to 30 minutes and he did not cum. I came in twice again. He came on top of me and held my legs up in the air.

He yelled my name Maheshwari and fucked me hard. He simultaneously rubbed my pussy and nipples very fastly. I could not hold it and let all juices out. He saw it and licked my pussy well. It had been more than 2 and a half hours since we started it. He was a little tired. So I asked him if I can get on him.

He said yes with a condition. That my ass should face him when I am on top of him. Like cowgirl position. I agreed and he fucked me and I fucked him. He rammed hard and I yelled. After a lot fucking in pussy, he cummed a large load again in my pussy.

He smiled at me and spanked my ass hard for the next few minutes. I am still on top of him. Then I rested with my ass up on his legs. Seeing it his dick became hard rock and started rubbing on my pussy. He knew I was tired and he rammed hard in my pussy. So now he was aiming for my ass hole.

He rubbed my asshole with his dick and applied his saliva into it. It opened a bit and he couldn’t control so he hit hard into my ass hole. To this act, I screamed very badly as I was resting and I felt his dick all of a sudden. He grabbed my ass from behind and started to stroke me slow and steady. I kept yelling.

He stroked me like that for 30 minutes and left a lot of cum inside my asshole. By this time we both were exhausted and I slept on him in that position. When I opened my eyes I was on my back on the bed. My legs spread apart and my father in law is licking my pussy like ice cream.

I asked, “What is this, father-in-law? How many times you will do it to me?” He gave a smile and replied, “I did not fuck you. So I will fuck you now. your pussy is letting juices out.” Hearing those words made me horny again and my pussy started letting out more juices.

My father-in-law noticed it and took out his 9-inch tool and rubbed it on my pussy lips. I could not take the teasing so I grabbed his dick and inserted it in my pussy. I asked him to fuck me hard and faster. He did what I said. When he was fucking me I came in thrice and was shouting like a bitch or a prostitute.

I was like, “ Fuck me, you dick, trash my pussy,” in Telugu. He finally came in my pussy once again with a huge load of cum. He kissed me all over my body and slept on me like that for the whole day. After this incident, we had many fucking sessions and many kinky sessions as well.

That is how it all started with my father-in-law. I hope you guys find it interesting and do give me feedback on this story via my email [email protected]

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