Spying Paved A Way To Fuck My Aunt


Hey guys! I am a 20-year-old boy sharing my story with you. I am a 5’8″ boy with an average of 6.5 inches dick at an early age, regularly hitting the gym. This incident happened a year ago. At that time I was 19.

My aunt, 31, married at the age of 21, has two kids, has a perfect figure. I loved her ass very much used to spank her every time I got a chance. Now coming to the story.

This was the time when my aunt had her second child. She used to keep a check on her hubby. One day she got to know that my uncle was fucking his manager at the office. She quickly drove to the office and caught him red-handed. My uncle and the manager were both naked(as she told me).

The manager was hiding under the table when se entered the office from the back door. This matter was resolved some days later. I was close to my aunt and I used to talk to her about viagra, how she shaves her pussy, etc. One day she told me to hack my uncle’s phone.

I asked her about what happened to her and she told me about that incident. Then I told her that I would help her. She was so pleased. I installed an app on my uncle’s phone which could track his phone calls, SMS, etc. Sometime later, things started to come up.

We got to know that he was planning a trip to Hongkong with his cousins and without their wives. My aunt started to get nervous. From that day I began to spend more time with her. She used to lay with her son to make him sleep in a locked room. I used to go inside before her to get updates about my uncle.

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After a week, I started to touch her thighs and hands and she never resisted that and this gave me some confidence. In the day time, when there would be no one in the house, she used to take a nap with her son in her room. I used to go there and lie down with my chest on her legs.

She used to wear kurti and leggings. I used to kiss her pussy with leggings on it. She didn’t give a response and I became bolder and started to lick it over her leggings. Her toes started to tremble. This went on for some days. After a week or so I was sitting next to her in her room.

She was showing me something on her phone. I kept my hand around the shoulder and started to massage the area above her boobs. After a few minutes, I slowly took my hand under her kurti and started to massage her upper boob. She didn’t resist.

Then, boldly, I lowered her bra and started to rub her nipple. She was not responding to any of my acts. And now this happened every day when she used to go for sleep with her children. My uncle used to come home late from work. So I had enough time to do my stuff.

I pretended to sleep in front of my cousins and when they slept, I played with my aunt’s boobs daily. The only thing she used to do was closing her eyes. Whenever I tried to take my hand down to her pussy, she removed my hand every time. This happened for some days more.

Now the time came, when my uncle went to Thailand and my aunt was very angry. As she was going to sleep alone, my dad ordered me to go and sleep with her. I was very happy from inside but showed some disagreement on my face. I went to her room.

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I was changing my clothes to shorts and a tee. She was in the bathroom when I entered her room. She came after 15 minutes and lied next to her son. He was sleeping in between me and her. Then I started my action. I pressed her boob over her t-shirt and then inserted hand in her t-shirt.

She was not wearing the bra. Now it was easier for me to play with her nipples. After a few minutes, she told me to come beside her and keep her sleeping son at the end of the bed. I did as she ordered and now I placed my hands on her pussy. This time she didn’t resist. She ordered me to remove her lower.

I still remember the words she told ‘Utaar de’. And I quickly removed her lower. She was not wearing any panty and there was her clean shaved pussy in front of me. I was seeing a woman’s pussy for the first time (obvious I had seen in porn). I touched it and quickly started to lick it.

And she suddenly asked me if I had ever done it before. I said no. Then she asked how I knew to lick a pussy that nice. I said it was all because of porn. She said she had never experienced her pussy to be licked. After some time she had an orgasm. And ordered me to remove my shorts.

That time my dick was 6 inches and she was impressed by seeing it. She said that I had a bigger dick than my uncle. She took it in her mouth and gave a blowjob. She was not good at blowjob. Now she ordered me to penetrate and cum outside her pussy. Then I put it in her pussy and pushed inside.

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It was a very quick session as it was my first time and already had a blowjob. I had my first orgasm within a minute. She was disappointed. I removed her tee and asked for one more shot. That time I lasted long for at least 7-8 minutes in missionary position.

She was impressed and said your uncle never fucked me this long. Then we had another session and my dick was paining then. So we slept after some cuddling. The next morning she woke me up early and had one session in cowgirl position and it lasted very long.

After that, she ordered me to dress up and then sleep. And for 7 days we had lots of sex, in the bathroom, in the shower, etc. After 6 months of this sex relationship, I shifted to Kota. We met for very little time after that.

So this is the end of my story. Any girl/woman/milf/etc wanna come for hookups in kota/Jaipur/nearby districts. Like Baran, Bundi, Jhalawar, etc. can contact me via this email id harshbetichod666 @gmail.com.

Thanks, this is my first story on iss. I would like some good replies. And people will say this is fake but trust me this happened.

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