Story Of Zainab – Pt 1 (Unconventional First Night)


Welcome to another new sex story by me on this site, and this one alone. Please don’t forget to read the added part at the end of the story where I explain the background of this series.

You can always skip to the original story. I start it with “~story starts~” and finish it with “~story ends~”. Also, you can skip right to the sexual part. I start it with “~sex starts~” and finish it with “~sex ends~”.

Now, enjoy the story!

~Story starts~

Zainab was a student in a prominent university of this country. She was 20 years old when she entered the university. Being the conservative religious girl from the conservative religious family she was from, she covered her body very well, except for her face, her hands and her feet where she wore her sandals.

Amin was a batchmate of Zainab. They knew each other. But Amin wanted more from her than just friendship.

So, one day and as usual, they met at a nearby cafe at walking distance away from the university.

“Zainab, can we talk?”

“Sure, about what?”

The talk didn’t go as well as either of them thought it would. She wasn’t ready to get engaged, much less married. She didn’t wanna be a traditional woman of her culture and not even her own family was restricting her into being one. Zainab got angry at the end.

“Okay look,” Zainab said as he stood off her seat, “I think you sound really weird right now. I gotta go now,” she said as she stood up and tried to walk away.

But Amin held her by her wrist.

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“Amin, let go of me!”

“I wanna meet your parents.”

“I said, let go of me!” Zainab said as she pulled away her hand.

Amin stood up angrily. That’s when the shop owner, Reyansh, stood up.

Reyansh was 21 years old. He was tall and he seemed fit. He wasn’t qualified to enter the university, so he started working in this shop, and soon enough, he bought it for himself, and hired a bunch of guys to work for him.

He was a hard-working man who would do anything moral for a few extra bucks. He was more of a friend than the boss to those who worked under him.

To make an example to his workers, he was working as the cashier when he wasn’t busy with other work. When he was busy, someone else took care of the cash.

“Hey, hey!” he shouted at Amin.

Every other shopper was looking at them. Reyansh closed in on Amin.

“Pay your bill and get outta here right now. I don’t wanna see trouble in my cafe.”

“This is none of your business.”

“But this is my cafe! Now get out before I make you.”

Amin went outside without a fight. Zainab tried to follow him.

“You stay right where you are,” Reyansh said as he stopped her with his right arm.

Zainab was so scared that she complied without a fight. The other customers went back to what they were doing.

“Come with me,” Reyansh said to Zainab, going to the back of the shop. Zainab, not knowing what to do, followed him.

Reyansh took her to his office room, and his bedroom, in the back of the cafe. Zainab was getting scared. This was the first time she was getting alone with a stranger in a bedroom.

“Don’t be scared. Come and sit here,” Reyansh said as he sat on the bed. Zainab sat by him, still reluctantly.

“What’s your name?”


“Where are you from?”

He asked her many questions and she answered.

He calmed her down and said that she has no reason to worry as long as she comes to his cafe.

“Do you come here from home every day?”

“No, it’s too far away. I stay at the university hostel.”

“Don’t go there today. It’s too dangerous.”

“I…dodon’t have a choice, though.”

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“I can prepare a place for you if you’d like.”

“Thanks, but I don’t think that’ll be necessary.”

“Very well,” Reyansh said with a smile as he stood up, “let me know if you change your mind,” he said as he handed her over her visiting card.

She accepted it, but only reluctantly.

“Oh, the name is Reyansh, but you can just call me Rey if you want,” Rey said.

“Sure, Rey…well, can I go now?”

“Oh yes, sure,” Rey said as he opened the door.

Zainab was kinda surprised. He could have done anything to her there and there was absolutely nothing she could have done about it. But he didn’t even try to touch her. Puzzled like nothing, she stepped outside the shop.

“Come on, boss, you could have made her yours in that bed,” a worker said to Rey as she left.

“Nah, I’ll make her mine through her heart, not her vagina,” Rey said with a smile.

The day was fine for Zainab. Amin was around but wasn’t being a trouble to her. But she could say he was angry with her.

The day was fine…until she had to wait longer to get outta the university and walk back to the hostel.

As she was walking on the lonely road, a van came by and stopped. The door opened and Amin came out.

“Come here!” Amin said as he pulled her by her waist.

“Amin, no! Stop! Let me go,” Zainab said struggling.

Amin still managed to get her in the van and it rode off.

~Sex starts~

“Amin, no…please,” Zainab said.

“I am not gonna hurt you,” Amin said.

That wasn’t something she expected to hear. Amin held her head in his hands and pulled her for a kiss.

Later on, much happened inside the van. She wasn’t resisting and feeling the hands of an unrelated man, and that too for the first time in her life, turned her on really fast.

“Ah…yeah, Amin, give it to me…give me your cock, baby…Get inside me,” she finally said.

This was what Amin wanted to hear. He laid on her and slowly got inside her. This was her first time so it hurt her.

“Aah…Oh God, that hurts,” she said, but she didn’t seem to be in her right sense.

He penetrated her again and again for a while and pulled his dick out in time and ejaculated all over her face. She had her eyes shut tight. That was when she came back to her senses.

~Sex ends~

“Oh God, what did you do, Amin?”

“Made you mine, what else?”

The van stopped again and the door opened.

“Hope you can find your way to the hostel from here,” Amin said as he took her by his hands and pushed her outside.

As she stood by the road, naked, with a face covered in semen and her dress rolled into one mess, along with her backpack, she waited for a while.

She was alone again. Soon enough, she got back dressed and thought about what to do next.

She got back dressed. It was too late to go back to the hostel without arousing everyone’s suspicion. Her roommates knew she was gonna be late, so she wasn’t surprised they hadn’t called. Also, there was no way she could tell even them about what happened.

She had no idea what to do, but she thought she’d try the crazy idea that hit her mind right then. She looked for the card Rey gave her. She could find it.

Back in Rey’s shop, his phone rang.

“Whose is this number…hello, Rey’s cafe.”

“Rey, it’s me, Zainab.”

Rey looked astonished but he still talked.

“Yes, Zainab?”

“I got into some serious trouble. I can’t talk right now. Can we meet?” Her voice was breaking.

“Sure, sure hon, just…calm down and tell me where you are.”

“I am on my way back to your cafe, Rey. If you’re coming, come along the way to the university ladies hostel and you’ll see me walking by the road.”

“Sure thing, hon, I am on my way,” Rey said as she hung up.

He called a co-worker to take charge and left in a hurry in his bike.

“Zainab, what did you get yourself into?” He thought as he rode off.

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Soon enough, he saw a dark shadow walking by the road. Some woman with her whole body covered in a black dress.

As Rey stopped by her and talked to her, she dropped her veil.

“Excuse me, ma’am, did you see…Jesus! Zainab, is that you?”

Rey was taken aback when she dropped her face veil all of a sudden but was relieved to see it was her. Her face was marked with sweat, saliva, semen, and her own tears.

“It’s me, Rey, and thank you for coming…”

“…we have no time to talk. Come on, let’s go to my place,” Rey said, signaling her to get on the back of the bike.

“Now, hold me tight,” he said as he got there.

“But I’m dirty, Rey.”

“Doesn’t matter, hon. It’s for your own safety,” Rey said with a smile.

They rode back to the shop. It was closed by then and the workers were asleep in their rooms.

“Okay, come here,” Rey said as he guided her into his room, again. This time, he used a back door which also opened into the same room.

“I think you need a wash before anything else. Have a wash, put on something and we can talk. There, everything you need is in the cupboard. I’ll wait here until then,” Rey said as he opened the other door. That was the door that he opened the first time.

Rey went outside and waited.

Zainab had a wash, dried herself up using a towel, got dressed in one of Rey’s suits and opened the door. This time, her head and neck weren’t covered by a veil.

“Come in, Rey.”

“Sure, thanks,” Rey said as he went inside.

“So, wanna tell me what happened?” He said as he sat in his bed. Zainab was already sitting there.

He told him everything that happened inside the van with each and every detail.

Rey was a good person, but nevertheless, he was a man. Hearing what he heard, made him have a mini-erection which was still not visible through his pants.

She hugged him and he hugged her back.

“I am sorry it had to come to this, girl,” he said as he ran his fingers through her hair, slowly.

~Sex starts~

He kissed her right ear and was rubbing her up and down over her suit with his fingertips. This was arousing her again and now, she had nothing to lose. He left him and looked into his eyes at once. He was looking at her, astonished again.

“Zainab, I…” was all he could say.

Zainab held his head in her hands pulled him into herself and started a deep lip kiss.

“Mmh…!” They were both moaning, as Rey’s hands were running all over Zainab’s back.

This was what Rey was waiting for since he saw her for the first time. He wanted to see her naked, hear her scream in pleasure, smell, taste and feel each and every bit of her body, but he didn’t rush it.

Later, he hugged her tightly and started eating the left side of her neck. While doing that, he also brought his hands to her boobs and started squeezing them.

“Oh my god, yes baby,” she moaned, running her hands over his back.

Later, she broke his kiss and pulled him for a lip kiss again. At the same time, he slowly pulled up her shirt and placed his hands on her boobs.

She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She had put away her bra. When she felt his hands on her nipples, she felt electricity running through her upper body.

She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes, as he kept feeling them under her t-shirt. She placed her hands on his bands.

“Do you like the way they feel, Rey?”

“Oh yeah, of course, I do, baby.”

“Wanna know how they taste too…mmh?”

“Yeah,” Rey said, and without even waiting for approval, he pulled up her t-shirt, and started sucking her right nipple.

“Ahh…Yeah baby,” she said, as she killed his head.

She left his head, took off her t-shirt and put it away. She then started unbuttoning his shirt as well.

After a while, he pulled it away and as she put it away, he kept sucking her nipple. It felt good, and in fact, better than how it felt when Amin did, but it started to hurt after a while.

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“Rey, stop,” she said as Rey stopped sucking her nipple and looked into her eyes again.

“Why, baby?” He said as he palmed her right cheek.

She held his wrist with her right hand and kissed his hand.

“My nipple now hurts, Rey. Suck the other one,” she said, as he started sucking her other nipple right away.

This time, he bit her nipple too.

“Aah…Don’t bite it too hard, Rey,” she said among her moans.

Later, he stopped it and they started their lip kissing again. And while doing that, he slowly laid her against the bed. He broke the kiss and licked her cleavage and underboobs, having her pinned against the mattress by her wrists. He was now sure that whatever he does, she wouldn’t resist it.

“Ahh…! Yeah, baby, eat me up,” she said as he looked at his head.

Later, he started unbuttoning her pants. He tried to pull it down, but it wouldn’t move.

“Here, let me do it for you,” Zainab said as she pulled her pants down along with her panty.

Rey saw that she was already pretty wet down there.

“So, what do you say? Wanna come home, daddy?” She asked in a naughty tone.

“Oh yeah, baby,” he said as he pulled down his pants, and placed his dick against her pussy.

She saw that it was even larger than that of Amin.

“Let me know if it hurts you, okay?” Rey said as he slowly got inside of her. She just nodded a yes with a smile.

He slowly laid on her and hugged her. They started sharing a kiss again, as he slowly but surely, moved in and out of her.

Later, she broke the kiss and looked into his eyes.

“This is the best night of my life,” she said as they kissed each other a few times again.

“Mine too, baby,” he said as he started eating her neck again.

Doing that, he started pinching and twisting her left nipple too. She was struggling a bit and moaning louder. But she wasn’t resisting him.

He knew she was losing herself, again, but he was in full control. When he was about to come, he removed himself and stood up.

“Why Rey?”

“I can’t come inside you. You’ll get pregnant and will be in serious trouble,” he said and this is when she came to her senses.

“Okay, then come on my belly,” he said. Within seconds, there was a load of semen on her belly.

~Sex ends~

She took some of that and put inside her mouth.

“Salty,” she said with a naughty smile.

“You’re one Bitch, aren’t you? Here, wipe that off with this,” he said as he handed over a rag to her.

“Go, clean yourself, put something on and start studying. I know you have to do that too. Let me know if you need anything,” he said as he put his pants back on, and opened a door.

~Story ends~


The structure of the story is basically true, even though the sex scenes are kinda expanded on and detailed to make them sound more interesting.

Sometimes, I’ll have to water down scenes to make the story fit the site guidelines. Sorry about that.

Leave your comments and even better, send them to my email on [email protected] Ask me anything. All comments and questions are welcome.

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